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By: Manu menonn

Odoo 15 Email Marketing Module: A Complete Overview

Functional Odoo 15 Marketing

The Email marketing module of Odoo is an advanced sophisticated tool for marketing. The module can help you in improving your marketing strategy and customer relations. The module has many advanced tools and features that you can use effectively to improve your Email marketing programs. With the module, you can design and create emails with respect to the nature of your campaign to the customers. The module makes sure that your customers are well informed of your new campaigns and will help you to ensure that the customers participate in the campaigns. You can efficiently manage and categorize your campaigns to manage them more easily.   

This blog will give you a detailed overview of the Email marketing module and its advanced features in Odoo 15.

Important features

Build and design your own marketing campaigns

The module will allow you to create new marketing campaigns. You can either create or design the marketing campaigns with the support of the advanced templates provided by  Odoo. You can add messages, images, important documents, and other essential details with the templates to your Emails for sharing with customers or clients.

Improve marketing strategy

Email marketing is an advanced strategy that allows you to have real-time data on customers on the basis of the sent emails and who has read them. This allows your marketing team to efficiently strategize their move on the selected set of customers or clients. Studying whether the customers are participating in your campaign or not can help you categorize between your customers easily allowing you to concentrate on the customers that are less active in your business or products. With the advanced tracking options of the module, you can easily track down leads and let your sales team convert them into customers.

Manage campaigns easily

Managing various marketing campaigns can be a hectic task. With the Odoo 15 Email marketing module you can easily manage and overview your various marketing campaigns easily without any confusion or clutters. You can efficiently manage and have a detailed overview of each of the marketing campaigns at a single glance.

Mailing list

Mailing lists are an intrinsic part of marketing. The mailing list can provide you with the leads for sales,  groups for testing the products, and consumer feedback. It is easy to create a mailing list with the Odoo 15 Email marketing module. Go to the mailing lists tab from the dashboard of your Email marketing module and click on Mailing lists as shown below.


Click on the mailing list option and a page will open up as shown above. The mailing list can be created by clicking on the create button and a configuration tab will be given as shown below.


Enter the details and tap on the create button to create it. After this, you can import the contacts to the list by clicking on the Import button which will appear right after creating the new list. You can link the list to your website by adding a newsletter block.

Unde the mailing list tab you can find the mailing list contacts as shown below


This will take you to the contacts that are under your mailing lists along with the contacts that you have created as shown below.


Proceed on to the create button to create a new contact. Open up a contact form the list to view or add any mailing lists as shown below.


You can create and configure the Mailing list under a contact form here.

It is a legal right for the customers to unsubscribe from your campaign or product updates. Odoo Email marketing module can efficiently manage the unsubscriptions and Blacklists. This feature of Odoo gives your customers more surety about your company and can prove to you that your business is not spam.

Send mails and campaign management 

It is extremely easy to send emails to customers with the support of the Email marketing module. You can easily create, design, and send emails to your customers with a few simple clicks.  To do this go to the Email marketing module and from the Dashboard of the module click on the Create button as shown below.


A new configuration page will open up for you to configure the mail as given in the image below.


The Email configuration page is one of the added advantages that you can gain from the Email marketing module of Odoo. The advanced configuration section is equipped with sophisticated tools for designing and creating emails to send to your customers. 

To create a new mail center the subject matter of the mail along with the Recipient details. Click on the Recipients to select the customers or the clients from the mailing list. After choosing the customers you want to send the mail to. You can proceed to create and configure the body of the letter. Odoo has a set of pre-installed Templates for you to configure and set your email body. Choose from the list of templates with respect to the nature of your mail to configure the body of your mail as shown below


Click on the desired templates to configure and add.  A new set of advanced options will appear for you to design the mail as shown below


The block-like structure is a feature that is unique to Odoo. These blocks are design structures that you can drag to the center of the template to apply the design or the feature in the mail. Each block has its own features from which you can choose to design the mail. The designing of the building blocks are divided into five based on their functions which are  Headers, Body, Marketing content, Inner content, and Footer.  Drag a block and configure it with the styling options. Along with this under the Settings tab, you can choose the person who is sending the mail along with the sender address. After the configurations click on the Save button to record the mail and click on the Send button to send the configured mail to your clients and customers. You can send the mail to any number of customers that you want. 

The campaign management feature of the module works with the support of the features mentioned above. The campaign feature can be accessed from the configuration settings of the email marketing module. Activate the feature from here and click on the newly appeared Campaigns tab to create and manage the marketing campaigns. Click on the create button as in the image given below to create a new marketing campaign.


After entering the essential details click on the Add button.  After the initial configuration click on the created campaign and a new configuration space will up on the campaign for you to manage as shown below.


You can run the campaign through Emails, SMS, Social post, or push notifications as shown above. Whatever channel you choose to share your campaign details, Odoo will give you a configuration tab to design and publish the campaign news in the best way possible.     

The primary objective of the module is to generate maximum customer attention towards your business and products. Your marketing team can easily work with the module to generate a huge amount of customer relations for the company and the sales team to work on. For this reason, the module is a gold mine to generate enough customers for you to make your business more successful.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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