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By: Shabna P

How to Track Products in Odoo 13 Manufacturing

Functional Odoo 13 Manufacturing

Choosing an Order tracking system is a key component for any distributors, in order to improve customer satisfaction. With the help tracking system the customer can trace the product and it’s status like when it should be delivered to them and the current location of the product etc. This will connect the customer with the distributor. So to track those products we should mention the tracking number also.

Odoo ERP provides tracking measures through Serial number and Lot number. Using the serial number or Lot number assigned to the product, tracking can be effectively performed. These serial numbers or Lot numbers can be used to achieve the details and warranty period of the product if any issues are found.

The serial number is used for the traceability of an individual product during its course of the journey from an order to the customer.  So the serial numbers are unique and they represent separate products.

Lots are another traceability feature for the products that are difficult to handle individually. For example for products like a safety pin, kitchen papers, etc, it is difficult to handle individual products and its return is rare when a fault is found.


In order to track a product, we have to enable the traceability feature. Go to Inventory -> Configuration -> Settings -> Traceability -> Lots & serial numbers.


And configure the product form via, Inventory -> Master Data -> Products.

Choose the product and under the inventory tab of the product form enable ‘By Serial Number’.


Product Tracking Using Serial Number

While tracking with a serial number the unique product can be identified. A single product is referred by a serial number.


The serial number can be defined as a unique identity to track the location of a product. Consider a purchase order is created for the product having 100 quantities. So we have to assign 100 serial numbers uniquely. It is pretty hard and time-consuming. Thus in normal cases, serial numbers are provided for certain products having warranty or service after sales (Example: electronics products like laptops, mobile phones, etc).

Now create a purchase order for the product ‘LED Lamp’ for 3 units.


Before validating we have to assign serial numbers for the products.

Enter the Serial numbers and then click on confirm. So three products are purchased and now create a sale order. So the vendor is selling the product to the customer.


The product with serial number SN-130 is sold. Clicking the traceability tab at the right corner will show the location of the product.


A serial number of the product gives information like the current location or warehouse of the product. The product in the inventory can be tracked by the following way. Move to Inventory module ->  Master Data -> Lots/Serial Numbers. You can find all the products with the serial number there.

If you need to track the product movement, Go To Inventory module -> Reporting -> Product Moves.

All products can be tracked under this using the serial number.

The Advantages of Odoo/Open ERP traceability 

1. The product can be tracked accurately using Serial Numbers.

2. We can add a Serial Number for each product during its purchase itself.

3. When the same products are sold, we can identify and manage the sold product with the Serial Number.

4. We can track the product’s current location and product movement.

5. Availability of the product can be verified from the serial number. 

Thus the  Product tracking facility of Odoo 13 keeps the users to have a tension-free transaction. Because they can track the product from ordering to the delivery process.

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