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Redefine Your Sales Operations with the Odoo Sales

Functional Sales

The sales operations of a company play a crucial role no matter whatever operations and the functioning aspects of it have a severe impact on the functioning of the organization. This is because the sales operations are considered as the end process of the company on a product or a service. Moreover, all the aligned aspects such as maintenance, service, and support are also vital after the product sales but those aspects can be made into functioning only after the products or the services are being sold to the customer.
Furthermore, the sales operations of the companies will be going downhill in its functioning if there is a lack of effective management and control in operations by the business owners as well as the executives employed in it. Today there is various sales management software available all thanks to the advancements in digitalization as well as the improvement in telecommunication aspects of the world. These dedicated tools will provide you with ample tools for the sales operations management of the company.
Odoo ERP is one of the software solutions which will offer you dedicated tools for the sales management operations of your company. Moreover, Odoo is considered as the complete business management software providing you with all the business functioning capabilities of operation. In addition, the platform has a modular approach to business management providing you with dedicated business management modules therefore, Odoo has a dedicated sales management module that provides you with advanced functionality and configuration options to run the sales operations of your establishment.
This blog will provide you with insight on how the Odoo sales module will help you to improve the sales strategies for your company.
The world is an ever-changing place, and the methodologies of the business are being changed day by day and the businesses will have to adapt to this and strive towards excellence in operations. One similar situation is the Corona Virus pandemic which has devastated the functioning of the world, disrupting world economies, implementing new normal, ensuring social distancing, and even the way we used to function in our routine activities. Moreover, these situations cannot be predicted but every business establishment should expect this and be prepared for it.
Here are some of the vital aspects of the Sales module of the Odoo ERP which will help you to define your business and sales strategies to cope up with the changes of the world:
Define your product pricing as you need
The pricing aspects of the products can be described as per your needs and can be managed to be in operations. Furthermore, the pricing rules, as well as the aspects of the product pricing, can be described to be in operation as per your requirement. Moreover, you can define various product pricing aspects such as discounts, coupon programs as well as a price list for the company products.
The product discounts can be described as a promotional tool allowing a certain percentage of discount on the purchased products. Additionally, the coupon programs can be described as the promotional programs of operations where the coupons can be distributed for the customer for their purchase which can be availed upon the next purchases by providing the coupon code.
In the Odoo sales module, a product can be described with multiple prices of operation with the help of the price list functionality. You can define the N number of price lists to be operations at a time in the operations of the platform. These pricelists can be based on the region of operation, loyalty customer, or be operational for a specified period as a festive pricelist.
You can upsell your products
The Odoo platform supports the effective upselling of your products with dedicated tools of operations. This will act as a mutual win situation for the customer as well as you to sell the product as well as gain them on a fixed price respectively. The use of functions such as optional products, accessory products, and optional products will support the upselling aspect for the customer to purchase the related products.
Go live with E-commerce
The Odoo platform has a dedicated e-commerce store management module which is in direct integration with the Odoo sales module. Moreover, the functioning of the Odoo sales, as well as the e-commerce module along with the inventory module of the platform, is in direct integration allowing you to run the retails, wholesales as well as online shops effectively without having any product shortage or related mishaps.
Define multiple units of measurement
You will be able to define multiple units of measurements on a product and these products can be sold based on multiple units of measure. In addition, the products can be sold in packs or groups based on the various units of measure defined. In addition, the Odoo platform will allow you to buy a product in a specified unit of measure and sell it based on different units of measure.
Use multiple currencies functionality
In Odoo you can sell products in different currencies allowing you to go international in the sales operation on the products of your company. The multi-currency functionality can be easily defined and established to be in operation in the Odoo platform.
Advanced reporting functionality
The success rate or the failure rate of the company operations can only be efficiently described by the use of sales report generation functionality available. In the Odoo sales module, you will be able to generate various quantitative as well as analytical reports of the sale operations of the company in the form of charts and graphs depicting them efficiently and more understandably possible.
These are the various tools and functional options available in the Odoo sales module but not limited to allowing you to configure the sales operations of the company as per your requirements and operational methodologies.

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