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By: Evin Davis

How to Run a Property Rental Business in Odoo

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Real estate is an ever-growing industry with the need for the demand for places to live, luxurious living options for some, the industry is booming to its peak. With the increase in population, people are in search of places to live which can be sustainable, providing a pure source of resource availability, accessibility, and affordability factors. Finding these places to live has always been a trick with the various governing laws, immigration factors, affordability, and accessibility issues. This led to the development of the real estate industry, which was bloomed up from the regular uses of brokers and commission agents to find out exact places for the customers and lease out or sell the properties of the company or other customers.

With time these real estate establishments grew and spread to various destinations and locations, managing the operation seems to be difficult. As technology developed the development of various enterprise and resource planning( ERPs came to existence which could automate the management operations of various business organizations. In the development stages, the operations were limited; later it outgrew various possibilities and types of business. 

Odoo is one of the best ERP to manage all the business operations from one platform seemed to be providing the users with an easy to manage the company. Odoo often called as the one-stop solution for all business needs, seemed to outgrow all other ERPs both in accessibility, sustainability, and interface ability factor. With a separate Odoo rental management module available in Odoo the real estate businesses can be easily managed and monitored effectively. The use of websites that are interlinked with the rental functionality in Odoo will help the users to rent out the properties available at the listing directly from the website. The appointment's functionality will also help the customers to book them to view the properties and check out the details of the place with the help of an executive from the company.

This blog will describe how the Odoo rental functionality will help the users to run a real estate company with which the following attributes can be defined in Odoo:

E-commerce Website


Listing of Properties

HR Management

Leasing and Management

E-commerce website

Websites for a company can serve various functions such as providing information, contact details, operation methodologies, terms and conditions, and along with it they can serve as an eCommerce platform to conduct business. The e-commerce platform of an Odoo platform allows the user to list the products and services available to the company. In this instance, the rentable properties can be listed out with the specifications and the price on each. Due to the developments in the digital-based [latorms and sales te Odoo platform also allows the user to list out the offers discounts and other important information on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, and manage them effectively.


Since the customers usually want to view the property the company is liable;  to arranges the opportunity for the customers. With the help of an assigned employee, the user can demonstrate the property and its features to the customers. With the help of the appointments or booking portal available on the website the customers can book an appointment for the respective property. The appointments can be facilitated to be taken by customer call centers and toll-free phone numbers additionally with the help of emailing and text message features the user can confirm the appointment to the customers.

Listing of property.

In certain instances the company may not own the property but allows a third party to post advertisements on the company website. In another instance, the company may acquire the property for rent and will be rented out to the customers. In all instances, the owner of the property should be specified to the customers and the terms and conditions which the tenants should follow should also be specified along with the payment details. On allocating or being renting the property the customer should be submitting proof of address, name, and funds which in case needed should be listed or described in the property listings of the company website.

HR management

The management of the staff of the company can be effectively done with the help of the human resource management options available in the Odoo platform. The user can assign various employees for the appointments applied by the customers to view the rental properties and describe them of the features and the terms and conditions. The user can also allocate salespersons for the specified properties and can ask them to find the right customer. The payroll and the time off can be managed by the user while calculating the salary details of the respective month. The commission for the sales which are conducted can also be assigned to the respective employees based on the terms and conditions agreed upon.

Leasing and management

The leasing functionality can be allocated to various properties for a short period or a long time. The user can post these properties at different pages in the eCommerce website by creating a new page and listing out the leasing options available with the terms and the conditions of the property which should be agreed upon. The management of all the properties can be done in Odoo with help of product and rental management options available collaborating with the human resource management allocating an employee for the appointments available for the customers. The usage of contract terminology is applicable to the employees working in the company. The accounting feature of the Odoo platform will also allow creating invoices draft quotation for the sale and the purchase options. 

Running a property rental business can be much helpful for the users in the long run as it provides effective management features and the ability to advertise and perform marketing options on the various properties available to the customers at social media platforms, marketing by emails and text messages, etc. In conclusion, the overall operations of the management and running of the rental business on properties can be performed by the Odoo platform with much ease to the user.

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