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7 Benefits Of Using Odoo Repair

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Like maintenance, repair also is a key task. A product may require repair support due to different reasons. The customer might have purchased a product, for example, a refrigerator, and he may be experiencing some issues like increased cooling time. In this situation, the company will have to offer repair support.

Besides, the company may require repair support for their own products in the inventory if the product experiences any defect due to long-term storage. Odoo Repair comes to the support of the company in these situations. Odoo is a tool that will help the company to manage all repair related operations in an organized manner.

As repair can be considered an after-sale relationship between the company and the customer, the repair management can also assure customer satisfaction. As the customer is the one who decides the success of the business every company should have a product repair policy and should strictly adhere to this policy. This system will ensure efficient and timely support to the customers whenever their product encounters a technical issue.

With Odoo, the customer is sure to be happy as the company will be able to systematize the repair orders and record the orders in a simple way. This will also help the repair management team to sort out the requests and complete the tasks in an efficient way.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of the Repair module and the seven benefits of using Odoo Repair for completing repair-related tasks.

Easy to integrate and user-friendly

Like other Odoo Modules, the Repair module has also been designed to work in association with other Odoo modules and other applications. Thus the Odoo Repair module can work well with the Manufacturing module as well as the inventory module. Besides, it can work well with other modules also to carry out the repair tasks wherever necessary.

Odoo Repair is a simple and easy-to-use module with minimal features. As this tool mostly works in collaboration with other modules this has only inevitable features in it. Odoo Repair has Repair Orders, Reporting, and Configuration menus which help in creating repair orders, preparing reports, and configuring repair tags. Any user can manage these features and use the tool even without getting any technical training or assistance.

Start-to-End repair management


Odoo Repair helps you track the repair process from its beginning. Once the Repair order is created we can organize all other tasks and add the processes taking place. On the repair order page, we can start the repair process and then control the operations. We can also end the repair activity or cancel the operation with the click of a button. If we choose to cancel the repair, we can also provide the reason for canceling the process. Another highlight is that the status of the repair order changes automatically based on the process.

Manage Repair Orders


Odoo offers you support to create and manage repair orders without any difficulty. We can create the repair order from the opening page itself. The product details, customer details, product quantity, location, and other details can be provided in the form to complete the order creation. This process can be done using manufacturing and inventory modules also. We can also provide the details of the person who is responsible to manage the repair process. We can also manage the invoices and warranty details while creating repair orders.

Easy invoicing method management


When we are handling repair operations there could be different types of invoicing methods. If the product has a warranty and follows all warranty conditions we need not generate an invoice for repair activity. In such situations, we can choose the No Invoice option from the invoice method. In some cases, we may be collecting the repair fee in advance. We can select the ‘Before Repair’ option in this case. We also have an after-repair option that enables us to generate the invoice after the completion of the repair work.

Based on the invoicing method we chose we can create an invoice after repair or before repair. Then the invoice will be documented and we can confirm the invoice, manage all invoice-related operations including register payment and confirm payment.

Manages the replacement of parts

Repair is a process that may require the replacement or repair of parts. Odoo Repair module gives us an option to include the details of the parts. The details of the part can be added below the Parts tab in the Repair Orders.


We can provide the name of the part, description, lot/serial number, source location, etc. The quantity and unit price can also be added in the form. We can also include tax details. The subtotal of the parts can be found using this tool. Odoo also enables you to add all these details to the repair order. The price of the parts will be included in the invoice as well.

Repair reports


A major highlight of all Odoo modules is their ability to generate reports. The reports or analysis of the performance of the company helps the managers and investors to plan the future in a better way. When it comes to repairing, we can create a graphical view, list view, or pivot view of the report. Here, we can carry out the analysis based on different measures like product quantity, untaxed amount, taxes, total amount, etc. Besides we can group this analysis on the basis of customer detail, product detail, warranty expiration, etc. We can also filter the repair task based on the repair stage.

Manage Repair Order Tags


Odoo helps you configure Repair order tags. This will enable the user to add tags while creating a repair order. Whenever a person from the team gets this order the person can easily detect the issue of the product with the help of the tag. The tag can be created without difficulty by going to the configuration menu.

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