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By: Evin Davis

Shipping Management in Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14 Warehouse

Shipping is considered as the end operations of any sales but, since it's been the last operations doesn't mean the importance and care needed to be done while performing the task. A sale is completed once the delivery of the product is done which should be done as per the defined conditions to attain ultimate customer satisfaction. Delayed shipping would always provide a negative impact on the customer and will be frustrated if the delivery is required in a hurry.

Let's consider our personal life where we order a product online and they have agreed to deliver it in 3 days. For you, it was astonishing that they promoted such fast delivery. But what happens when the delivery is delayed without prior reason and it arrives 3 days late. You will definitely be angry, so do I. It's a human complexion. But if in the beginning if they have described the delivery date as 6 days and the order arrives at you by the 5th day you will be surprised and will have a high value on the company and that sales making you further order from them in the future.

This is where the sales of the company improved by bringing in more customers and attaining more orders from the existing ones therefore increasing the profit of the company. There was a conception that the shipment process of the company does not determine the productivity and profitability factors; they play a key role in attaining the company’s growth.
Managing the shipping and delivery operations has never been easy and would be the sector of a company's operations which requires ultimate care and operational requirements. With the wake of digitalization in the earlier 21st century, the use of software to manage the company operations has been popularised and they provided the user with promising and reliable results. The Enterprise and resource planning software(ERPs) came to its prime of existence and usability during this period.

Odoo considered the best ERP available now, was developed at the beginning of the century and has been provided with regular updates from its developer to operations in advanced operations and also to keep up with the changes of the world. Operating from a single platform the management software can be expensed to run the entire business operations of a company.

This blog will provide insight into the shipping management aspects of the Odoo 14

Use Emails for delivery confirmation and sending invoices. The Odoo platform allows the users to send out the quotation via email and from the quotation creation window directly. In addition, the invoices after the delivery process can be generated for the sales and sent to the customer via email. To send the quotation or invoices to costumes via email select the send by email option available.


If the user wants to send the invoice or quotation by email the following window appears where an email template will be drafted automatically and the user can edit it if needed.


Shipping policy
The Odoo platform allows the user to configure the shipping policy for the warehouse operation which can use the default options available. The distribution strategies of the operations in the Odoo platform can be defined either as soon as possible or when all products are ready. The delivery method for each warehouse can be configured under the warehouse menu of the module. Under the shipping policy, the user can define the option based on the default options available.


Delivery methods
The user can define multiple delivery methods of operation based on the routes of product movement which can be defined and customized as per the user’s needs. The option storage locations and multi-step routes should be enabled in the settings menu of the inventory module to define routes of operation in the platform. As the options are enabled the user can define routes of product movement based on the rules of operation Odoo. In addition, these routes can be customized and can be configured to operate as per their operational terminologies.


The outgoing shipments from a warehouse can be configured as by three default options available. The user can either select the goods to deliver directly or deliver in two steps or use 3 step delivery options.


Delivery charges
The delivery charges for the shipping can be set under the shipping methods menu where all the shipping methods defined in the platform are listed out and new ones can be created. The delivery charges can either be set as based on fixed prices or rules. In the case of fixed charges, a fixed amount can be described. However, on selecting the delivery charge based on rules the user has to define the rule of operation for the respective shipping method.


The rules of delivery prices can be defined under the pricing tab where the user can select the add a line option available to be depicted with the following window where the rules of pricing can be configured.


In addition, the user can configure the destination-based availability on the shipping products which can be customized based on the product, sales and the user capabilities of operations. The destination availability is usually configured based on the operation of the location on Zip codes being defined.


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