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By: Evin Davis

Stay Connected With The Help Of Odoo Discuss Module

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Good communication is an essential tool to bring people together to work as one unified team. Effective communication among team members helps to maintain strong relationships which lead to an increase in productivity. A place where employees can openly communicate and collaborate has been very important since the COVID-19 has outbreak forced everyone to work remotely.  As a business professional, you are aware of the importance of having productive communication among colleagues.  
The introduction of instant communication applications at workplaces made it easier to be more productive and collaborative. It reduces the difficulties in communicating instantly with our teammates or any person in the organization. Through the discuss module, Odoo allows you to stay connected and organizes the communication among the workers of a team or a company to the information that they need. 
We can share information, contents, files, projects and create a collaborative environment in our workplace. The Discuss module lets you send and receive messages easily as well as organizes discussion between team members by using channels within the app. 
In this blog let’s take a look at the important factors that you should know about the discuss module in Odoo. 
Instant Communication
Using this module will ease your communication with your colleagues. You can message anyone in your organization, collaborate with them and share content also by creating an environment where your ideas are welcomed and appreciated.
When a person faces a need for information or advice it is very important to get quick responses from teammates to solve the problem.  Speed of communication is very crucial in such cases. Here the discuss module helps you to communicate with your team members instantly in real-time without any delay. If you are in need of assistance from your fellow employee, the discussion module helps you to connect with them. You can see the online status of the user, if it shows they are online you can send direct messages to that person.
Easily Connect with Remote Workers
It is very essential to unite the workers for the success of any enterprise in a situation where millions of employees are forced to work from their homes due to COVID-19. Keeping employees connected through Email and phone calls is a difficult task. To keep them productive, it is necessary to have the right tool to communicate and stay connected no matter where they are working from. 
The discuss module ensures to have the means to effectively communicate and share information with ease. In order to have a smooth, efficient, and organized work environment this module will help you to keep in touch with remote workers as well as all people within the workplace. 
Organize Discussions
Some messages are intended only for certain team members, some other messages need to be seen by the entire team. So it is important to organize the discussions accordingly. 
In the Odoo discuss module, you can create channels for employees based on the requirement to organize discussions between team members. Private and public channels are available in this module. A public channel is used to access general information whereas a private channel is intended to be created for a specific audience. You can easily add and remove users in a private group and also start a private chat with individual users.
Channels permit you to communicate with multiple people based on location, project, and team. The direct message option allows you to send and receive private messages which can only be seen by sender and receiver.  
High-performance Features 
You can view all the discussions taking place in the module that includes all types of interaction among the employees of your company on your feed. Brief summary appears on the feed will help you to get an idea about the discussion. This is the best module to enhance and maintain regular communication inside a company. It records all the internal communication between the members just like texts and emails which will help you to recall the details easily. 
Without interfering with your work you can keep live chat open in a pop-up window. You don't need to open the conversation each time to reply. You can see a brief preview of the content when someone sends you a message, on your desktop notification.  
It provides an option to ‘star’ important messages for future reference or action and find them in starred lists. Mentioning a user by typing @user-name to instantly get notified when you are needed for a conversation with that person will help you to reduce the difficulty in finding their name in the contact list.  
Boosts Productivity
Effective communication between the employees provides clear instructions which allow information to move smoothly. It helps to avoid misunderstandings amongst the workers and boosts productivity. The Discuss module connects them easily when they need any assistance or clarification. Establishing good communication inside a company is an easy task now.
Connecting to your teammates through the discussion module is less distracting and time-saving than phone calls and Emails. We are not able to see whether the user is online or not on email but in the discussion module we can effortlessly find out the users who are online and ask for assistance in difficult tasks instantly. We can get straight to the point without any delay and act on the information immediately that gives an instant boost to productivity. 
User Friendly
It is super easy to use the discuss module as we are familiar with using some sort of instant messaging apps in our daily life. The user-friendly pattern is familiar to everyone who uses instant messaging apps. There is no need to learn something new about how to use the discussion module in order to communicate effectively. 
If you need to share ideas and business goals with your teammates and build a collaborative environment, this module provides a convenient way for your business. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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