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By: Mily Shajan

Odoo 14 ToDo List

Technical Odoo 14

Business organizations in the world function mostly in the pre-planned environment and the operations mainly depend upon the plans and activities. Organizations can list out tasks they need to complete, or things that they want to do. Odoo a dedicated business management tool, helps you to list those tasks and schedule them through To-Do List App, which makes business operations easier.
This blog is about the To-Do List and will describe the aspects of Scheduling a new activity. 
The To-Do List app helps us to manage and schedule activities, we can schedule general activities through this and can list out activities that are scheduled from sales, purchase, inventory, and all other modules of Odoo.
Features of the To-Do List application are  
    - Schedule general To-Do activities
    - Recurrence on each activity.
    - Prioritize each activity.
    - Activities can be filtered based on the user.
We can schedule activities such as general meetings and training sessions and list each minute of the meeting or the session of the scheduled activity. Furthermore, you can recur an activity repeatedly regularly to be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly which ensures easiness to coordinate and deliverable each task or activity. In addition, this feature increases the productivity and coordination of each business organization. Schedule each task or activity and assign a priority based on the priority level required. The priority levels can be configured as urgent, important, and usual thereby we can increase productivity and growth.
Once the user enters into the module they are depicted with the kanban view based upon the state of the activities that are scheduled. Depending on the due date/deadline the states are defined as Today, Planned, and Expired. If the activity is completed it is at Done state, if it gets canceled, the activity moves to Canceled state. Moreover, the created person of the activity can also be shown in the kanban view. In the kanban view, each activity is depicted with its activity type, priority level, and summary.
Let's now move on to understand the creative aspects of a new activity.
Form View comprises a
Priority: Assign a priority for each activity
Activity Type: Users can select the activity type that they need.
It is a Many2one field from the model mail.activity.type. We can also create new activity types based on the requirements from the menu activity types.
Summary: update summary regarding the activity.
Due Date: set a deadline for the activity.
If we need to recur this activity we can set the Recurring field as True and select the Recurring Interval, based on the interval and due date the Next Due Date will be automatically updated.
Note: user can enter a description for the activity field regarding the activity.
When the deadline becomes expired, automatically new records will be created with the current Next Due Date as the Due Date for new records are based on scheduled actions.
Cancel: click on this button and the activity moves to the canceled state.
Mark as Done: when the activity is completed click on this button. The activity will move to the Done state. If the activity is recurring new records will be created with the same details of previous activity with updated Due Date and Next Due Date.
Tree View lists out each of the activities that are scheduled, it highlights activities in expired condition and today state. It shows activities at each stage as colored labels based on their deadline as Expired, Planned, Today, Done, and canceled. List View gives a detailed explanation of the activities that are scheduled in general and from each module. Advanced filtering options such as filtering depending on the due date are Late activities, Today activities, and Future activities. Additionally, activities based upon the user can be filtered out and the activities can be grouped out based on the Document model, state, and its Treated Priority level. Furthermore, we can schedule activities from the other modules such as sales, purchase, and inventory as like with these same features. Those scheduled activities can be seen in the tree view too.
Likewise, we can schedule activities in the To-Do List App. You can download the To-Do List App using the following link: https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/14.0/todo_list/

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