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By: Evin Davis

Advantages of Odoo 14 SMS Marketing

Functional Odoo 14 Marketing

Odoo SMS marketing is an instant marketing tool that can be used for every kind of business in an effective way. This efficient module can be applied to all kinds of enterprises such as small enterprise, medium enterprise, and large enterprise. Through the SMS marketing module, you can ensure maximum publicity at a low cost.  Also, you can state your own business strategies in front of a large audience. This will help you to build an outstanding sales strategy. Conducting regular marketing campaigns will ensure your(brand) online presence and make you an active firm in social events. Conducting regular SMS campaigns and offering offers will mark you as accountable and significant in business. It is the best platform to introduce offers, sample products, and even free products. Through SMS marketing only you can properly understand your customer and let them feel much better about your business.  
In this blog, we will discuss the following advantages of the Odoo SMS marketing module in detail:
    - Enhance communication
    - Fast and very effective
    - Provide personalized experiences
    - Keep updated
    - Effective time management
    - Precise content
    - Help to gain loyal customers
    - Allow opt-out option
    - Can import contacts
    - Allow creating a contact list
    - Helps to schedule campaigns
    - Blacklist
    - A/B Testing
    - Report creation

Enhance Communication
It is clear that communication is the bridge between you and the customer. Proper communication can only bring magic to your business and also you can make your customer more attractive and closure to your business. Even effective communication can help you to create a prominent working relationship between you and your employees and staff. Here comes the importance of text messages, that is SMSs. In this smartphone era, text messages have more reach than Email, phone calls, and other aspects. It is an easy, fast, reliable, and effective marketing tool for your business. So the Odoo 14 platform opens you to a better SMS marketing platform along with so many advantages. Let us list out some of the advantages of this module.
Fast and very effective
Short Message Service marketing is an instant messenger which will enable you to reach the messages instantly to your target audience and they can access it more easily than emails and other modes of communication. 
Provide Personalized Experiences
The Odoo SMS marketing module will assist you to offer a personalized experience to the audience or your target persons. Personalizing text messages will be more pleasing for your audience and also it will help to gain the loyalty of your audience over your business or brand and it will result in better productivity.  The Odoo SMS marketing module provides you a good floor to customize personalized messages and this feature will drive your business to the topmost level.
Keep updated
By using this Odoo SMS Marketing module, you can update your business ideas to your audience at the right time. All your offers and other marketing details can be easily managed in an advanced way.
Effective Time Management
With the implementation of the Odoo SMS Marketing module, it is very easy to manage all the marketing campaigns and other related activities. The platform provides the provision to schedule all the activities needed for the marketing campaign before conducting the campaign. So you will get more time to concentrate and plan other activities of your business. This module is absolutely beneficial to organize all your tasks and will save you valuable time.
Precise contents 
The SMS marketing module like Odoo SMS marketing will ensure that your message is clear, precise, and effective. The SMS marketing module will help to deal with the matter straight to the point without beating around the bush. The module communicates the exact points that you want to inform your customers. The precise contents will be comfortable for both the readers( customers) and the providers. 
Helps to gain loyal customers
Odoo SMS Marketing is one of the perfect platforms to attract the attention of your customers and make them your loyal customers. Updating your business details or offers and promotions with the help of an SMS marketing tool will make a great impact on your customers. This will intend your customers to fall as your regular ones. If you gain the confidence of your regular customers, they will also help to bring new customers to your business via spreading the hospitality and offers of your business.
Allows Opt-out option
The Odoo SMS module includes an unsubscribe option for your customers. With this option, the platform provides the right to the customers to enable or disable receiving SMS alerts. In other words, the customers have the opportunity to unsubscribe from more text messages. This option is very comfortable for the customers. 
Import contacts
One of the major advantages of the Odoo SMS module is that the platform allows you to import your contacts to the Odoo platform from an external source in CSV or Excel document. This can be conducted by selecting the import menu available in the contacts window of the Odoo SMS module. The import menu is highlighted in the below image. 
Allows to create a Contact list
The SMS Marketing platform allows you to regroup your recipients on the basis of their interests or common requirements. It is very beneficial when you need to create a specific group of customers such as ‘Interested in Tea Promotions’ and subscribers of your ‘Newsletter’ as shown in the Contact list window described below.
Helps to Schedule 
The exclusive SMS marketing module in Odoo helps you to schedule a time and date for the campaign and the messages are automatically sent at the right time. This feature will be very helpful for conducting campaigns on time and the risk and workload of the concerned authority will be reduced. 
Allow Campaign testing
In the Odoo platform, you are able to conduct campaign testing which will allow you to identify the mistakes in your campaign and you will get a chance to overcome the mistakes.  The Test menu available in the SMS marketing creation window will enable you to conduct the campaign testing.
There must be some situations where the recipients won’t receive SMS marketing anymore. Odoo perfectly manages these situations with its unique Blacklist feature available and it will allow the recipients to enable the option to unsubscribe from all the SMSs. 
A/B Testing
The Odoo SMS marketing module allows you to enable the A/B Testing option. This option will help you to send different mailings to randomly selected recipients and test the effectiveness of the mailings without causing duplicate messages. 
Report Creation
The Odoo platform provides you the provision to generate various reports based upon the activities that are conducted in the SMS marketing module. These reports will be very effective to get an overview of your operations. The visual reports will help you to easily analyze the performance of SMS mailings. This SMS marketing analysis can be created in various measures such as Bounced, Clicked, Delivered, Opened and many more aspects. 
The simple and convenient Odoo SMS Marketing module will definitely assist you to build your customer engagement rates and it will help to gain your sales at the maximum level.

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