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By: Cirin C Baby

Tips for Successful ERP Implementation

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Enterprise and resource planning software has become a widespread phenomenon in the business world and today it's been used by almost all business establishments. The user-friendly approaches, as well as the capabilities the platform will bring in, have rooted for the widespread popularity of ERP software. In addition, the fast-paced digitalization as well as the improvements of telecommunication and networking facilities have added to the same. Today more than 50 percent of establishments consider ERP implementation as a priority for their operations in the company.
Moreover, now ERP solutions are widespread and there will be a surge in the on-premise implementation. Today the ERP solutions are mostly available as software as a service model(SaaS) and then anything as a service model has been introduced(XaaS). Furthermore providing the user with remote capability and efficient communication and data storage for them. The future of the ERP solution seems to be brighter and the past year and surge in demand suggest that. In addition, it's expected that the ERP market will be rising to a 47 billion USD revenue market.
The technological innovation has brought us the ERP solution providing us with reliable business management to run the company functioning with more efficiency and effectiveness. However, it has brought in certain challenges too. It is a well-known fact that ERP implementations are a huge investment and are on the further side compared to small and medium scale establishments. Additionally, without the following of proper steps or methodology of implementation, the money spent on it will go waste.
This blog will provide a brief overview of why ERP implementations fail and describe certain tips that can be practiced to attain a successful ERP implementation for your company.
As the technology is advancing and the ERPs have to keep up with these advancements they are integrating modernized tools of operations which will reduce the human efforts in a business establishment. Moreover, as these new advancements are indulged to be operational the chances of risk of failure are high if they are not configured to be operational in the right way. Before moving on to the tips to reduce the ERP implementation failures in your company let me describe to you a list of aspects of why ERP implementations fail.
Why do ERP implementations fail?
It's estimated that more than 50 percent of ERP implementations fail and there are various constraints associated with this issue. Here is a list of aspect which has rooted for most of the ERP implementation failures recently:
> Improper project management
> The incapability of the vendor or the service provider
> Over customization
> Non-reliable ERP Softwares
> Unorthodox development strategies on ERPs
> Lack of training for its users
> Functional limitations in your company
> Incapability to manage the company operations
Although the ERP implementation process is a challenging and costly investment, countering all these and implementing a successful ERP solution in your company will provide you with profit margins in the long run. As we are clear on the aspects of ERP implementation failure and what to look for in implementing an ERP in your company now let's move on to certain tips that will reduce the implementation failures.
Tips to attain successful ERP implementation
Although the ERP implementation can be challenging it can be beneficial for the company both profitability as well as in terms of productivity. Hereareceraytisng tips and best practices that can be followed while implementing an ERP in our company.
Set your goals
Before jumping into the software development you should set the outcomes of the ERP solution straight. As most of the ERPs are customizable the development can be modified and the software can be fled to suit your company functioning. Moreover, you should consider which all operations of the company will need ERP involvement and mp out your company operation process accordingly.
Choose the best implementation partner
Today various service companies are offering ERP implementations to you which can be chosen from. An implementation partner should be reliable, cost-efficient, and be able to support your ERP implementation and all associated operations with ease. A good ERP implementation company will provide you with hassle-free operation which will benefit you and be with you throughout the company's functioning.
The following generalized aspects of operation considered to be practiced with the best ERP implementation company:
> Analyzing your needs and business operations
> Obtaining suggestions form you and your employees
> Design and development of the platform
> Testing it under various circumstances
> Importing company-specific data
> The training you and your employes to function
> Support and maintenance throughout.
Make the employee and your training a priority
The employee training for the operation of their company in ERP should be considered as one of the vitalities of ERP implementation. Moreover, you and your employees should be trained to function your company in the implemented ERP on both the functional as well as technical aspects. It's estimated that more than most of the ERP failures occur after they have been implemented and the majority of them are caused by the lack of knowledge in using it rightly.
Plan for long time goals
The ERP implementation will be a greater investment and would surprise you with the implementation cost. However, you should be focusing on the big picture of hee, although ERP implementations are costlier, it's a cost-efficient solution to run your business which will simplify the operation, generate more profits and improve the productivity of the company. Moreover, you should proceed with the implementation process with an official partner of the software rather than using freelancers as they will note be supporting you in the long run and the maintenance operations of the software if required.
These are some of the tips and procedures which you could follow to reduce the risk of ERP implementation failures in your company. Odoo ERP is a reliable solution for all business operations as it's capable of being customized and modified to suit the business and its operational aspects. Cybrosys technologies, the leading golden partner of Odoo will provide you with all Odoo aligned services.

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