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By: Evin Davis

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Odoo CRM as a Customer Management Tool

Functional Odoo 15 CRM

Management of the customers who come into the business is critical as running the company. Moreover, every business should pay utmost attention to the customers as they drive the business. The satisfaction of the customers by offering them exceptional services and best-in-class products will make the operations of the business reach newer heights just by the word of mouth marketing. This will be the best advertisement for the companies without spending an extra penny but by bringing in practical elements of the inhouse operations which will lead to the complete management of the customers as well as the company. In this era of competitive business operations and the fast-moving world, the need for dedicated tools to acquire more and more customers and manage them effectively is essential for the business.

In regards to acquiring more business opportunities from customers and bringing them through various marketing and dedicated promotional management tools that will be catering to every aspect of the business operations is necessary for companies worldwide in this era of competitive markets. However, numerous solutions offer impeccable solutions; choosing the correct operational tools that every aspect of the business operations based on the need is challenging. The management team and the managers should undergo a thorough process of analysis and study along with attending a demo of various solutions to know the capabilities and dedicated tools that will be beneficial for the business operations to improve the performance and total productivity of the functioning. 

Enterprise and resource management solutions are a more excellent choice for the business. It will cater to every aspect of the operations, and multiple solutions are falling under this category. The open-source solution tops the marks as it provides full operational capability with complete and adequate operational control. Odoo is one among the opensource solutions offering impeccable capabilities to the active management for the business operations. The dedicated infrastructure with distinctive modules of functions and the interconnected approach where all the modules of functioning are connected provide complete autonomy of the operations. Regarding the Customer Relationship Management for the business, there is a dedicated CRM module that will have full operational capabilities to pursue leads and turn them into potential operations customers.

The Odoo platform is supported by the Odoo community offering complete support and dedication for the development of the platform. Moreover, they help to bring out newer versions of Odoo every year. And it consists of all the Odoo developers, Consultants, Partners, and other supporting people of Odoo. In addition, the open-source infrastructure has allowed the members of the Odoo community to contribute to the fundamental aspects of the platform, which will make it an analytical tool for the business. The new version of the Odoo platform Odoo 15 has been recently brought in, offering complete operation modernization for the business management aspects with Odoo. The incorporated CRM module has been more advantageous for the business and the 5 million users of the Odoo platform acting as the primary and the final tool in regards to the Customer Relationship management of their business operations. 

The aspects of undergoing complete and total-fledged customization for the operational business needs is what makes the Odoo platform a well-defined tool for business management operations. Moreover, with the capability to experience any form of customization for the business allowing the developers to craft the platform and its operational aspects based on the requirements of the company operations is one of the salient features of the Odoo platform and the aspects that business management tools need in this competitive world.

Here are the top 5 reasons why the Odoo CRM module is the best Customer Relationship Management tool for the business’s operations.

Integrated CRM module

The Odoo CRM module is one of the advanced solutions of the Odoo platform, which come integrated with the solution on both of its Enterprise and Community editions. Moreover, with the direct connections with all other modules, the business management operations will have full autonomy of the processes, which will be beneficial for the performance improvement of the business.

Direct integration with the sales module

From the Odoo CRM, you can directly create the Sale Orders for the customers based on the operations of the leads and the opportunities by pursuing them. This is due to the direct interactions and interconnectivity aspects of the Odoo CRM module with all other modules of operations in the Odoo platform.

Lead generation and Lead Scoring tools

With the Odoo CRM, you will get multiple tools to generate leads through various sources. The Leads can be generated from the eCommerce platform, Retail operations, or any promotional or marketing campaigns, which will be beneficial for the business to bring in more customers. Moreover, if there is not much information concerning a lead with the help of the Lead Enrichment tool available in Odoo Platform, further details on the Leads can be achieved.

Real-time operational ability

The Odoo platform operates based on the real-time operations ability and the data which is being achieved. This real-time operational capability of the Odoo CRM will be beneficial for the business to be on top of the game in competition with other companies and be helpful for the complete and adequate operation of the Customer Relationship Management aspects of the company.

User-friendly and cost-effective solution

The Odoo CRM is one of the cost-effective customer management tools that will provide eccentric options and service-based tools required for the functioning of the business in the areal-time environment. Moreover, the complete and easy-to-use controlling tools of operations are highly beneficial for the company to deal with the aspects of ease in operations for the business.

In conclusion, the Odoo CRM module is an adequate and complete operational tool that will be beneficial for the business’s operations with the aspects of complete controllability of the business operation regarding faller relationship management aspects of the company.

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