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What are the Benefits of Lead Mining in Odoo 17 CRM

Functional Odoo 17 CRM

Lead management tracks incoming inquiries, matches leads with sales reps, and documents their interactions to move sales leads or prospects through the sales channel. To guarantee efficient lead management, the sales representative should additionally qualify, score, and often reassess their judgments of the prospect.

Users of Odoo CRM may create leads straight from their database, which helps their business expand. This cutting-edge application allows users to create criteria for leads depending on the country and relevant leads, making it perfect for new enterprises and projects. As lead creation is a difficult process for both new and established organizations, this function is very helpful for startups. Users of Odoo's CRM may extract leads straight from their databases by establishing criteria based on filters like country. Lead mining is complicated, but the CRM manages the process well and produces results quickly. For new firms aiming to accelerate their growth, this function comes highly recommended.

Purpose of Lead Mining in Odoo CRM

Lead management is the process of converting potential customers into actual ones. It entails striking a balance between seeking out new clients, staying in touch with existing clients, and making sure no leads slip through the gaps. It's essential to have a solid lead management plan in place to avoid losing track of or overlooking potential new clients. Missing out on fresh leads might prevent you from generating prospective sales. CRM software may assist in tracking valuable leads, advancing them through the sales pipeline, and eventually generating sales.

Benefits of Lead Mining

Lead mining is a crucial function for both new and established businesses, especially for those just starting out. It is time-consuming and difficult to generate leads, but using criteria-based filters in Odoo's CRM can extract relevant leads based on the prospect's country of residence. This CRM can significantly aid in business growth, especially for new businesses. Entrepreneurs should consider using Odoo's advanced CRM application for reliable and sustainable leads for growth. The pipeline structure helps sales teams maintain open communication with clients, focusing on converting customers rather than waiting for them. Some of the key advantages of adopting lead mining include:

* Lead mining aids in producing trustworthy leads that the sales team can turn into clients. 

* The lead mining tool collects all necessary data for lead follow-up, saving time and making it more efficient than traditional methods. 

* Lead mining ensures that businesses don't lack leads and that the leads they receive are dependable and can be followed in the future. 

* CRM Lead management Automates steps, Enhances data analytics, and Centralizes information.

Configuring  Lead Mining Procedure

CRM users can use the lead mining tool to add new leads to their Odoo database, which employs filtering criteria like nation, company size, and industry to verify lead certification. From the "Settings" tab of the "Configuration" menu, this feature can be customized.

What are the Benefits of Lead Mining in Odoo 17 CRM-cybrosys

You can activate the lead mining function in Odoo CRM by checking the checkbox next to the "Lead Mining" option in the "Lead Generation" tab of the "Settings" window, as illustrated above. Enabling this option will display a button called “Generate Leads” inside the “Pipelines” dashboard.

What are the Benefits of Lead Mining in Odoo 17 CRM-cybrosys

This  “Generate Leads” tab will take you to the lead generation configuration form, as shown below.

What are the Benefits of Lead Mining in Odoo 17 CRM-cybrosys

In the “What do you need” field, you can set the number of leads and required lead types such as “Companies” or “Companies and their Contacts.” Then, you can simply create leads using this page by choosing selections from dropdown menus for things like “Countries,” “State,” and “Industries.” Also, you can choose the number of Employees from the “Size” field. The “Sales Teams,” “Salespersons,” and “Default Tags” can also be provided.  You can also choose the number of staff members and teams from the dropdowns using the "Filter on Size" option.

Additionally, you can choose the “Preferred Role” and “Other Roles” from the respective fields if necessary. Then click "Generate leads" after entering and verifying all the information.  Your new Lead Mining rule will be created, and it will be added to the CRM database for later use.

Lead Mining Requests Menu

Odoo also provides a separate menu section to manage and configure new lead mining requests. You can access this menu by selecting the “Lead Mining Requests” option under the “Configuration” menu. This will lead you to a window, as shown below.

What are the Benefits of Lead Mining in Odoo 17 CRM-cybrosys

You will get an overview of all the lead Mining Requests created inside your CRM Database with their Request Number, Number of Leads generated, Target, Countries, Sales Team, Salesperson, Tags, and Status. Here, the dashboard seems to be empty. You can also create new requests using the “New” button, and this action will open a new request configuration form, as shown below.

What are the Benefits of Lead Mining in Odoo 17 CRM-cybrosys

To submit the request, simply click the "Submit" button after completing the required fields, as we have shown in the previous section.

This lead mining functionality of the CRM application enables users to create leads while saving time and effort easily. By producing leads for the sales staff, who can subsequently turn them into customers, this functionality enables users to harvest customers without having to wait for them to come to them. The sales staff can follow up on leads since the lead mining tool gathers all the information required for lead follow-up. Compared to conventional approaches, this procedure saves time and is quite effective. Startups are encouraged to use Odoo's sophisticated CRM application since it aids in generating reliable and trustworthy leads for the sales staff. 

In every business environment, lead mining is essential since it makes sure the leads created are reliable and feasible in the future. To persuade customers with helpful information about the product or service, the sales force must keep open lines of communication with them. Refer our previous blog " What is Lead Mining in Odoo CRM " to read more about lead mining in Odoo.

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