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By: Hasna VP

What are the benefits that Odoo gives using the Referrals module?

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People always prefer the easiest way to reach success by saving their time and effort. In the case of the business field also, saving time and effort is beneficial in many ways to increase productivity. Companies are always in search of the best candidates as their staff to support them in business operations. Thus the recruitment requires a large amount of time and patience to filter the best talents from the vast pool of applicants. What if there is a productive method to minimize the time and effort of the recruitment team to reach suitable candidates?. Here comes our Referrals module for our help. 
Getting a platform to make your friends and relatives as your colleague in the same company is a delightful experience. A company can make use of the employee’s professional network to locate the best candidates for the company through the referrals program within a short period. The existing employees in a company can suggest candidates to the vacant job openings through the Referrals module in Odoo. In most cases, this suggestion comes to help the hiring team to find the perfect fit for the company. Rather than going behind several job advertisements on multiple websites, getting recommended by someone who knows them is a good advantage for an applicant. 
Using the Odoo Referrals module, the current employees can suggest new employees to the company. If they succeed in their suggestion and the candidate gets selected by the company, there is a chance for winning rewards in this module. This is more like an internal method of locating new candidates. Compared to the old-fashioned recruitment procedures, this recruitment strategy will rescue the company from wasting time and effort. This module assists you to send mail to your friends who are qualified and fit for the company’s demand for an open job position.  
This blog will provide an insight into the benefits of using the Odoo Referrals module.
Easy Procedures
People always give priority to easy and simple steps to run any business-related procedures. It will always help them to preserve their valuable time and use this time for other business activities. By understanding this, Odoo ensures simple and easy referral procedures to make the Referral module user-friendly. This module allows you to easily access the facilities inside it and send mail to your friends and relatives easily using these facilities. There is not even a single chance to get confused by the procedures of referrals using this module. 
Improve Speed in Locating Talents
Hiring a new candidate for a vacant job position in an organization requires a series of chained procedures which demand large amounts of time and effort. When a company publishes a new job opening, the inbox will overflow with several types of applications and it becomes a difficult task to find the perfect fit for the company. Contrarily, the Referrals module only contains talented and qualified candidates because they are recommended by the existing employees of the company who clearly know the demands of their company. So, this will ease the processes of searching for suitable candidates and improve the speed of hiring procedures.
Increases Quality of Hire
Finding a perfect candidate in all aspects for the company is quite a difficult task. Sometimes the candidate may have a good profile but their working pattern fails to impress the organization. Each company has its own rules and regulations. A candidate who fits into all these demands is difficult to find. The existing employees of the company can help the hiring department in such situations through the Referrals module. The current employees will be well aware of the company's policies. So they can suggest their friends and relatives who fit into these rules and demands. By this method, the Referrals module helps a company to improve the quality of new hires.
Saves Time & Money
As you can directly refer the vacant job position to your friends and relatives who are qualified for this job, it reduces the time for searching for new hires. When a company faces an emergency of a new employee, they have to create a new job opening and publish it on the website and other platforms. After that, finding the most appropriate applicant from the vast amount of applications takes time and effort. As we all know recruitment is an expensive process that includes various intermediates to spot the new hire like employment agencies. The Referral module helps you to reduce the effort of searching for talents and make use of the available sources within your company. It also minimizes the cost of recruitment processes and you don’t need any other recruitment channels to reach the candidates. 
Higher Conversion Rate
The conversion rate of job applicants is comparatively high through the employee referral program. The candidates referred through the Referral module often satisfy all needs of the company because the existing employees are well aware of the demands of the company and they only recommend suitable candidates for their company. The chances are high for selecting the right candidate for interviews through the referral programs.
Better Commitment Towards the Firm
The candidate who is appointed through the referral program in the Referrals module stays longer with the company than the regularly hired employee. They have already made connections within the company because they are being hired into the company by the recommendation of one of the employees. That will be helpful for them to work in a collaborative environment. The friendly and familiar surroundings will keep them motivated and build a healthy commitment towards the company.
Attractive Reward Programs
It will be more engaging if the employees get any advantages through the referrals they are doing in the Referrals module. As we said earlier, Odoo is all about the consumer’s satisfaction. In the Referral module, you will get points to win the reward after each referral. Each job position is published with fixed points. If your recommendation becomes successful and the candidate gets the selection for the post, then you will get the points. You can purchase your rewards using these points. 
This module will be helpful for both the company and its employees because the company will get qualified new hires and the employee will get rewards through their successful referrals.

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