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By: Evin Davis

What are the Limitations of Odoo Studio?

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Customization has always been the driving force of software solutions that have been used for the various application aspects of the functioning of people's lives. In this era of smart technology tools that can be customized as per the operational needs have a huge demand and today almost all the products, as well as services, are offered in them. The improvement in technology and the tools which are being used have revolutionized the way products are developed and manufactured and the same is in the case of the services delivered thus the cost of customizing the products have been reduced and the enterprises are capable of offering them without burning a hole in the productivity and profits.

One of the main areas where the requirement of custom software solutions has become a vitality is the business management aspect. As the different organizations function with different models of operations the use of a standardized solution for the operations of the management of the business will not do the task. This is where business management solutions such as Odoo falling into the category of open source Enterprise and Resource planning software solution comes into play. Odoo is coined as the complete business management solution with the advanced capabilities of operation together in a single platform. Another important aspect regarding Odoo is that it can be customized during the time of development as per the operational requirements of the business needs.

Today the platform is used by 5 million users all over the world from different sectors of business operations, scales of the industry as well as modes of business management. The advanced functional tools, dedicated infrastructure, and top-in-class controlling tools make the functioning of Odoo an explicit one. One of the advanced functional tools or the module available in the Odooplatform the Odoo Studio module helping you with further customization of the platform. However, the Studio module is not available in the Odoo online version as well as the community edition as they do not support any or bare minimum of customization.

With the Odoo Studio module, you will be able to create a new Odoo application that will be helping with the specific aspects of the application level used in your door platform. Furthermore, you will be able to bring in advanced functional options as well as functions to the existing Odoo modules that are available by default. You can read the following blog to have a complete understanding of what is Odoo Studio and why should you use it?

The Odoo Studio module is capable of many things that are way too advanced, helping in the aspects of customization as well as bringing in complete control to the operation of the business. Moreover, with the block tools as well as the XML editor tools available you will be able to craft advanced functionalities to the new applications which have been developed. However, just like any software tool, there are certain limitations to the aspects of the Odoo Studio module, which majorly never interfere with the smooth operation of application development as well as customization but at certain levels, it will cause trouble.

Let's now look at the certain limitations of the Odoo Studio module.

1) High customization using the Studio module will lead to confusion in operating the system for the users and it will be extremely difficult for the employees of the organization where the Odoo platform is used.

2) The interference of customization in the manufacturing modules, as well as the allocated supporting modules, will not be successful because of the complication in operations of the functioning of the module. Rather, a certain level of customization on the aspects where the interference is not felt due to customization can be done.

3) The aspect of migration to a newer version of the Odoo is entirely not possible with the custom application which has been developed. This is because you will require the full backend system to write the python code for the customization aspects.

4) In case you want to keep the data of the application or the customization that you have done for future use ist cannot be done on the hosted platform. Rather you should choose an on-premise Odoo implementation where the data will be available.

5) If you uninstall the Studio application from your Odoo platform by accident or with sense the entire application as well as the customization that has been configured by you will be lost.

6) Any of the applications developed by you in the enterprise edition will only be possible to be used in the enterprise edition only and cannot be exported or configured to be used in the community version of Odoo.

7) A person with good prior knowledge on the aspects of the functioning of Odoo could only craft a new application to be functioning effectively as the development will contain various aspects to be configured though there is no need to write a single line of code in the application development.

These are all the limitations of the Odoo Studio module which upon the user will be faced by an Odoo user. It cannot be fully said that it will interfere with the application development and functional aspects of the Odoo Studio but considering the manufacturing, operational module customization is not possible as there are various constraints involved in it?

In conclusion, the Odoo Studio application has certain limitations in it which will not have a severe impact on the operational usage of the module; rather certain hiccups can be felt while functioning just as the ones which have been mentioned above. You can read the following blog to obtain An overview of the Odoo Studio module

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