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By: Evin Davis

What are the Steps for a Successful Odoo Implementation

Functional Odoo 15

Odoo is one of the prominent business management tools which is used worldwide for the operation of the business in a reliable and smooth manner. Initially developed as Tiny ERP solutions during 2008 the Odoo platform has been evolved over the years as one of the prominent business management tools of the decade. Today with more than 5 million users stretching all over the world who all are happily running their business operations with ease Odoo has reached its prime level of operational capabilities. The well-defined infrastructure where all the business management operations can be executed to be managed effectively and complete control of the operations has made Odoo the first choice for many businesses. From the year 2014 Odoo has been launching updated and well-defined versions of the platform both in Enterprises well as Community editions.

Today we have the Odoo version 15 which is the new and the updated version of the platform which has been recently launched during the last Odoo Experience Event. It's considered the most advanced and updated version of the Odoo platform that has been released. Moreover, as the Odoo community is responsible for the updates and the newer version of the platform there has been a lot more advanced and available options have been brought in. In addition, the open-source infrastructure is helpful among all members of the Odoo community which will contribute to the betterment of the platform. The Odoo community is the group of people who function with Odoo these include the Odoo developers, consultants, partners as well as all other supporting as well as the users of the platform. The community members work tirelessly offering complete solutions and integrated tools that will help your business be run efficiently in the Odoo platform.

The aspects of successful implementation in regards to the development and deployment of the Odoo and need to be done with utmost care and precision. The aspects of customization ability make the development and deployment process taken care of by professionals. This is because the Odoo platform is a completely customizable business management solution where the complete operational aspects of the platform can be defined based on the operational as well as functional needs of the business, as all the operational aspects should be crafted based on the needs as well as functional capabilities. Approaching the best service providers is always evident in regards to the development aspects of the platform. Odoo offers partner-level certification based on their experience and the success rates of the implementation. The Gold level partnership with Odoo makes an organization top in class to offer Odoo services to any customers.

Cybrosys Technologies is one of the prominent Gold level partners of the Odoo platform who has been currently serving over 100+ countries offering more than 1000+ successful implementations to the customer based on the needs. The well-defined and knowledgeable developers, as well as custom nats functioning under Cybrosys Technologies, have been the prime contributing aspects for the development of the platform. Here we will be discussing n the aspects to undergo a successful implementation of the Odoo platform. Moreover, this blog will be reference material for the companies who have decided to go ahead with the Odoo platform.

Understand your own business

Initial whenever you are planning to implement any software solution whether it’s a complete operational management software like Odoo or any tool required for the operations of the business companies, should initially analyze the needs and where all should the implementation impact. A thorough study of your own business needs will help you to understand which of the business management solutions to choose from and the targets and features you should be looking for. Moreover, this will help you draft and plan on where all the Odoo platforms should impact business operations management.

Planning and analysis

Once the aspects where the Odoo platform should be implemented have been understood, the next step is to plan for the implementation aspects. Fort that the implementation and development time should be collected from the service provider based on the requirements you have specified. Further, the gap analysis should be conducted to indicate the gap between the operations of the business and that of the Odoo platform, which can be further reduced based on the functional needs.

Test the developed platform

You should test the Odoo platform developed based on the needs described. Me sure that all the aspects are in perfect alignment and functioning based on your operational needs. All the elements that need to be changed and the modifications are done are mentioned to the service provider. Further after the changes, another round of testing should be conducted to check the efficiency.

Deployment of the platform

Once all the tests have been passed, the Odoo platform should be deployed to be in operation for the company operations management, which should be done with utmost precision tube operational with other third-party tools and well equipment. The Odoo service providers use the Odoo connector tools, which will interconnect with other applications to the Odoo platform.


Once the platform is being successfully deployed, it should be functioning with the best practices of the Odoo, which make the operations more efficient and with improved performance. The Odoo service provider can offer training on the platform which is being developed. The business can ask all the employees to be trained in Odoo and function on the respective aspects of their operation in the company. Dedicated training modules are also available from various service providers of the Odoo platform. Cybrosys Technologies offer individual and training in teams which will be helpful for the betterment of the operations to be run in the Odoo platform.

In conclusion, for the successful implementation and smooth running of the platform’s operations, all the aspects mentioned above can be defined, which will lead to the betterment of the imperfection and further operations with it. In need of Odoo implementation services, you can contact us at info@cybrosys.com.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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