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By: Evin Davis

Why is Odoo ERP the Perfect Suitable Solution for SMEs

Functional Odoo 15

Small and medium scale business - SMEs have been one of the popular models of business operations functioning all over the world. Moreover, small-scale businesses are more in number than large-scale establishments. This is because the establishment and setup charges of the small-scale institutions are on the lower side in comparison to the large-scale establishments where there are larger amounts of money being involved. Moreover, the operational vicinity of the small-scale establishments is manageable with limited resources. However, the inflow of customers cannot be regulated. If a business offers an exceptional product, then the customers are brought in by the word of the mount, and it’s the responsibility of companies to serve all the customers on their needs. An example will be a small-scale bakery where the bread and the cakes made are delicious, and there is a larger number of customers who demand it. The primary marketing methodology is through word of mouth, where more and more customers are brought into the business.

The aspect of management in a business, whether it's a small scale one or a large scale one, is necessary without reliable operations tools that help with the management aspects of the business. These dedicated and reliable tools pave for the company’s effective operation and bring complete control. Enterprise and Resource Planning tools have always supported the operations of small-scale establishments and have brought in comprehensive and effective control solutions. There are numerous solutions under ERPs offering dedicated control for the operations for the small-scale establishment to choose from. Among them, Odoo acts as the top tool for the business operations management of small-scale establishments. In addition, the Odoo itself labels the platform as the best tool for the benefits of the operation of the Small and medium scale establishments as it will cater to every aspect of the operational control with it.

Today Odoo is being used by businesses worldwide and has a whopping 5 million users from all the backgrounds of the company and sectors of operations. Moreover, it’s being used by companies from both large and small scale establishments ineffective and in a reliable manner. The aspects of the business operations’ reliability and productivity improvement are its essential businesses to the Odoo platform. With the support from the Odoo community members capable of bringing in any form of advancement, the software will be supporting all the endeavors of Odoo. In addition, the Odoo community is responsible for all the new versions of the platform being released every year, a tradition which Odoo has been following from the year 2014 when the first advanced version of the software the Odoo, eight was released. Today, we have the Odoo 15 which, is the most advanced and most performing Odoo ever with advanced capabilities that suit every business’s operations aspect.

This blog will define why the Odoo ERP is the perfect suite for Small and medium scale establishments- SMEs


The implementation of the Odoo platform falls under the category of economical tools for the SMEs as it can be obtained on a subscription basis which will be beneficial for small and medium-scale establishments. Moreover, the operation cost is also on the lower side than other ERP solutions, making it an ample choice for the SMEs, providing all the capabilities at a lower price and without taking a toll on the organizations’ budgets.

All-round operational control

The Odoo platform puts forward the complete operation and control tools for the operational control of the business from the minute aspects to the final stages of operations. This is possible due to the dedicated modular approach which the Odoo platform brings in with application-specific modules of functions which will pave the way for the effectiveness in operations of the business management. Moreover, Odoo 15 is considered as the all-in-one business management tool which is being used by businesses.

Run different modes of business 

With the Odoo platform, the SMEs’ multiple modes of business operations can be effectively conducted. This means that the online sales, retail sales, and wholesale operations can be effectively performed with the dedicated process modules available in the Odoo platform. The dedicated eCommerce module will deal with the operation of the online sale in direct integration with the sales module where all the product and service sales operations are defined.

Connect with Other tools 

With the integration capabilities of the Odoo platform, the third-party applications can be connected with the software. It will be highly beneficial for the SMEs to use the dedicated operational tools, which will cater to every aspect of the business operations with specific tools and the management aspects of it with the help of third-party tools and applications.

Customization and Localization

The Odoo platform is capable of undergoing any level of customization, which will help to define the platform based on the functional and operational needs of the business. This customization feature is one of the key highlights of the forum and will make it the best fit for SMEs and companies with specific of operational methodologies. 

Regarding the functioning of a business, there needs to be embeddedness of dedicated tools based on the region and location of operation. The aspects such as taxes, payment terminologies, and the norms and regulations of business operations should be found in the area. There defining a default setup for all the operational aspects of the business will not be suitable. However, the Odoo platform exhibits numerous localization features that help the company define the functional elements based on the region's needs and necessities. 

These are certain aspects of the odoo platform which make it the best and apt for the management operations of SMEs.

In conclusion, with the distinctive operation methodology and well-defined operation control, the Odoo platform is a business suit for Small and Medium-scale establishments for reliable and efficient business operations management.

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