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By: Evin Davis

Odoo - The Best Suite to Bring an Automation Based System for Business

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The elements of automation can be seen today in our day-to-day lives, simplifying the routine-based household chores such as cleaning, washing, cooking, and various aspects in both of a person's life and the operations of a company. The elements of automation have simplified our functioning and reduced the time we spend on routine aspects. These give us ample time to focus on more productive aspects of life and the functioning of a business. Regarding the functioning of the business operations, numerous automated tools and elements can be brought into the company, helping the process to be simplified. These tools will improve the productivity aspects and bring in high profitability aspects to the functions of the organizations.
In this modernized and fast-moving age of civilization, the need for automation-based tools that are allowed to simplify the operational aspects of a company’s functioning keeps up with the trends of the business world. There are numerous tools and software-based solutions available in the market to choose from to keep the business ahead. The company needs to be aware of the capabilities of these solutions and how they will cater to the functional needs of operations. Once the right solution has been chosen for operation then the functioning of the business with automation aspects is good to go and will bring in advanced operational control for the company.
Odoo is one of the business management solutions which are advanced and can bring advanced automation aspects of business management and operations with the help of dedicated tools. Known as the all-in-one solution tool, the Odoo platform can undergo any form of business operations management using the dedicated modules of operations that are available. These modules are functioning and well crafted to serve the application-specific aspects of business operations management. Moreover, the interconnections with each of these modules will allow the communication aspects and full autonomy of various aspects of the business operations. With dignified and advanced operations tools in the Odoo platform, your business can be made to function and manage with dedicated operations aspects.
This blog will define how the Odoo platform can bring advanced automation-based tools for business operations and management.
Advanced Integrations Capability
The Odoo platform possesses an advanced capability to integrate with various other application-specific tools, which will be beneficial for the functioning of the business. These may be other third-party software solutions or integrated machinery or equipment which are required for the functioning of the business operations. These integrations will allow the data transfer and the communication between the Odoo platform and the tool that has been implemented, helping with the business management functions and functioning.
Biometric Devices and Scanners
The Odoo platform supports the operations of the Biometric devices, which will be helpful in the aspects of employee management. Moreover, these devices will help the management of registering the Attendance of the employees by placing the biometric scanners at the company entrance. Furthermore, these devices provide authorization to allow the employees to enter a specific location or know who all have passed through a particular door or room. The Biometric devices can be Fingerprint Readers, Voice Recognition and Command Systems, Retinal Scanners, Temperature reading Devices, blood sample detectors, and many other technological solutions used. 
Barcode Scanners
The Odoo platform supports the integration of Barcode scanners by default, which will be helpful in the aspects of product verification and invoicing aspects. The Barcode Scanners can be connected to your Odoo platform directly by Installing the Barcodes application for the Apps menu. Then it's just plug-in and plays operations. You will be able to scan and generate barcodes for the products, services, invoicing aspects, discounts, and many more.
IoT D    evices
The Internet of things is the future of automation, and it has been for the past couple of years offering impeccable solutions to the users of the technology. Today, the root of the Internet of Things has been spread over to the business. Most of the manufacturing and production facilities use the devices or equipment with IoT-based technology for their operational easiness. Understanding that the Odoo developers have defined a dedicated IoT module that will help the users of the platform connect with IoT devices using the IoT Box tool kit available. The IoT box can be obtained through the Odoo website. It can configure various IoT-based devices such as sensors, readers, motors, operations machinery, switchers, and many more applications-oriented tools and machines.
These are certain aspects of external integration with the Odoo platform, which will cater to the automation-based elements to the functioning of the business. However, the Odoo platform, by default, has certain features which make it automation-friendly towards business operations management, simplifying the task of business control and monitoring. Let’s understand those aspects:
- Create your workflow of operations and craft the operations control of it.
- Automate your time-triggered by setting timers in days, weeks, or months to alert the respective person or trigger the activity automatically.
- Automated marketing functionalities make your marketing operations run efficiently.
- Turn potential leads into customers
- Automate lead enrichment activities
Real-time operation control and alteration of operations based on the 
Today, Odoo is one of the advanced business management solutions with the capabilities to undergo complete adequate time operations control to the business management aspects, which will cater to every operation needs of the catering business. Just like automation being one of the primary elements for functioning in Odoo, various other advanced aspects such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning aspects are allowed to be brought into the platform. They will be fully available during the upcoming versions of the Odoo platform.

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