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By: Cybrosys Technologies

What is ERP Training


ERP implementation is a process that requires constant support and coordination of different groups including the vendor, investor, and employees. There is a misconception that ERP will work smoothly just by the implementation of the ERP tool. But the fact is that ERP implementation can ensure success only if the employees are able to use the ERP tool the proper way.
What helps the Employees to Optimize ERP use?
Doubtlessly, it is the training program offered to them. There could be different levels of employees in an organization. These different groups may be using the ERP tool in different ways. So what is important is to offer proper training to all levels of employees and equip them.
Training helps the users to do their tasks in a perfect way. As different employees may require to use the ERP in different ways, it is important to train them in the way suited for them. 
In this blog, we can discuss some key facts related to ERP training.
First, we can discuss the different types of training. The key training types are:
- Functional Training
- Technical Training 
- Corporate training
Now we can go deep into what functional training means.
It is a training program or course that is intended for the clients. This training can be used by different groups including
- Clients
- End users
- Infrastructure providers
The functional training support offered by an ERP provider helps the clients, end-users, and infrastructure providers to get proper knowledge of the ERP. Suppose a firm is implementing Odoo ERP, then the employees of the firm should be well aware of Odoo ERP. A functional training course will help to achieve this task. 
- A functional training program mainly covers different topics including:
- Thorough knowledge of all functional modules of the ERP tool
- Updated learning on recently introduced versions of the ERP 
- Assures proper knowledge on different editions and versions
- It will help the user to install the ERP and administer and configure the basic modules
- It can also support the creation of new applications
- Customization of the application will also be mentioned and discussed to give thorough knowledge to the users
Once a team of employees undergoes this functional training they will be able to make maximum use of the ERP tool. It will also help them to manage the ERP and make necessary customization. It will help the end-users to benefit from the solution. The investment made on the ERP tool can be converted into revenue by this step.
The second type of training program is technical training. As the name indicates, technical training is something that is intended to the technical team of a firm. This training can be of benefit to IT professionals. This support can be made use of by young professionals who are interested to learn the basics of ERP integration and customization. 
Let us now discuss the key benefits of Technical Training
- It will help the user to understand the ERP framework
- Programming languages used for the ERP development
- Best practices to be followed for ERP development
- It will also train the trainees about ERP installation in different operating software
- This training can also guide you about the development of an ERP solution
Corporate training is something that aims at training the employees of corporate firms using ERP solutions. This will also help business groups who are planning to migrate to ERP or shift from one ERP to another. 
- The key benefits of Corporate ERP training are:
- It will help the users to get training on different ERP modules that can be of use for their business
- The training team will be organizing live demonstrations and interactive sessions to help the users
- Training through videos will help them understand the use effectively 
- This will also offer live support for the firm.
Why choose ERP Training?
Getting first-hand knowledge about the uses of an ERP solution can help the employees or users. Unlike an online video lesson or written instruction, direct training can help the users to clear their doubts instantly and hence improve the quality of learning. ERP users may be from different backgrounds. For example, a manufacturing firm may have employees who are not familiar with computers or technology. They may also have employees who are well equipped to use computer systems. 
Hence, it is important that different groups of employees get different levels of training. When a training and support team is imparting training to the employees, it can help them improve the situation. While the workers can be trained on the operations required at the workstation and the attendance and leave management, employees from accounts may get special training on the uses of accounting software. 
Though an ERP integrates different departments of an organization, the operations may be different for different groups. Thus by offering separate training programs for the target audience, the ERP training team can improve the confidence level and increase the employee retention level. 
Why Cybrosys
Cybrosys Technologies, a certified Odoo gold partner of Odoo, has immense experience in the field of ERP training. Cybrosys focussing on Odoo ERP implementation, development and customization offer comprehensive support for training activities also. With more than 12 years of experience, Cybrosys has expertise in different fields of ERP. This will in turn benefit the ERP users or the Odoo users as they will get training in a more efficient way. 
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