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By: Cirin C Baby

What is Odoo ERP Integration?

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Why choose ERP integration?
Integration as we all know is the process of linking one feature with another feature. ERP integration also is the interlinking of different features. To begin with, we can say that ERP integration is an integral part of present-day business management.
As ERP is growing as a major software tool or a major business management tool the integration of the ERP with other tools also can play crucial roles. Let us learn in detail about the significance of ERP integration.
What is ERP?
ERP or enterprise resource planning software is a tool used to manage different operations of a business. This tool helps the organization to coordinate different departments and centralize the operations. ERP tool, based on its features, supports the management of human resources management, customer relationship management, sales, purchase, and every other aspect of a business.
What is Odoo ERP?
Odoo ERP or Open ERP is an ERP of which the source code is open to all. It has many positive features and can be used and developed by anyone. Odoo has two different editions- community and enterprise. Community Edition is free for use and Enterprise edition is available for a nominal fee.
What is Odoo ERP integration?
Odoo ERP integration can be considered a very important feature of every ERP.  This is a basic term that is used by every ERP implementation company and ERP user. This can be termed as the method used by different ERP implementation company to link the ERP with other software applications. This process enables the ERP to operate in coordination with other payment apps and eCommerce applications. ERP integration improves the efficiency of the ERP tool by making it usable across different platforms. With the integration, the pace and momentum of ERP improve.
In this blog, we will discuss different aspects of Odoo ERP integration
Odoo ERP integration services
Integration transforms Odoo ERP into an advanced business management software tool. This can help the user to manage the organization or business in a better way. The integration will enable the ERP to work in close association with third-party applications. This will help the business to benefit from the ERP and the third party application. This can help the business to manage every task of the ERP in a comprehensive way. Integration with customization can be of great help to the business. 
Why do we need ERP integration?
ERP platforms are better places where the business can perform different tasks in a quicker way. It will help the business to manage different segments including warehouse, sales, human resources, supply chain, customer relationship management, and other segments.
The integration will help the business to standalone and perform all tasks. It will also support the productivity of the business. Integration is the process that will help you to bring all business-related activities to a single platform.
An ERP tool may have hundreds or thousands of modules. Integration is made possible to help the  ERP to meet the requirements.                                                         
Advantages of Odoo ERP integration
Modular Structure
Odoo ERPs are in a modular structure. This makes it easier for the ERP integrator to integrate different modules and integrate the modules with third party ERP tools. The modular structure of ERP tools including Odoo ERP helps the business to manage the activities in an easier way. It has got an intuitive platform and this enables the user to pick and choose the modules which are suitable for the business. The modular structure makes the development of user-specific modules and a user can choose only the modules which they need.
Frequent enhancements and new versions
ODoo ERP is a business management software that has been focussing on the improvement of the business. As the business trends and requirements are changing every day, it becomes essential to improve and enhance the software frequently. Odoo introduces new versions every year to meet the market demands. Odoo versions are something that can be used by everyone based on the requirements. The data stored in older versions will not be lost with the use of new versions. Integration of the versions is possible with proper data migration.
Resourcefulness is a key feature of Odoo tools. With the integration, this versatility gets improved and helps its users in multipurpose software tools.  Integration helps the ERP platform to perform in a flexible way.
Odoo is a tool that is very user friendly. It ensures support to manage different operations in a hassle-free way. Technical glitches can also be avoided if integration is performed in an efficient way.
Payment Gateway Integration
Odoo ERP is designed in a way to ease the integration of the software tool with different payment gateways. It will enable you to access different online services to make payments and for receiving payments from the customers. At Cybrosys, we help your business to make use of different payment gateways and allow you to access different online services. We also support you by localization of Odoo to help customers from different areas. Different payment gateways including Paytrek, Peach Payment,  CIMB, Ipay88, Redsys, Payment Sagepay,  My bank, PayPal, and We Pay can be integrated with Odoo.
Social Media Integration
Social media is playing a key role in business promotion. Odoo integration with social media will help the users to manage social media marketing campaigns and promotional programs in a smooth way. It can help the business to gain upper hand in managing different types of operations including better connectivity with the public. Social media integration can bring different platforms together for promoting sales activities. Cybrosys Technologies, Odoo Gold Partner, is here to help you integrate different social media sites including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Twilio, LinkedIn and  Telegram.
Integration of SMS Gateways
This integration feature will help you manage SMS communication with the help of API integration support. This can be done using simple processes. An Odoo partner like Cybrosys can help you to integrate multiple SMS gateways including Msg91,  Way2SMS, Twilio SMS, Mobily SMS, and Bulk SMS
Odoo Docparser Integration
How does Docparser Integration help you? It is a well-known third party application that is used for document analysis. This integration will help you to analyze documents efficiently. The application, which operates on the basis of Lisp systems, is a great tool that will help you to analyze a number of documents in a prescribed way.
Odoo and Biometric Device Integration
Cybrosys technologies have developed a special application that will help to automate attendance management in using Odoo ERP. We use Biometric integration that is capable of managing both thumb and face detection.

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