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By: Evin Davis

What is Odoo Migration


Odoo the business management enterprise and resource planning software used by 5 million companies or establishments or operate across the world is one of the advanced operational control solutions for companies. So what makes Odoo special as there is various enterprise and resource planning software (ERPs) available in the market these days. Odoo developed in the earlier day of the present century has been serving its customer base stretching between various sectors of business operations from manufacturing companies, service-based operations, retail and wholesale, IT firms, the R&D sector, and many more with promising and reliable results of management and company operations.
The Odoo ERP can be coined as one of the advanced and reliable business management software which can be used to run the entire business operations of the company and in a way, it's called the one-stop solution for all business needs. Odoo does this by a modular approach of operations which uses designated application-specific modules that have been designed and developed and come in default with the software. These modules are being used to run the company operations on all levels and areas of functioning. Moreover, these modules are designed to run the business as per the user or the company standards as the Odoo ERP can be customized and flexed to be operations as per the company standard and operational terminologies of company function.
So what makes Odoo so special about business management is the fact that the operations of the software are performed from a single platform and a centralized database will provide the user with efficiency in information storage and exchange. Furthermore, the integration abilities of the platform provide the user with provision to add in third-party devices as well as applications into the operations of the company in Odoo. Moreover, the add ons available in the Odoo app store are developed by the Odoo community which can be availed by the user for various application-specific aspects. Additionally, there are paid and free applications available posted by the various partners of Odoo in the Odoo apps and the partners' respective websites.
This blog will provide an insight into the aspect of Odoo migration.
Odoo is a business management software whose developers firm the need for regular updation to bring in new features to its users. The Odoo community provides regular updates which can do major as well as minor reforms in operations. Moreover, the Odoo platform releases a new version of the software every year during its Odoo experience meet which is considered as the official gathering of the Odoo community, user, well-wisher, and people interested in Odoo ERP. As Odoo releases a new version the companies and the user using the platform would need their software to be updated to the newest one to bring in the advanced features that Odoo has promised. 
What is Odoo Migration?
Odoo migration cannot be described as the migration of users from a different ERP or a traditional way of business to Odoo which is called Odoo implementation. Odoo migration deals with the aspect of migrating Odoo platforms in your company to the newest version of Odoo. This methodology allows the user of the platform to run the company operations in the most advanced and reliable functionality of the platform.
How does Odoo migration work?
Odoo migration involves the process of transferring the components involved in the older version to the newest version of the platform. The migration aspects can be efficiently done by an Odoo partner who has the expert skill and abundant experience in the field. The Odoo migration deals majorly with two aspects: the data migration and the Odoo app migration.
Data migration
The Odoo platform's operational data is the major resource of operations in the company. The data available in the platform needs to be made compatible to suit the operations in the new version. Here all the data, tables, charts, and information is made suitable by the resource person for the migration aspects.
Odoo Apps Migration.
The user might be using various specified Odoo apps for their operations of the company in the platform. Moreover, while functioning with the new version the user might need the same applications to be functional. A resource person makes changes or develops new applications of the same prospects to run the company operations.
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