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By: Anju A.P

Why an ERP Software Important for School Management?


    Educational institutions play a crucial role in the shaping the future of a child. Especially the schools play a critical role in the cognitive and academic development of their pupil. Therefore the educational institutions like schools deserve the best tools for their management practices, carrying out their academic and administrative activities in the most efficient and effective manner. Educational Institutions/Schools should keep themselves abreast with the latest and modern management tools for constant improvement in terms of knowledge impartation, their well-being and most importantly a systematic and strategic framework of child development.  

Today the way the knowledge gets imparted to students and how the schools manage their administration has undergone a significant change. The cost, speed, and accuracy are measured in school performances every now and then. It decides the ranking and successful run of an educational institution.

Unlike the prior scenario, today’s school is clubbed and accumulated with tons of data in terms of student, staff, academics, fees and much more. Every department in school be it the academics, the accounting or the administration, every department is interconnected and there is a constant flow of student information, staff information or fees details being circulated from one department to another.

Schools of an early decade had only a few staffs and students and it was easy to accomplish the task on time through mere paper works. But today, the school management has grown into a big enterprising stage, where the management has to access their information from a centralized platform. This advocate for a modern management tool rather than the traditional and conventional work approach of paper piles.

Today’s school management significantly demands an ERP solution for managing their school-related activities which can make their work seamless, easier, efficient and productive. An ERP helps them in easy access to information, that too in real time, unlike the traditional work approach.

Why ERP Software in the Education Sector?

    The importance of an Enterprise Resource Planning Software is well advocated and demanded all service sectors be it the manufacturing, trading, accounting, customer relations or human resource. The most significant feature that holds ERP, a supreme choice among the customers is their self-sufficient capacity to automate and integrate every industry-related activities.

In educational industry/institutions, an ERP comes with automation and integration of both academic and administrative functions. For an educational institution, the ERP platform comes as a comprehensive suite of application which can automate every activity of a school right conducting the student admission, managing their attendance, fees and examination, employee payroll and their recruitment and much more. In short, an ERP provides schools with an ample number of choices to streamline their educational institute and related activities. Odoo ERP provides the school with an overview of their running task or in other words, an ERP gives a bird’s eye view of the real-time school activities happening in the premise.  

What is the role played by an ERP in Education Institutions?

> Integrate every school functions. It stores, monitor and provides real-time access to information such as registration, finance, and human resource.
> Facilitate the information flow within an educational institution.
> Track every institutional activity helping in bringing improvements in the current system, also facilitating the working of future plans.  
> Improving and organizing the portfolio of teachers, students, and staff.
> Simplifying the process of student management.
> Maintaining good relationships with both parents and stakeholders.
Organizing and streamlining every school communication.
The most significant function of ERP in Educational Institutions are the following.

> Centralization and management of information

    Educational Institutions have a tremendous amount of functions such as gathering, storing and analyzing data including the student information, faculty details, fees management, examination records and more. An ERP thus helps in digitalizing and automating these records bringing great efficiency to the school administration management and their information management. An ERP smoothly transacts, bringing all possibilities to share and access the stored data among intercross departments of schools/educational institute. Also with the help of an ERP solution, one can easily self-direct the work such as information being updated in real time by students, faculties or the administrative staff from anywhere without secondary help. As the ERP comes with controlled access to information,  the data integrity and privacy is kept intact. 
> Simplifies the process of data gathering

    An enterprise resource planning software in an educational institution, offer the administrative staff, faculty, and student the freedom to upload or submit their information and other supporting documents online in the most seamless fashion. It makes every school/educational tasks less cucumber some via automating and processing every task such as student enrollments, fees payment, registrations and more.    

> Improved resource management

    Yet another significant feature of an ERP software is that it is highly efficient in tracking the inventory and resource usage within the institutions. It also helps in keeping a real-time record on the finances. An ERP gets the educational institution with a transparent, reliable and accurate report which always stay ahead of the curve in keeping the real-time overview of company finances. Real-time generation of reports makes the educational institution run transparently. With the modern ERP solutions, the educational institutions can easily optimize their functions and operations, without much interplay of humans, saving many resources for the company. Saving of resources, thus indirectly creates an environment allowing the students and faculties to focus more on their learning strategies.

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endah purnama

Now a day’s schools and college continue to grow in numbers throughout the world. Schools are faced with every challenge divine by educational facilities and also a whole host of others. ERP software play positive role for growth of school management.




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