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Why is Odoo Manufacturing the Best

Functional Odoo 14 Manufacturing

Odoo with a team of expert developers who study the industry before every coding activity Odoo gives us a robust suite for managing manufacturing. Odoo application is a popular one that is used widely by many manufacturing industries

A complex industry with a series of tasks and targets involved, manufacturing requires an active and user-friendly platform. Odoo can be an apt choice if you are looking for a software tool to cut costs. It can be the best solution to boost productivity and control all manufacturing-related tasks. An efficient tool, Odoo can even simplify your tasks by simplifying the manufacturing process as such. It can boost your decision-making by offering you a detailed and accurate analysis and report.

Henry Ford Had once said "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got"

This indicates the importance of change in the manufacturing industry. If an investor wants to break the statuesque and achieve something high, he has to experiment and embrace some suitable changes. Taking cues from this idea, many manufacturing companies across the globe have already chosen Odoo manufacturing,

Odoo is an enterprise resource planning software that integrates different tasks in the industry and helps to manage the designing of a product, manufacturing of the product, and distribution and storage of the product. Every other aspect including marketing, customer relations, product lifecycle management, etc. also gets integrated with the Odoo Manufacturing module with ease.

Before diving into the highlights of integration we can check the details. It can provide end-to-end support to the investor running the business without hurdles. 

Why should we choose Odoo?

Let us check the reasons for choosing Odoo

Products and Components


Odoo is a tool that will help you to manage the products from the design stage to the delivery stage. It will help the management of products at work centers and assure comprehensive support for product listing and product pricing. Management of raw materials from the procurement stage to the preparation of bill of materials also gets simple with the Odoo manufacturing tool. We can also automate the production and work center activities with the ERP tool. 

Management of Bill of Materials


Bill of Material or BoM is the documentation of the raw material use. It is important for managing the product quality and pricing of the product. Bill of material is used from the production stage and is used to alert the customer about the raw materials used for the production. Odoo MRP assures support for managing the bill of material for different products. Odoo allows you to create a bill of material for sub-contracted products and kits as well.

Completing a manufacturing order


In a manufacturing industry, all activities are managed based on orders. The sale orders given by the customers are taken into account while manufacturing different products. Companies also take into account the market demand and sale forecast. Whatever be the method, the industry needs to generate a manufacturing order to start the production activity. Odoo helps the business to manage manufacturing orders efficiently.

Units of Measure


Manufacturing depends on the number of products manufactured. Unit of measure helps the business to set the price for each unit of products. Sometimes the price may be set for a single unit or at times the price may be set for a dozen. Unit of measure by Odoo MRP allows us to fix the price based on the expenses incurred on the production of each unit of the product.



When an industry is manufacturing different products, we may be manufacturing different variants of the same product. With Odoo manufacturing the variant management gets simple and easy. 

Material stock management


An industry that is directly linked with the market demands and sales, the manufacturing industry works after analyzing the availability of stock of the finished products as well as raw materials. The available stock is taken into account while starting production. Odoo helps to calculate the stock and manage production efficiently.

E-commerce integration


Manufacturing industries these days focus on e-commerce to achieve better business. Odoo manufacturing which can be integrated efficiently with many other modules helps us to start our own e-commerce sites and start the online sales of products without setting up a brick and mortar facility.

Management of logistics and delivery


Easy integration with other Odoo apps helps manufacturing tools to efficiently manage the transportation and delivery of the finished product. This can be done as Odoo Manufacturing gets integrated with the inventory module. The inventory module manages the stock and shipping activities. IT also allows the user to check the delivery methods including drop shipping. 



With different work centers, a manufacturing industry requires the support of a tool to manage different work stations. It will help to plan orders and manage work orders. The work progress at different work centers can be assessed with a quick glance when we are using Odoo for the purpose.

Managing reports


Odoo manufacturing enables the business to manage different tasks based on reports and analysis. Odoo provides options to generate reports on manufacturing orders, work orders and overall equipment effectiveness.

Strengths of Odoo Manufacturing

- Integration-It can be integrated with other Odoo Apps as well as with third-party apps

- Scalability- Odoo supports large, small or medium business as it focuses on different size of businesses

- User-friendly- Odoo manufacturing is a tool that can be used easily by even unskilled persons

- Flexibility- Quick to use and easy to access tool

Common industries using Odoo Manufacturing module

Odoo manufacturing is suitable for almost all industries. Major industries depending on Odoo tools to manage manufacturing operations are listed below.

- Electronics

- Furniture

- Medical device

- Food / supplements

- Industrial equipment

- Printing

- Telecommunication

- Job Shops

Where do people use Odoo Manufacturing?

Odoo is a software solution embraced by the business world across the globe. Industries from more than 75 countries use Odoo manufacturing. We can take a look at the major countries who are the leaders in Odoo Manufacturing ERP use

- United States

- Mexico

- Belgium

- Germany

- Egypt

- Canada

- Saudi Arabia

- Australia

- India

- Indonesia

- UK 

- Netherlands

Here, we have discussed all key aspects of Odoo Manufacturing. To clarify your doubts visit our website www.cybrosys.com

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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