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By: Asaf Muhsin

Why should businesses move to Odoo?

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The business management operations in companies have always been tricker and will bein the future. This is due to the constraints of operations and the environment of fast change and pace that each company functions in. Moreover, there are various attributes and contains to consider while functioning which includes both the inhouse and outhouse ones of operations. In addition, the ultimate aim is to get more business thereby improving the profits which would also be in consideration while planning for the tasks and operating with it. However, in the initial stages of operations of a company, it may look simple and easily function without proper strategy and planning but as time goes by and the companies state to go up to the next level the business operations become trickier and the management would be a hectic task.
This blog will describe why businesses should move towards Odoo?
With the introduction of the digitalization aspects into the world, there were various developments which would assist it and came along with operations. Softwares were one such item that was developed in the later year of the last century and provided the base of operations for a specific application. Around the same time, the considerations of Software as a service(SaaS) ideology came into existence. This paved the way for the development of various business management software as we see today. In the initial year, they were considered a luxury and people didn't believe in those aspects and its need. But as time progressed they felt the needs and understood its capability which led to the boom of Enterprise and resources planning software. Today you can see multiple types of them from various initiative companies offering ist across the world. Among these, a certain amount is designed to suit a specific operation, application-specific company, or a designated sector. However, on the contrary, there is a different group that can be used for the business management operations of an entire company irrespective of the sector of operation.
Odious one of those ERPs which is capable of controlling the entire business operations of the company. Moreover, the ERP operating from a single platform was established in the work of the century and could be said to be its new generation's ERP system. The module structure of Odoo with designated modules for the management of the company operations will provide the user with full control and capabilities to run their establishment more efficiently than the orthodox method and any other ERPs available. In the earlier days, the software was called an alternative towards SAP however, the platform has evolved it a designated one offering countless functions, tools, and capabilities to its users.
Herearetheaspecst which make Odoo an inevitable part of business operations and why companies should move towards Odoo ERP:
Centralized approach
The centralized approach of the Odoo platform allows the user to control the entire business operations for a single platform. Moreover, the software operates based on a central inventory to provide efficient data transfer and communications. In addition, the platform has a designated inventory management system that operates in a centralized manner providing the user to run the retails, wholesale and e-commerce operations efficiently.
Business intelligence
The Odoo platform offers various intelligent tools of operations that help your business to stay ahead of the curve and progress. The report generation aspect of Odoo provides the user with various qualitative and analytical reports on all aspects of company operations. Moreover, these can be derived from the respective modules being described. Additionally, the platform offers real-time data analysis and operations based on it. This can be efficiently configured to run the inventory, sales, and purchase operations of the company.
The Odoo platform is a cloud-based open-source platform therefore supporting multiple modes of accessing the platform. The Odoo software can be used for various gadgets operations. This allows the user and the employees to be functional and working remotely. In addition, the field service aspects in a service-based company can also be efficiently configured to be operational in the platform.
Up to date
The Odoo platform is considered one of the most advanced business management solutions which are now available. The Platforms are provided with regular updates which bring in new functionality as per the operations and the change in the world. In addition, the Odoo community which is the backbone of the platform will provide the user with additional add ons for the application-specific operation required.

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