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By: Evin Davis

Why Should you Upgrade to Odoo 15

Functional Odoo 15

Odoo is the complete and effective business management solution that all organizations need today. Unable as the complete all-in-one solution for the business management aspects, the Odoo platform will provide the business and ist managers with ample tools and function options for the effective control management and monitoring of the entire business aspects. Today the Odoo platform is used by over 7 million users in 160+ countries, running the business operations and its management hassle-free. The advanced software solution is equipped with all the modern-day functionalities that will provide the business with ample tools and functional menus that will help them be in complete control of the business operations and provide them with dedicated support for improving productivity and efficiency of operations.

Odoo is a business management solution that falls into the category of Enterprise and Resouce Planning solutions dedicated to the aspects of business management. The evolution of the ERP solution came long before the development of Odoo during the early 90s. However, the Odoo was developed at the beginning of the 21st century, making it a new generation solution. Designed as a TinyERP solution capable of minimalistic business management was modified into the Odoo that we know of today. So what is it that made Odoo keep you [p with the prominent business management solution? The evergoing attitude of the Odoo developers and the Odoo community to bring in more and more functionalities through every upgrade. This is why Odoo released a new version every year, which started in 2014 with the Odoo 8, and now we have Odoo 15, the most advanced Odoo ever.

Many prominent brands worldwide have been switched to Odoo quite recently due to the vast capability and the productivity improvement that has been rooted in it. As the business parameters and the constraints of functioning are ever-changing, businesses require a reliable solution that can be adaptable and customizable based on the need, which is capable and provable by the Odoo platform. Additionally, with the strong support from the Odoo community consisting of all the Odoo developers, Partners, Consultants, and supporting members, the business will always have the supporting hand in managing the operation with the Odoo platform.

This blog will explain why the business should upgrade to Odoo 15.

The Odoo is one of the advanced business management solutions which will cater to the complete and adequate control of the entire business operations. The Odoo platform has various highlightable features making it capable of effectively managing the business and topping the market over other solutions. Let's now discuss why the company should upgrade to the Odoo 15 platform for business operations.

Why should the business upgrade to Odoo 15 for effective business management operation?

Streamline your business

The companies will lack the tools to manage their business management capabilities. The Odoo platform will help them. It has dedicated modules of operation that meet the application-specific operational specific business—these specific modules ring in complete control of the operation and information exchange.

Improved interface.

The new Odoo 15 is advanced and complex with a dedicated interface that adds to the userfriendly aspects of business management. The dedicated Dashboard module will provide an overview of the complete business operation, which can be customized based on the need adds up to the user-friendly aspects.

Updated CRM module

The dedicated Customer Relationship Management module will provide the business with ample functional features of management, which will simplify the operations. It helps you understand a clear idea of the customer expectations and requirements, which will be helpful in the future endeavors of the business.

New advanced Project Management module.

The Odoo 15 Project management module is advanced with functional capabilities and controls for the business. You can create projects, assign tasks, understand the status, and obtain analytical insight. Real-time insight with the Live Updates will add the charm.

Review and approval

The Odoo 15 platform has a well-defined Approval management process where the employees can request various requests via a discreet channel that the managers can view and review. This will provide the managers with ample functional insight to mage the operations of the employees. 


As the Odoo platform is a tool used by businesses worldwide where the operations aspects of the company are different, the need and necessity to support the region-based localization is evident for all the business management tools. The Odoo platform supports country-based localization, ensuring that there are tools and functional options based on the business's needs in specific countries. It also allows the business to follow the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities.

Improved user experience

The user-friendly aspects of the Odoo 15 are so advanced that they will be able to experience a well-defined structure of operation control on every part of the business operations. The user interface aspects of the Odoo 15 are improved than the last version of the Odoo, bringing in complete and effective user management for the business with a dedicated and effective approach of business operations management.

Effective Asset Management

One of the aspects that most businesses suffer from is Asset Management for the industry, as complete manageability is not possible without dedicated functioning tools. A proper definition of the Assets and the increase in the profit amounts from each asset based on the distinctive duration the business is holding can be effectively managed with the Odoo platform.

These are the aspects that depict how the business should be upgrading to the Odoo 15 platform for effective business management. For the uses of the Odoo platform and being functioning with older versions of Odoo, they are to be upgraded to the newest version, Odoo 15, as it will improve the productivity and operational efficiency of the business management.

In conclusion, the Odoo 15 platform will be an efficient tool for the business to run the entire management aspect with high productivity.

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