• Pricelist prices can be updated in the sale order using the ‘Update prices’ option
  • Sales margin available in percentage.


  • Purchase dashboard
  • Priority widget for purchase orders
  • Receipt Reminder


  • Expiration date and warning when selling expired product
  • Signature on your delivery orders
  • Landed cost can be applied to the manufacturing module as well
  • Replenishment report in inventory
  • Quantity multiple and forecast reports included in reordering rules
  • Introduced forecasted report in the transfer line
  • The multi-warehouse feature now become the default feature


  • Sales receipts and purchase receipts are available
  • Registering payment to invoice ribboned within the payment
  • Temporary account of outstanding receipts and payments added to keep unreconciled entries
  • Journal configuration improved
  • Add a payment QR code to your invoices
  • Two mandatory accounts profit account and a loss account added to the cash rounding
  • Winbooks import
  • Disallowed expenses and categories
  • Unrealized Currency Gain/Loss
  • Reconcile button in Partner Ledger


  • Recurring Revenues in Opportunity
  • Outlook CRM Extension
  • Automatic PO frequency

Point of Sale

  • Inventory Management in Point of Sale
  • Product configurator added to pos to choose attributes
  • Use in Mobile App


  • Recurring tasks to set task recurrence
  • Allocated time percentage to display employees' given time percentage in the Gantt view
  • Can you mark a task stage as the closing stage or not
  • Smart tabs in the project to identify the sale order, hours recorded, project overview, etc
  • Onsite interventions as a part of project and field service tasks can be managed from projects


  • Prevent manufacturing users from modifying quantities with Lock Quantities To Consume
  • Flexible consumption is allowed
  • Routing is removed. Operations are now allowed to add within the BoM itself.
  • Additional costs during manufacturing are allowed to add to the product cost and stock valuation with landed cost
  • Child Manufacturing Orders are linked with parent MO and available the details in a smart tab

Website & e-Commerce

  • Improved interface
  • Snippets and building blocks are moved to the left-hand side panel
  • More Styles and options for each building block
  • Create and save custom blocks and be able to use them later
  • New structures Masonry, Big Boxes, Numbers, Showcases, Medialists, etc
  • Unique Dynamic Contents introduced.
  • Wide theme colors are available
  • On mobile devices, it is now possible to toggle the visibility of columns.


  • Dependant details in the employee form
  • Users are reminded to cancel future appraisals, time off, and other obligations when an employee is archived, and their contract is given an end date.
  • The appraisal button is available in the employee form to send direct appraisal requests
  • A department menu is introduced which depicts the employee absence, appraisal details, time off & allocation requests
  • Employee presence reporting


  • Refuse reasons can be configured
  • Contract template and interview form can be added while creating job positions
  • Appraisal templates for employee and manager feedback can be set up in the job positions


  • Improved dashboard and non-working days are depicted with a grey color
  • Dashboard of time off introduced to view Yearly Calendar


  • New fields in employee contracts in Belgium localization


  • Planning can be integrated with the project app
  • Employee Shifts can be assigned to Projects and Tasks
  • Employees can be added to roles
  • In ‘My Planning’, the button YEAR is available in the calendar view.
  • Kanban view is now available for ‘My Planning’
  • More filters are available like My team, Published, Unpublished, and Open shifts for my role
  • Able to chat with the employee by clicking on the avatar in the gant view


  • Products and variants are now accessible in the approvals module
  • An automated Sequence can be set for approval requests.
  • Approval type to generate RFQ on an approval request

  • Wide Mail templates are available
  • Personalized emails can be sent using Dynamic Placeholder Generator
  • Emojis and Preview text can be added to mailings

Social Marketing

  • A demo mode is available to get demo data and check functionality


  • The subscription service address can be added to the other info on the Subscription
  • Upsell the subscription from a particular start date

Upsell the subscription from a particular start date

  • Team visibility to set who can view the helpdesk team
  • Canned responses are available on the helpdesk
  • A timesheet timer is available to track the time taken to resolve a ticket


  • New module to add a pivot table to the spreadsheet
  • INSERT IN SPREADSHEET button in pivot table
  • Able to filter data based on conditions
  • Conditional formatting can be applied
  • Possibility to re-insert pivot table
  • Possibility to insert pivot cell and identify the missing cells
  • Spreadsheet data will be saved in the Documents app, under the spreadsheet workspace


  • Live sessions are introduced
  • Conditional questions can be added, so they will appear once a question has been answered only


  • Timesheet timer to track the spent hours
  • Improved timesheet grid view


  • Approvals can be set to buttons and limit the approver to rule
  • Can customize map view available
  • The mass editing feature is available for some fields
  • Adding menu and editing the menu are made flexible
  • Enable SMS to phone field
  • Rainbow Man effect: message, image, and fade-out speed can be customized

Data Cleaning

  • The new module was introduced for data cleaning
  • Field cleaning rules can be set up
  • Deduplication rules can be set up to remove/merge redundant data


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