• Improved performance: 3.7 times faster to load a backend page
  • Command pallet to search features, modules, and articles
  • Autosave feature
  • Dark Mode Available
  • ‘Property' fields on tickets, leads, tasks and articles are available
  • Collaborative pads are replaced by the odoo HTML editor
  • Improved mobile view
  • Configuring mail servers with Outlook Auth Authentication
  • Configuring mail servers with Gmail Auth Authentication
  • Portal users can delete their accounts and also can block from receiving further mail


  • Sales: Discounts & Loyalty
  • Sales: Gift cards & e-Wallet
  • Linking Opportunities to Sales Orders
  • Incoterms can be applied to Sales Orders
  • Sales Delivery Status
  • Product tags


  • Structural change for call for Tender with ‘Alternative Tab’
  • Purchase price history
  • Purchase Receipt Status


  • Managing back order creation for each operation type
  • Automatic Batch creation
  • Replenish location in Locations (replenishment report)
  • Zip prefix in the shipping method
  • Revamped Inventory Reports
  • Last count date and inventory frequency of Inventory adjustments


  • Multiple Bank Accounts for Partners
  • Follow-up address to followup customer due payments
  • Invoice and Bill Auto Post: More Options
  • Early payment discount
  • Computation methods: No Prorata, Constant Periods, and Based on days per period for Assets/Deferred Revenue and Deferred Expenses.
  • The sales credit limit for Partners
  • Document digitization is now available for customer invoices
  • New Access Rights
  • Storno accounting
  • Accounting Firms Mode
  • Revamped Analytic Accounting
  • Journal Report
  • Accounting reports and Horizontal Groups


  • New property fields are allowed to add without the studio module

Point Of Sale

  • Promotions, Coupons, Gift Card & Loyalty Program
  • Structural change in PoS configuration
  • Use the QR code on ticket
  • Margins & Costs
  • New Payment Terminal: Worldline


  • New invoicing policies ‘Based on Milestones’ and ‘Based on Delivered Quantity’
  • SMS template in task stages
  • Task conversion to ticket


  • Lock dates to block encoding of Timesheet


  • Work Order Dependencies
  • Allocating Employees to work center
  • Manage Costing information per employee
  • Allocation Report for Manufacturing Orders
  • Merge and Split Manufacturing orders
  • ECO requests during manufacturing, by suggesting new steps to BOM.


  • Website settings & Page Customisations
  • Switching between the front end and back end becomes easier
  • Shop - Payment: Support most payment methods; Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. as well as recurring charges.
  • Paypal - Express Checkout - Support most credit & debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, etc.
  • Discounts, Loyalty & Gift Card
  • New Payment Providers: Asia Pay, Amazon Payment Services, Flutterwave, Mercado Pago, Razor Pay.
  • What should be done on "Add to Cart": ‘Stay on the Product Page’, ‘Go to cart’ or ‘Let the user decide (dialog)’
  • Sign in/up at checkout: allows guests to register to check out - ‘Optional’, ‘Disabled (buy as guest)’ or ‘Mandatory (no guest checkout)’
  • Partners can Re-order From Portal
  • Customers can now order rental products online
  • Price Comparison Through strike-through
  • Prevent the Sale of Zero Priced Products
  • New Shipping Connector: Mondial Relay
  • On-Site Payments & Picking
  • Address Autocomplete Using Google API
  • Snippets: ‘Product’ and ‘Add to Cart
  • Plausible Analytics

Live chat

  • Chatbot configuration


  • Improved UI and UX
  • Skills on Applicant form
  • Configure Employment
  • Set up interviewers for a job position
  • Send SMS
  • CV Display in Application and CV Digitization (OCR)
  • Advanced Reporting: Source Analysis, Time In Stage Analysis, Team Performance


  • The referral background image can be added


  • Set flexible working hours
  • Part-time employee contract
  • Employee Family Status can update
  • Registration Number of Employee can update
  • Onboarding and Offboarding plans can now be set for Departments and Employees
  • Employee count in the Department appears in Smart Tab
  • The 'claim car' report has been replaced by the 'cars' smart button, which now provides an employee's vehicle history.


  • Check-In/Out in Kiosk Mode: Attendance through Barcode, RFID, and Manual selection and barcode source: Scanner, Front Camera, or Back Camera
  • Display Time of Greeting message can be set up
  • Display the total extra hours worked during the Checkout


  • The validity of Allocated time off is now visible in Dashboard
  • Manage Stress Days
  • Stress days can be linked to departments
  • Users have the ability to delete approved time-off by themselves If they haven't started their approved or refused time off
  • The maximum number of accruals to transfer can be set in the accrual plans
  • Improved Overlapped Time Off Validation


  • Automatically update the next appraisal date based on the joining date
  • Able to update skill level and justifications
  • Appraisal Skills Report available

Lunch Module

  • Lunch Delivery Notification
  • A new stage for Order Sent


  • Approver sequence to set up the order of approvals


  • Separate expense journal for Company Expenses and Employee Expenses
  • Split expenses among employees


  • Payroll Dashboard
  • Work entry generation based on Attendance, Planning, or working hours
  • New Payroll Access Rights: Manager, Officer: Manage all Contracts or Administrator
  • Payroll localization for Kenya and Luxembourg


  • 'Cancellation Date' field for license plates.
  • CO2 emissions can be tracked in the chatter

Email Marketing

  • Importing mailing list without XLSX file
  • Favorite Filters: save filters and reuse them for future mailings.
  • 24H Stat Mailing Reports

Knowledge Module

  • New Module
  • Public and Private articles can be created with knowledge tools
  • Articles can be shared, set access right, and make favorites
  • Articles can be nested
  • Table of content, Cover image set up
  • Trash Management of articles
  • Integrate will almost all modules


  • Configuring subscription product with ‘Recurring’ boolean
  • The subscription template is replaced by ‘Time-based Pricing’ in Product form
  • Subscription Plans
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue analysis can be now visible in the smart of Sales Order


  • itsme® Integration
  • Set up Signing Order


  • The count of rental items will be shown in the scheduled rental


  • Helpdesk integration with Knowledge of self-service
  • SMS template on helpdesk stages
  • Convert helpdesk tickets to lead
  • Convert helpdesk tickets to tasks.
  • Pivot view, Cohort view, and Graph view for tickets
  • Better Dashboard shows the count of Open, Unassigned, Urgent, and Failed tickets


  • Mandatory questions can be added to collect information from event attendees
  • Reporting: Revenue from events can be tracked
  • Attendee registration statistics smart button


  • A new Product type introduced ‘courses’ for selling course
  • The duplicating course will duplicate course contents as well
  • Course content ‘Documents’ and ‘Images’ now upload from Google Drive also
  • Attendees can mark done/undone the course


  • Ability to create custom dashboards
  • Spreadsheets, list views, kanban views, etc can be added to the dashboard
  • Filters can be created to filter the data from the Custom Dashboard


  • ‘Inverted Sign Balance’ to display positive profits and negative loss

Data Recycle

  • The Data Recycle rule can be set up


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