• Packaging quantity can be added to the Sales Order
  • Terms and conditions can now add a website link
  • Configure e-commerce filter visibility for attributes
  • Reporting: Sales Dashboard
  • Improved form view for Pricelists, Promotions, and Coupon Programs


  • Reporting: purchase dashboard
  • Improved portal view


  • Introduced wave transfer
  • Quality checks can be now applied to transfer operations
  • Quality Worksheet can be configured
  • Reservation methods in operation type
  • Reception report and show reception report at receipt validation
  • Annual Inventory Day and Month
  • Storage categories and Storage Category capacities for locations
  • Cyclic inventory to count stock of a particular location at a certain frequency
  • Inventory Removal Strategy: Closest Location
  • Putaway can be arranged based on the storage capacity of the location
  • Reserve Packaging in product categories to decide to reserve only full or partial packaging
  • GS1 Nomenclature introduced. The barcode pattern can be set to more fields (Quantity, Location, Destination Location, Expiry Dates, Packaging Date, Packaging Type, Coupon, Gift Card)
  • Improved view of Unit of Measure Category
  • Replenishment Information is now available in the replenishment report.


  • Revamped view for Chart of Accounts, Currencies, and Reconciliation Tools
  • Default Terms & Conditions: Now add a link to a Web Page
  • The lock date wizard is updated
  • "Control Domains" on Financial Report Lines are added as a testing feature to identify accounts that have been miscounted several times.


  • Multi Teams: Assign salespersons to multiple Sales Teams.
  • Rule-Based Assignment: Periodically assign leads based on rules
  • Minimum PO amount total: required to automatically confirm purchase orders
  • Add Rental request from CRM opportunity
  • Reporting: Forecast report

Point of Sale

  • Open Product Info displays the 'Product Info' page when a product with optional products is added to the customer cart
  • Limited Partners Loading
  • Limited Product Loading
  • Customer Notes
  • Open Product Info
  • Gift Cards generation and usage
  • Ship Later feature to sell products and deliver them later.
  • The margin of the product can see in the product info
  • Payment method ‘Customer Account can be used to manage credit purchases from customers
  • Cash IN/Out from the cash drawer can record
  • Quotations/Orders generated in sales are accessible and make payment in the POS
  • Downpayment and payment settling can be now handled by the POS system
  • Coinage cab be able to record while adding the closing balance.
  • The session can be only able to close if the counted balance has a minimum difference from the expected cash
  • Set a maximum difference allowed between the expected and counted money during the closing of the session


  • Task Dependencies determine the order in which to perform tasks
  • Project Stages to track the progress of your projects
  • Tasks can be assigned to multiple assignees
  • The gant view depicts the task dependencies
  • Milestones for the project can be added
  • Burnt-down charts available
  • Project updates to track details of the entire project


  • The component forecast is now available when the manufacturing order is in draft state New rows ‘Actual demand Y1’ and ‘Actual demand Y1’ were introduced. BOM components will be automatically added to the MPS in a single click Possible to copy the existing work order operation to another BOM
  • Analytic accounting in the BOM will track the cost of production
  • Cost share can be added to the BoM
  • Component availability and manufacturing readiness can be viewed in the list view of the MO


  • The quality point can be set to product categories
  • Worksheet template can set
  • The product details and lot & serial numbers are available in the quality module under the Product menu
  • Quality check and points can now search with a lot and serial number


  • Separate tabs for repair notes and quotation notes
  • Priority and scheduled dates can be added for repair order

Website & e-Commerce

  • The website can be created with an AI engine in 7 steps based on business
  • Animations to text, and images are available.
  • Animated shapes are introduced
  • New Dynamic Content: Code and Donation
  • New Inner content: Donation Button
  • More style features to Newsletter Popup and delay of pop can be setup
  • Dynamic Content: using ‘Search’ can search everything products, blogs, courses, and more
  • New templates for blocks, masonry, and Products are available
  • More themes are available. A tab for the theme is available now.
  • Video building blocks are available with 12 suggested videos
  • Mobile view is available for the carousel structure
  • The Blocks image wall and image gallery are now prefilled with default images.


  • Employee work permit expiration and work permit can be uploaded under private information.
  • Departure reason can be configured
  • Employee fleet details, work entry details, and extra hours worked are available in the smart tab of the employee form


  • Email template for refused reason to send refusal email
  • The stage can be marked as the hiring stage


  • Users can archive the rewards
  • Alerts can be sent to users by E-mail


  • Count extra hours from attendance

Time off

  • Improved time off dashboard view
  • Extra hours can be converted into leaves
  • Allow To Join Supporting Document for leaves
  • Accrual plans for accrual allocation


  • Introduced salary attachments and are linked to employees
  • Improved payslip PDF
  • Time off to report will be accessible in the payroll module
  • Can see the number of contracts created for an employee
  • Introduced work entry analysis report and salary attachment report


  • Skills and private notes can be added to the appraisal
  • An appraisal survey can be created and registered answers can be tracked
  • Improves gant view of appraisal analysis


  • Plan shifts for both human resources and material resources.
  • Generate shifts directly from sale orders and plan to employees
  • Improved planning gant view
  • Assigned planning hours to working schedule progression will be available in the gant view


  • For approval type, Approvers can be defined as mandatory or not


  • Able to create the Model category
  • The employee profile of the current driver appears in a smart tab

Email Marketing

  • New editors and templates introduced for composing emails
  • The new Mailing list can be created on the fly itself
  • Mailing contacts can be moved to the new mailing list by selecting an “add to list” option
  • A/B testing is available to send and test multiple versions of an email to identify the best version
  • A calendar view is available for mailings
  • Emails can be sent and scheduled from the calendar
  • Mailing recipient updated with subscription users, SMS Mailing blacklist enabled, SMS Mailing blacklist / Opt-out enabled.

Social Marketing

  • Integration with Instagram is available to share posts and videos
  • Integration with youtube is available to share videos


  • Discuss apps can be used as a video conferencing tool
  • All video conferencing tools are available including screen sharing, screen recording
  • Invite people to the meeting


  • Sending Default terms and conditions along with signature email
  • Signature Item roles can be identified by different colors
  • Resend status in signature item request items


  • Canned Responses available on the helpdesk
  • Automatic closing of inactive tickets is possible
  • Helpdesk tickets can be converted into leads
  • The number of tickets and SLA policies of respective helpdesk teams can be viewed in the helpdesk team in smart tabs.
  • All other helpdesk tickets of the customer can be viewed inside the ticket in a smart tab


  • Product types Event Booth and Event tickets are introduced
  • Booths and Booth categories can be configured
  • Can rent a booth during the events

Online appointments

  • An appointment slot can be defined as from date - to date and time
  • Can create opportunities from appointments
  • Appointments can be created from the calendar and sent to attendees by email and SMS
  • Attendees get notified when the appointment is booked or canceled


  • Improved Google and Outlook synchronization for events
  • Improved UI for the calendar
  • Customize the reminder


  • GS1 barcodes are available
  • Improved view and handling
  • Scan products from the picking


  • Improved Google and Outlook synchronization for events
  • Improved UI for the calendar
  • Customize the reminder

Data cleaning

  • Merge Action Manager can be set to any model


  • The sum of the cell range can be easily calculated with ALT+=
  • Improved conditional formatting and icon formatting
  • Links can be added to the spreadsheet
  • Sorting options available to sort column-wise or row-wise
  • Improved chart creations and filters


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