Odoo 15 Development Book - Chapter 1


Is a version control system for computer files that track changes. It is commonly used in software development for source code management. Git is a distributed version control system, meaning that every developer's computer has access to the entire codebase and history, making branching and merging simple. Designed to manage a wide range of jobs, from little to large, with speed and efficiency.

Git allows and encourages the creation of several local branches that are completely separate from one another. It takes seconds to create, merge, and delete those.

You can install any code from git. For that, first, install git using the below command

sudo apt-get install git

After installation, you can get the latest development version via Git itself:

git clone https://github.com/git/git 

Git is used to track changes in the source code. It enables collaboration between numerous developers. Its millions of parallel branches encourage non-linear evolution.

Basic Git Commands

Create Repositories

Create a local repo -

  git init

Make changes

Add a file to staging -

  git add

Commit all staged files to git -

 git commit 

List new or modified files not yet committed -

  git status 

parallel development

Add a file to staging -

git add 

Merge all commits into one new commit-

 git merge: 

Rebase a branch onto another-

 git rebase 

sync repositories

Upload local content to the remote repo -

 git push

Fetch the remote repo's copy of the current branch -

  git pull

add default upstream repo -

  git add origin

Odoo Repositories

All code of Odoo is hosted on GitHub. You can post bugs/issues for stable versions here, and also, we can access the codes from that repository, whether that is a private repo.You can also submit Pull Requests to suggest a new feature (PR) . We can create pull requests instead of push directly to GitHub.There are several repositories in Odoo. See some information on the central repositories of Odoo.

Odoo git his is the community edition of Odoo. It is a public repository, so anyone can access the repository to refer to the codes.

Odoo Enterprise It is the enterprise edition of Odoo. It is a private repository. Only the official Odoo partners can access the repository.

Odoo Dev It is an ongoing development repository. It is a public repository so that anyone can access it.

Every year Odoo releases a new Odoo version, and there is one major version and some minor versions. The minor versions are mainly used for the SAAS Services. The major versions are 13.0, 14.0, 15.0, etc. The minor version is like saas-14.1, saas-14.2, etc. We can download the code for a specific version on the corresponding branches



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