Chapter 12 - Odoo 15 Development Book

Head Less Test

Headless Browser Testing is a course of running the program tests without program UI or GUI. In headless program testing, to lead cross-program testing the analyzer can run experiments precisely and effectively without requiring the program on which application should be tried. In a Continuous Integration climate, this testing procedure is useful to run tests on the grounds that the scaling of continuous testing is done effectively, as there is nobody to notice the visuals.

This sort of program approaches all pages, and without showing them to the client this program can move the site page content to another program. As the headless program programs run in the backend, as expected programs, clients don't get anything to see on the screen beginning the headless program. Despite the fact that no two programs' executions are something similar, the headless program can break down and interpret web pages. This permits a headless program to convey the genuine program viewpoint without requesting memory or cost-caused experiments with a real program GUI.

The purpose for utilizing a headless program or doing headless testing is that they are quicker than the typical programs. Since you are not opening the program GUI, you can disregard the time taken by an ordinary program to stack CSS, JavaScript and render HTML. With headless testing, you can notice 2x to 15x quicker execution scaling. In the event that presentation is the basic perspective the testing system is pointed towards, the headless program might be the best approach.

List Of Browsers support Headless Test

Headless Chrome

Odoo utilizes Headless Chrome to perform JavaScript test cases and tour test cases. Headless Chrome is a method for running Chrome without the full UI. Along these lines, we can run JavaScript test case in a similar climate as the end-client. In this recipe, we will introduce Headless Chrome and different bundles to run JavaScript test cases.

Chrome version 59 or later backings headless mode. It conveys all cutting edge web stage highlights contributed by Chromium and the Blink rendering engine to the command line. With headless chrome, you can take screen captures, produce PDF for website pages, and can deal with site page communications.

Headless Firefox

For Firefox 56 or above version, Mozilla Firefox offers headless testing. Rather than utilizing a few different devices to reenact browser environments, developers can now interface with inbuilt APIs gave inside Mozilla to run Firefox in headless mode and test an assortment of test cases. Headless Firefox is driven by Selenium, SlimmerJS, and W3C WebDriver.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of the analyzers use Selenium as an API for directing headless Firefox, the analyzer can pick his preferred API and solace for composing and executing essential unit tests.


PhantomJS is a headless browser scriptable with JavaScript API based on WebKit. It can be used for, Screenshots, Page Automation, Network Monitoring, rendering dashboard screenshots for users, running Unit tests on the command line, and gathering the information from the web. But the maintenance of PhantomJS is suspended.

Google Puppeteer

The Headless Browser Puppeteer is a Node library. It gives you a significant level API to control headless Chrome or Chromium over the DevTools Protocol. It likewise can likewise be changed to utilize full (non-headless) Chrome or Chromium.


Is a "GUI-Less program for Java programs". It displays HTML records and gives an API that permits you to conjure pages, finish up structures, click joins, and so on… very much as you do in your "typical" program.


Splinter is a headless program Python-driven choice. It's publicly released and is utilized for testing web applications utilizing Python. For instance, you can utilize it to robotize browser action, like visiting URLs and collaborating with their things.


A programmable, embeddable internet browser driver viable with the Selenium WebDriver spec — headless, WebKit-based, Java



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