Project Management

Last updated: november 21, 2019

Project Management


To create a new project, you can click on the CREATE button in the dashboard.

Upon clicking the button, you are navigated to a new screen like below image.

Here you can add the project name and select the following options.

  • Planning to enable planning tasks on the project.
  • Timesheet to enable timesheets on the project.
  • Bill form Tasks to enable billing from tasks.
  • Worksheets to enable customizable worksheets on Tasks.

Later click CREATE button.


Upon clicking the create button, you will be redirected to a new page like below.

Here, you can add certain columns to your project. They will act as different stages for your project tasks. You can name the tasks in a chronological order based on your project. Add as many columns as you need.

Odoo helps you with certain examples for different use cases. For that click the EXAMPLES button.

Odoo have set different examples for different projects for instance- Software Development, Digital Marketing, Getting things done, Research Project and more.

To close the window, click the button GOT IT.

And now you can add your titles. Once you add your desired columns, and create the few tasks via clicking on CREATE button.

Now you have a new window, where you can add the Task Title and Individual to whom the task is assigned to.

One can also edit this particular task created via clicking on the EDIT button.

Here you get the task page, of course you can change the task title if you need to, you can even assign someone, and can also change the project under which the task belongs to. This can be helpful if you have multiple teams working on multiple projects and you want this task to be transferred to another team. Therefore, in that case, from the task page itself you can change the name of the project under which the task has to be scheduled. One can also add deadlines for task and tags for quick identification.

Tags can be helpful, as it helps you in quickly identifying the tasks in the Kanban view or in the task overview.

One can also create a new tag via simply typing the text, this is shown in the below image.

One can also add the descriptions, time sheets and extra information underneath the task to communicate with the customer.

Click SAVE button to mark the changes.

From the task dashboard one can also do some cool activities.

The color dots and star icon are customizable markers. You can apply them on your tasks for identification. For instance, to know which task requires attention. One can give any such significations depending on task.

From the task dashboard, one can also see at the planning/activities scheduled under each task. Also can schedule certain new activities underneath it.

Click SCHEDULE to mark the changes.


From the Kanban view of project, one can add as many stages as they want, also they can be rearranged via simply dragging and dropping the column to the desired location. One can also fold/ unfold the stages via using the Setting icon on your desired stage.

One can edit the stages, delete it, archive/unarchive the task.


With Odoo project it is quite easy and simpler the following and planning of employee tasks. Under general settings of project management, upon enabling the option Manage time estimation on tasks, it creates a progress bar in the form view of your tasks.

And when each time the salesperson records his work hours in the timesheet, the bar gets automatically updated based on the initially planned hours.

Also from the multiple views within Odoo, one gets to know the overview of different task created. These views help the manager to plan and follow up their employees’ tasks.

For instance, from the Kanban view of the project, one gets to see the view on the stages your tasks having the higher priorities.

Sort tasks by priority

Under each column, one can sort the tasks by its priority. Tasks with higher priority is always placed on top of the column. Upon clicking the star in the bottom left of a task, you can prioritize the task. For the tasks that are not tagged, Odoo classifies them on the basis of deadlines. Note: dates that passed their deadlines will appear in red.

Track the progress of each task from list view

The managers get the glimpse of time spent on tasks for all employees using the list view.

From calendar view managers can quickly get to know the deadlines set if any.

Pivot view


Odoo project enable you to notify the co-workers the status of your tasks from Kanban view. As said you can make use of the little dot beside each task.

The green button, upon clicking it, you can mark this task as ready for next stage and red to block it from further proceedings. These dots will notify the task follower if the task is ready or not.



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