Sales and Invoicing

Last updated: october 25, 2019

Sales and Invoicing


Sales Quotation gives away the information to purchaser what expenses would be included for the work, they might want to have done. Numerous organizations provide services that can't have a forthright cost, as the costs included can differ. This can be because of the materials that would be utilized, and the labor that would be vital.

You can select the option QUOTATIONS from Order list in Sales Module.


To make a new quotation, go to Sales - >Quotations and click on CREATE.

A form like below will appear.

Here you can enter the Customer and Products. Theyare the most essential components to add in any quotation. Customer- the individual you will send your quotation to and Products- you need to sell.

From the quotation form you can pick the prospect from the Customer drop-down rundown

furthermore, under Order Lines, click on Add a product to select your item that is intended for selling. Remember to physically include the quantity of things under Ordered Quantity and the Discount % if applicable.

Also you can add here the Quotation Template, Pricelist, Payment Terms, Shipping, Coupon and Promotions, Terms and Conditions.

Let us look one by one.


Create quick quotation using quotation template.

If you frequently pitch similar products or services to a prospect, you can spare a great deal of time by making custom quotation layouts in Odoo. By utilizing a template format you can send a complete citation in a matter of moments.

To avail the feature, go to Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate Quotations Templates.

Create your first template

You will discover the templates menu under Sales >Configuration> Quotation Templates.

One can either create a new quotation template or edit the existing one.

After naming the quotation template, you can select the product, product quantity as well as the expiration time for the quotation.

You can likewise also add discounts to the products if you have activated the discounts option in the sales settings. The base price is set in the product configuration and can be alternated by customer pricelists.

Marking Quotation Deadlines

It is imperative to mark a due date or deadline in the wake of sending the quotation. This practice helps in drawing your client without hesitation with the dread of passing up an offer. Furthermore, deadline helps to shield the vender from satisfying a request that isn't financially savvy.

Set a due date/deadline

On each quotation or sales order, one can include an Expiration Date.

Use due date/deadline in templates

You can likewise set a default due date or deadline in a Quotation Template. Each time when the template is utilized in a quotation, that due date is applied.

On the client side, they will see this.

Editing Quotation Template

One can edit the customer interface of the template via clicking the Edit Template in the quotation editor.

Note: The product description set shall remain uniform in all quotations templates containing those products.

Use a quotation template

When creating a quotation, simply select the desired template. All product(s) included in the template will be added to your quotation.

The confirmation process can be set within the templates itself. Either via digital signature or online payment.

Every quotation will have this setting added within. However, users can change them and making it specific for each quotation.


Price lists are nothing but the lists of prices of products on sale. Using the pricelist feature one can easily manage(control/modify) the product prices for a specific customer/vendor or transaction, depending on the company needs.

To manage pricelists in Odoo, Go to Sales>Configuration>Settings and tick the checkbox Multiple Sales Prices per product and save changes.

There are 2 types of sales pricelist in Odoo.

  • Multiple prices per product(e.g. customer segments, currencies): This option allows to create pricelists for your customer segments or used to set different pricelists with different currencies.

  • Prices computed from formulas(discounts, margins, roundings):This option allows to set price change rules. Changes can be relative to the public price, product cost price, or to another pricelist. Calculation of changes is made upon the surcharges and discounts making it fit the minimum and maximum margin set by the user. Further, Odoo enables the rounding of prices to the nearest cent or dollar or even the multiple of both.

Pricelists Under Multiple prices per product

To create a new pricelist, Go to Sales>Products>Pricelists

Click CREATE button to create new pricelist.

A form will appear like below

Here, you can add the company, and price rules for the product. Underneath products, click Add a line option to add products.

Also one can add the product variants if any, minimum quantity, product price, also the start date and the end date for the price list.

Under configuration tab, you have another following options

  • Discount Policy

    1. Discount included in the price

    2. Show the public price and discounts to the customer.

  • Country Groups:One can select the country groups, where one wants to restrict the application of that specific pricelist.

  • Website- If the website option is enabled, allows the end user to view the pricelists from website.

  • E-commerce promotional code: These codes are used to apply any kind of discounts.

Pricelists computed from Formulas

Go to Sales>Products>Pricelists and enable the second option Prices computed from formulas (discounts, margins, roundings). Tick the option and save changes.

To create a new pricelist, Go toSales>Products>Pricelists

Click CREATE button to create new pricelist.

A form will appear like below

Upon clicking Add a line option, you will be navigated to a new window like below:

Here define certain parameters for creating the pricelist.

Apply on: One can apply rule by following options.

  • All products: To apply pricelist on all products.

  • Product Category: To apply pricelist on selected product category(eg.sealable,fruits,electronics)

  • Product: To apply pricelist on a specific product.

  • Product Variants: To apply pricelist on specific product variants.

  • Minimum Quantity: Minimum quantity that is required to apply Pricelist rule.

  • Start Date: Starting date for applying pricelist.

  • End Date: Ending date for applying pricelist.

Price computation: Used for calculating the price in different methods.

  • Fixed price: To apply a fixed price for a product or group of products.

  • Percentage (discount): To define a percentage discount on the sales price of products/product variants/product category.

  • Formula: Price of the product will be calculated by using formula.

Now moving back to framing sales quotation, one can also add the Payment Terms in the sales quotation.

One can change the payment terms of the quotation by selecting them from the drop down menu. This offers adaptability to both dealer and prospect to choose over the deal.

Apart from the above, using pricelist one can also manage different prices for the product from the sales tab.

Upon clicking the Extra Price Button,

You can create a new price list for the product.

Next comes the most advantageous feature: Optional Products


It enhances the sales via recommending products to the customer. One can upgrade the sales by means of offering the alternatives like related and valuable items to clients. For example, a customer obtaining a cellphone could be offered with a defensive case, a screen spread, and headset as recommendations. This will prompt the client to purchase the needful extras from that point itself producing more deals or sales.

On the template or quotation, one can see Optional Products tab where they can include the related items or services.

Add suggested/optional products to the quotation

The customer can add the suggested products to the order, when they receive the order via email.

The product(s) get instantly added to the customer’s sales quotation upon clicking the little carts.

Each move done by the customer to the quotation can be tracked the sales person in the sales order.


Permittingdiscounts on quotations improves the opportunity of changing over the prospect into a client and furthermore promising the prospect to settle the negotiations rapidly.

To enable discounts in quotation, Go to Sales>Configuration>Settings

Under pricing, tick the option discounts

After enabling the option, you can see them activated in your sales quotation.


To ensure business profits and manage the sales in the most efficient manner Odoo presents Coupons and Promotion Programs. It helps the end user todo promotion for their products as per the current needs. Promotional programs can be used as a marketing tool where you can target the specific audience and can implement the loyalty program.


To activate the feature in quotation, Go to Sales>Configuration>Settings. Activate Coupons and Promotion Option.

If you click the Promotion Programs, you will be navigated to new window like below:

To create a new promotion program, click the CREATE button,

Coming to promotion programs, there are different fields in Odoo

  • Program Name: The name for the promotion program

- Conditions

  • Based on customers:

    1. This coupon program will be applied to the selected customers only.

    2. One can filter the customers according to the need.

    3. By default, all the customer records will be taken

  • Based on Products:

    1. On purchase of this selected products rewards will be given.

    1. On purchase of this selected products rewards will be given.

    3. By default, all products records that can be sold will be taken.

  • Quantity

    1. Minimum required product quantity to get rewarded

  • Minimum purchase Of

    1. Minimum required the amount to get rewarded

  • Promo code Usage

    1. Automatically Applied

No code is required. If the rule is met, the reward is applied(Except global discount)

2. Use code

If the program rule is met the valid code needs to add the reward.


    1. Apply on current order

  • A reward will be applied on current order.

  • 2. Apply on next order

  • Generate a coupon for a next order.

* Reward

    1. Discount

  • The reward will be given as a discount

  • a) Apply discount: give the discount in two methods Percentage

  • Amount :Fixed amount discount will be provided

  • b) Discount Apply on

  • On order

  • Discount will be given on the whole order

  • On cheapest product

  • Discount on the cheapest product on the order

  • On specific Product

  • c) Discount will be given to selected specific product

  • d) Max Discount amount

  • A maximum amount of discount that should be provided.
  • 2. Free product

  • The reward will be given as the product

  • 3. Free Shipping

  • - Validity

  • Apply On

  • Maximum number of sales orders in which reward can be applied

  • * Start date & End date

  • Coupon program start date and end date


To activate the feature in quotation, Go to Sales>Configuration>Settings. Activate Coupons and Promotion Option.

Upon clicking the Coupon Programs, you will be navigated to a new window like below:

To create a new coupon, click the CREATE button.

Coupons are used to generate limited discounts. A coupon is a one-time use code that will generate the discount for the customers.


Terms and conditions dependably help in keeping up great relations between the partners. Same like, adding terms and conditions to quotations help in structuring great connection among customer and merchant. Merchant needs to pronounce all information as for products and company policy, so the customer get a thought preceding focusing on anything.

Odoo helps in setting default terms and conditions on each quotation, sales order and receipt. To trigger the activity,

Go to SALES ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate Default Terms & Conditions. Under the box, one can include default terms and conditions. They will at that point show up on each quotation, SO and receipt.


Odoo deals with various shipping methods, however it is not activated default. Odoo ERP gives the alternative to arrange different delivery techniques in it. It will rearrange the tasks like transportation mode, conveyance cost figuring, shipment tracking and so forth. Odoo delivery integration is accessible for DHL, FedEx, Temando, UPS, USPS and the sky is the limit from there. Shipping Methods enable you to deal with the transportation company, the cost and the destination. You can even integrate Odoo with outside shippers to compute the genuine cost and the packaging.

To activate the feature, Go to Sales->Configuration->Settings->Shipping costs,

One can seamlessly compute their shipping costs on orders. Meanwhile the end client need to choose their delivery methods from the enlisted option.

Upon clicking the Shipping Costs, you will be navigated to new window like below:

Right off the bat, name the new delivery method. Next is the Providerfield, which can be either Fixed price or Based on Rules. If selected the fixed priceoption, at that point the shipping cost will be a fixed sum.

However, if it is set as based on rules, it enables you to set the expense dynamically.

One can create new price rule via clicking Add a line option.

In view of rules, the shipping costs gets calculated based on certain guidelines. You can see the conditions like:

  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Weight *volume
  • Price
  • Quantity

For eg: If the product weight is greater than some esteem, sales price will be certain sum.

If weight<=5.0 then fixed price 20.0

If weight>=5.0 then fixed price 50.0

If price>=300.0 then fixed price 0.0 plus 0.0 times weight

Utilizing this choice one can characterize distinctive standards for the shipping.

One can likewise set limitations on the shipping methods. The shipping destination can be confined to explicit nations, states or even postal divisions. It will redo shipping method as indicated by geographic area.

So make a sales order and select the delivery method.



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