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By: Evin Davis

Benefits of Odoo e-commerce Integration


Managing the e-commerce website of a company can be a burden for various executives of the organization. The task to update the products and the stock details manually could count for timeless working hours along with the configuration of various location-based attributes for each product. An automated system to manage all the operations of the e-commerce website will be a handy tool for the company. Enterprise and resource planning software (ERPs) are a reliable source to automate the operations of the company. The Various ERPs developed have been ab; le to provide the companies with management solutions to various aspects of the business.

Odoo is one of the best ERPs available at the time can be apt to run a business. Odoo is considered as the one-stop solution for all the business needs. Since the software operates from one platform the user will be able to control all the aspects of the business from a single source. Unlike other ERPs, the Odoo software offers the users the ability to manage and monitor all the aspects of the business from purchases, sales, website management, HR management, inventory, appointments, etc. The additional feature of customizability of the software will always help the users to adapt and adjust the software to the existing business operations. Moreover, the Odoo software has the ability to interlink any sort of existing systems available with the help of various custom made applications. The options such as import and export files in Odoo will help the users to transfer the documents and the information available in the existing systems to the new Odoo platform.

This blog will describe how it will benefit the users on integrating Odoo with the eCommerce website on various aspects of operation such as:

1. Data redundancy,
2. One-stop solution,
3. Shipping integration,
4. Operational cost,
5. Report generation,
6. Multistore management,
7. Payment gateways and 
8. Customer satisfaction. 

Considering the integration of the e-commerce website with Odoo platform can be more advantageous to the user and the customers. The users will be provided with the provision to upgrade and modify the outlooks of the website with the help of various design aspects available in the Odoo website builder. As the Odoo platform operates based on the interconnection with various aspects of the business it's better to integrate the eCommerce website while working in Odoo.

Data Redundancy:

Manual entry of data to the various aspects of the business such as inventory, purchase, sales, etc can be time-consuming and would not be effective due to the various human and technical errors which can be generated on doing so. While in Odoo all the information provided in the inventory, sales module, and warehouse descriptions will automatically be described on the website if integrated with Odoo. There is no chance of losing information. The description and details will be auto-updated in the inventory sales and the purchase modules as done in the eCommerce module. For instance, when the stock is reduced upon purchase from the e-commerce website it will be directly depicted in the platform.

One-stop Solution

The eCommerce website integrated with Odoo platform will be acting as the one-stop solution for managing the sales orders, inventory management, products, product categories, customer relations, e-learning, forums, and blogs. Since the Odoo software operates from one platform all the activities of the company including the eCommerce website can be managed. The shipping information, status, inventory levels, movements, and all the information regarding the sales can be viewed from the user portal of the eCommerce website.

Shipping Integration

If the eCommerce website has been integrated with the platform the software also allows the user to manage the shipment process on products and their methodologies. The shipping rules can be specified and described along with the integration of the various shipping carriers. The platform allows various shipping carriers such as FedEx, DHL, local Postal services, Professional couriers, etc. If the integrations are complete the customer can be allowed to track the product movement and shipping status directly from the eCommerce website.

Operational Cost

The operational costs are reduced as the information on orders is being updated in real-time to the database and the misplacement of the documents and the valid information never happens in the Odoo platform. This would reduce the humane and the technical errors which have been caused. The customers are also depicted with the various information on orders and shipping to showcase this information to the customer to understand and evaluate them as per their needs.

Report Generation

Various analytical reports will be allowed to be generated based on the eCommerce sales of products and services by the Odoo platform. The software allows the user to generate various analytical reports, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and further other financial reports of the company. The reposts can be customized, filtered, grouped by, and sorted as per the needs of the user.

Multistore Management

The Odoo platform allows users to manage multiple stores at various locations in a single platform. The inventory operations of your multiple stores can also be managed and monitored via the same Odoo platform. The multi-store and inventory operations can be managed by the point of sales methodology installed at various stores and shops of the company. The inventory management of the company can be executed under managing multiple warehouses and coordinating its operations based on the needs of the user.

Payment Gateways

In this modern world, the payment methodologies cannot rely only on cash and checks but need to be integrated with various new generation online payment methodologies. The Odoo platform allows various online payment strategies to manage the payment operations of the company such as Paypal and use of credit and debit cards, online payments, etc

Customer Satisfaction. 

Surveys option in Odoo allows the user to gather options on products and feedback from the customers based on the sales conducted and how to strategize the sales options as per the need. The tracking features and order details depicted on the customer dashboard of the website will provide information to the customers. The availability or return and delivery aspects will also in turn lead to customer satisfaction.

The Odoo platform will allow its users to manage and control all the operations of the eCommerce website if integrated with the software. Which intern will be most beneficial not only for the user company or organization as well as the customers.

If you are interested in Odoo Integration for your eCommerce website in your business, please contact us at  info@cybrosys.com. We can guide your business to have high profits and effective management with Odoo's support.

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