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By: Joisey TJ

Comparison of Odoo Over Sage ERP During the 2022 Recession

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A massive slowdown affects economic activities in a recession and will widely affect almost different areas. Some recession factors are low wages, high-interest rates, and low consumer confidence. A significant slowdown will affect global growth in 2022 due to economic damage, such as the Ukraine war and a rise in fuel or food prices. The latest IMF reports show that global growth will slow to 3.6 percent from 2022 to 2023. Taking necessary actions in your business before stepping into another recession is essential. Odoo ERP is an effective way to manage your business needs, and you can implement it efficiently. Odoo is available to you at a low price compared to Sage ERP.

This blog gives an idea about the comparison of Odoo Over Sage ERP during the 2022 recession.

One of the effective ways to reduce business pressure is by running ERP software. We can run the whole business operations of a company using Odoo and Sage ERP. It is easy to increase the effectiveness of a company by imparting ERP software. Next, we can compare Odoo over Sage ERP in a 2022 recession crisis.

Analysis of Odoo and Sage ERP

One free software to manage business procedures is an Odoo ERP with more than seven million users. The two versions of Odoo are Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. Limited customized features are provided in the Odoo Community version and are entirely free for users. During a recession, the Odoo community version is helpful to companies managing business operations. Moreover, the Odoo Enterprise version contains different modules and various pricing packages. Odoo ERP is used by more than 7 million users in multiple counties.

Sage provides integrated management solutions for customer needs. It supports different functions of small and medium-sized enterprises. The functionalities of sage as an accounting software are limited compared to Odoo. Two versions of Sage are the accountant edition, and another one is sage online beneficial for SMEs.

Reason to Choose Odoo over Sage ERP

All business needs to be managed with accurate solutions within Odoo. On the other hand, Sage maintains the financial matters of a firm. Odoo is a worthwhile ERP with different monthly or annual subscriptions available. Sage is an expensive one that consists of monthly subscriptions only. Furthermore, a supportive community of developers, laborers, and Odoo partners are advanced features of Odoo. The community version of Odoo is free instead of SAP 100 ERP with a subscription charge.

Odoo vs Sage Pricing

It is easy to implement Odoo for business purposes during a recession. A client or a company can use Odoo ERP at a lower price. The cost range of Odoo per user starts at about 8$, and apps begin at 4$. Odoo subscription is based on country and number of users. On the other side, the price of Sage starts from $45 per month for customers. Sage 100 ERP relies on enterprise pricing as per quote-based SMB. Most sage pricing plans are subscription-based. The lowest rate of the Odoo implementation package for a single company begins from $999. Hence, it is adaptable for companies to impart an Odoo ERP system during an economic downturn.

The community version of Odoo is entirely free and limited with some functionalities. Odoo Enterprise version contains advanced features to run your company and pricing related to modules or users. Several modules, such as Sales, Events, Accounting, Purchase, and more, are available in the Odoo Enterprise version. All these modules are beneficial for running a business in an adaptable way during an inflation period.

Implementation Service of Odoo Over Sage

Most businesses face difficulties in implementing the right ERP during a recession. Odoo is the right solution for your business in an economic downturn. Sage implementation costs are based on a case-by-case basis and at various prices from one project to another. Imparting services for Sage are given by a local partner. On another side, Odoo implementations are given directly by the vendor, and enterprise offers perform by a local partner. Odoo implementation cost is very less compared to Sage ERP. Constant support and maintenance of Odoo partners are available to you after installing the Odoo ERP system into your business. Odoo contains a standard range compared to sage pricing strategies.

Integration feature of Odoo vs Sage

The act of bringing various components into single unit functioning is an integration. A business can improve growth in a recession by integrating different functions into the same system. Odoo ERP consists of various integrative features by the use of different modules. We can generate custom applications as per business requirements using the Odoo Studio module. Third-party developers can formulate their apps in Odoo, and it is an open-source model. More than 30000 apps are recently available on Odoo to connect with various functions and processes. On another side, Sage 100 ERP offers integration with Sage Data Cloud for various services.

Odoo vs Sage: Customer Support

Before fixing an ERP on your company during a recession, you must check customer satisfaction for services. Customer ratings for Odoo ERP are higher than Sage. Moreover, the market share of Sage is 4.74%, relatively lower than the 6.14% of Odoo. Odoo ERP provides various support for users such as Email, Live Support, Phone, training, and tickets. Another side, Sage gives support through phone, live support, and training. Also, Odoo supports different languages such as English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, and more. Another hand, SAP ERP supports only fewer languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Odoo is beneficial for managing various languages for an organization in a recession.

Apart from these, Odoo ERP gives several customized and functional features. It is easy to impart Odoo in your business with low cost and services during an inflation period. Compared to sage, Odoo shows unique offers and customer support at any time. Plan your business with adaptable features and benefits of Odoo ERP in a recession period. Refer to the given below link to identify more about Odoo vs Sage

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