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By: Akhilesh NS

Consultant Role in Successful ERP Implementation


Success is not final and failure is not fatal. The universal quotes define success in this way. If we take the case of an ERP implementation, success is not in close proximity as it demands huge time and effort to bring in the final utilitarian format.

Any ERP is a vast application and is widely used for accelerating one’s business processes in the smooth and efficient way. To develop and integrate such application, maintaining them without any adverse effect on business is a huge task. Therefore in order to prevent any kind of risk, maintain and control any enterprise system, you need an experienced ERP consultant outside the organization.

Most of the companies are reluctant in getting consultancy advice from an experienced consultant for many reasons. Many organizations feel that hiring consultants are a too expensive process to carry forward. But one should understand that only an experienced ERP consultant has the right technical and functional knowledge to understand the business workflows and thereby define the best implementation plans satisfying all organization needs.

Here are some of the qualities an ERP consultant hold and how they help you with the implementation task.

Knowledge of Experience
Of course, they are experienced and well known. They do it every day and help you stick on with the time and budget. An ERP system definitely makes changes in different part of an organization's workflow. Without an expert advice, it is difficult to handle the changes.

A good consultant helps you envision the project from an outsider’s perspective, which can bring in many valuable elements for the betterment of the organization. Always ensure that a consultant you choose fits your culture. 

Reveal the hidden facts
There are many things in the company that is not properly known by the staff and management. The things include some hidden facts that need to be in the focus but companies are not concerned about that. An ERP consultant helps you to unearth all those matters and critically analyzes them.

A company will surely get benefited by the process as a consultant helps to sort out the weakness of the organization, thereby defining the solution with the right software. Don't forget that even a small error costs you with a huge loss in the business.

Most of the organizations have a different level of leadership. Many of them do not even know what an ERP is and how they are implemented. Only an experienced leader can execute them fully. A consultant can act as temporary leader defining you with finest quality solutions. 

Adapt to the future  
After the ERP implementation, organizations witness many changes. These changes can be overwhelming for both your team and the workforce. An ERP consultant helps you to adapt to the changes as soon as possible. Employees are often worried about job loss or having to learn new duties or routines. An ERP consultant can help them via training and provide necessary resources to make sure the workforce is all set and vulnerable changes in their daily routines. Your consultant can also act as a mediator when differences of opinion undoubtedly arise. Having someone to help and manage the human element of your ERP implementation is important.

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