By: Jesni

Document Management System (DMS)

Odoo provides some modules which are used for document management system. With this modules, we can manage every activity like help, questions, answers etc.
-Documentation example test


Via forums, we can talk our problems or issues, especially of public interest.

We can create our forums from the menu Website Admin -> Forum -> Forums 


-Here we can mention post types for our forum as questions, links or discussions.
-Also, we can set our default post from post types.
-We can mention the default order for this forum.
-We can give karma points for this forum from the tab “Karma Gains”. That is we can set a point for each activity like ‘asking a question’ or ‘answering a question’.
-We can set some rules like to answer a question we need 5 points. We can add these type of rules from the tab “Karma related rights”.

Documentation Toc

Here we can create a documentation toc for each forum by specifying a name from the menu 

Website Admin -> Forum -> Documentation Toc.


Documentation Posts

We can create Documentation Posts from the menu 

Website Admin -> Forum -> Documentation Posts


Forum:- You can select a forum

Documentation toc:- You can select related Documentation toc

Status:- You can set a current status for this post like waiting or active.

Reason:- You can set a reason for this post

Question:- If you are answering you can select appropriate question here.

     You can give an answer for this post from Answers Tab, Just click on add an item. Then the same page will be open then select a question and answer it.

Documentation From Website


Here you can ask questions from the page documentation.

You can filter Documentation Posts by Newest, Tags, Trending, Help etc.

You can also see your Karma points from top right corner of documentation page.

Here you can do any activities like questioning, answering, upvote an answer etc. 


You can create channels for your document from the menu 
Website Admin -> Slides -> Channels


Name:- Name for your channel

Featuring policy:- You can set the category which this slide wants to be shown.

Published Template:- You can set a template for Publish

Shared template:- You can set a template for share

Channel Visibility:- You can give security for your channel.


You can Publish presentations, videos, images, and documents directly on your website from the menu

Website Admin -> Slides -> Slides

Odoo Slides helps you to centralize all your documents on your website and share them publicly or privately with selected groups.


Document URL:- You can set an URL for your document. The corresponding information will be filled automatically.

You can publish this slide via clicking “Publish on Website” smart button.



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