By: Sreejith

How to setup unit of measure in Odoo

In some cases, handling products in different unit of measures is necessary. For example, if you buy products in a bulk quantity then it is difficult to mention the basic uint of measure on purchase. Suppose we are planning to buy a 2ton of sugar. The base unit if measure of sugar is in Kg. Instead of giving order of 2000kg we can give 2ton. Here i am taking this example and i will show you how it works in odoo inventory.
Before that we have  to enable the different unit if measure. So,
In the Inventory application, go to Configuration ? Settings. In the Products section, select Some products may be sold/purchased in different units of measure (advanced), then click on Apply.


Go to Configuration ? Configurations  ? Units Of Measure.

Create a unit . Provide the name for the unit  in the field unit of measure set the category of unit of measure as the base unit (Weight). You can only define a fact /ratio between two units if they share same category. Type have three options
1. Reference unit for this measure category.
2. Smaller than the refernce unit.
3. Bigger than the reference unit of measure.
In our case we taking Kg as base so configure it as follows.
So we are creating a UOM Kg with type as Reference unit for this measure category. 

Create another UOM as Ton with type as Bigger than the reference unit of measure.
When we select the type we can now set bigger ration, how bigger the uom than base UOM. 1Ton means 1000kgs.

Create another UOM as g with type as Smaller than the reference unit.
Now give the ratio 1kg = 1000grams

We are making the purchase order with the unit of measure Ton. Which means sales is in Kg and purchase is in Ton.
After setting the UOMs we should select the UOM in product master. Set the UOMs as follows:
1. Unit of measure is ‘Kg’
2. Purchase unit of measure is ‘Ton’


All internal transfers are expressed in the Unit of Measure.



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