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By: Evin Davis

Email Marketing and Campaigns in Odoo 13

Functional Odoo 13 Marketing

Marketing the company and products can improve your business by attaining new customers. To prosper the company should not only market its products and services but also create marketing campaigns such as passing information of offers and discounts via social media and emails. Email and social media marketing are much important nowadays since they drive various successful marketings. Sending marketing emails in bulk numbers to various contacts, customers, and leads can help the company to attract them to buy their products or services. 

In this page you will learn:

  • Email Marketing in Odoo 13
  • How to Setup Email Marketing in Odoo 13
  • Marketing Campaigns in Odoo 13
  • How to Setup Marketing Campaigns in Odoo 13

    Email Marketing in Odoo 13

    The marketing emails can be done in a group or individual. Initially, to create email marketing, the user should have a mailing list which should be created. The mailing list will contain the email address of the customers or leads. The email mailing list can be created from the mailing list menu in the configuration tab of the email marketing module. The user can choose the contacts to be added to the mailing list or create new contacts as per the need. The user can create various mailing lists for various functions, events, or promotions. To create email marketing, the user can schedule or send one right away by creating a new mail from the mailing tab.

    How to Setup Email Marketing in Odoo 13

    The user can create a subject and choose the recipient list. In case of a registered event, the user can opt for recipients from the event registration. In the case of approaching the various leads of business, the user can select leads or opportunities. Likewise, there are various mailing lists that are created by default in Odoo but in case of a customized list, the user can always opt for the mailing list and create one. The user can also select a mailing body and design from the options available in order to create a designer view for your emails.


    In the settings menu of the new mailing, the user can assign the employee responsible for managing and monitoring the marketing email. The mail id from which all the emails should be sent can also be assigned and all the reply mails for the mail sent can also be assigned. The user can also assign separate employees for the same. At instances such as a brochure should be attached to or any related documents the user has the provision to do so in Odoo.


    After all the details are being entered the user can send them right away or schedule it for a later time to be sent automatically. Upon opting to schedule a calendar window options up where the user can select the date and a clock widget allows the user to schedule a time for the emails to be sent. 


    To view all the details of the marketing emails done in the platform the user can select the mailing dashboard which has customized status of the draft, in the queue, sending, and sent email list. Additionally, customized status groups can also be added as per the need of the user and their business. The emails can be sorted and filtered as per the need since the dashboard has various default filtering and group by options and in addition, the user can customize various options.


    Marketing Campaigns in Odoo 13

    Marketing campaigns can drive a business to much more profit by attracting customers and vendors. The right mode of marketing can help in prospering various businesses, the company should be regularly informing their customers and potential customers about various offers and launches. To create marketing campaigns, the user should initially enable the option of mailing campaigns in the email marketing module.

    How to Setup Marketing Campaigns in Odoo 13

    To enable the mailing campaigns in the email marketing module, Go to settings > mailing campaigns. and save the changes.


    Upon enabling the campaign option the user can now create email campaigns that will drive his or her business. As the user can view on the dashboard a new option is available to create a campaign from which various marketing emails and push up notifications can be sent to customers and potential ones. 

    To create a campaign enable the create option and provide the details such a campaign name and the person or the employee assigned. The user can also allocate tag names upon which the campaign can be mentioned and created. Save the information if the details are correct.


    To send an email the user can choose the new mailing option. The user can now edit the campaign emails on the mail body tab and can choose a default template. The recipient list can also be chosen from the default options or can choose a customized list by creating a mailing list.


    The email can be scheduled for later or sent right away after creating one. Now in the created campaign dashboard the scheduled or sent email details can be viewed.


    To send a push notification or a social media post the user can choose the respective options from the campaign dashboard. Upon choosing one the user will be directed to a window as depicted in the below image. The user can choose details such as on which website should it be posted if the user has more than one website. The message and the attachments can be custom made and can be chosen to schedule later on send right away. The image on the right side depicts how the pushup notification might appear on the website when the customers visit the page.


    Upon saving the pushup notifications it would be depicted on the campaign dashboard. The user can view all the detailed information such as mailings, notifications created, quotations, revenue, etc evolved from the campaign.


    Marketing campaigns are a great way to deal with the promotions of business. It is more affordable and environmentally friendly since they are paperless and cause low waste. Moreover the marketing emails and push up notifications are much successful since the customers spend more time online these days.

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