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By: Cybrosys Technologies

ERP Pricing in 2021


Although it's been over a month after the start of the year 2021 I hope you have the best year ahead and I wish you a happy new year. Moreover, let's embrace the happiness which we had during the last year although we were not that happy due to the pandemic anyway we had certain quality time which we were able to spend with our family and loved ones. It was sort of a post-apocalyptic era but we have our essential workers, health officers, and local administration in all the concerned people to thank for as we went through the devastation with minor setbacks.

Enough of the general aspects of the year 2021 let's move on to our topic. Today Enterprise and resource planning solutions have become an inevitable part of company operations. Moreover, numerous software solutions employ under the label as ERP software to provide its users with complete business management. Today more than 50 percent of enterprises across the world use ERP solutions. In addition, the capability and performance of the software is the vital aspect that has rooted for the widespread popularity of the software solutions.

Furthermore, the ERP implementation is challenging and a study depicted that only just more than 50 percent of the process became successful. However, over 95 percent of installations that had successful ERP implementations say that it has improved their business management as well as profits of the company. So who is the ERP implementation more challenging? The answer is that there are various payments and constraints involved with the ERP implementation such as hosting, pricing, training, maintenance, customization, service provider capabilities, and many more. 

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The pricing of the ERP is not cheap and various factors add up to the pricing aspects of ERP software. Moreover, all the aspects are controllable and you have full anonymity in the decisions based on the ERP and its pricing aspects although you have to opt for the solutions and factors which are suitable for the operational needs.

This blog will provide an insight into ERP pricing and certain aspects of ERP for the year 2021.

ERP solutions are business management software that provides you with application management on finance, inventory, sales, purchase, HR operations, customer relationships, manufacturing, and many more. Down below are the various aspects which add ups to the ERP pricing for your companies.



The deployment of ERP software describes how it's being hosted for operations in the company. The ERPs can be deployed based on a perpetual license or subscription fee.

- Perpetual license- The ERP software can be hosted on the company premise rather than on a cloud server. It is a one-time charge which is paid upfront before purchasing it to be operational in the company. Moreover, the license fee will be higher and will be based on the number of uses and customization involved with it.

- Subscription fee- This is basically for the ERP solutions that are hosted in a cloud-based server of operations. The subscription fees are lower than the perpetual license fee and it should be renewed on a time interval basis. In addition, the hosting is done on a third party data server.

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ERP implementation is not efficiently possible without consultation with the service providers of the platform. Odoo ERP, one of the best software solutions for management operations offers you various service providers such as Cybrosys Technologies to support you with the Odoo related aspects and requirements.

Customization and development

Certain ERP solutions available are customizable ones that will help you to run the company operations based on your requirement. Therefore, an expert service will help you in the customization and development of the process. Regarding Odoo ERP, Cybrosys Technologies offers you hassle-free implementations on the platform upon stating your business requirements. 


The hardware involved with the implementation based on the on-premise or cloud-based hosting will be an aspect of ERP pricing. However, cloud-based hosting will have low requirements for hardware and equipment. In addition, the on-premise hosting will have a requirement of server, maintenance of its and the additional aspect involved.


ERP is a user-friendly system of business management. However, in the initial days of operation, you and your employees should be trained to use it and function with your company using it. Various services provided by the ERP solutions provide comprehensive training or aspects specific based on your requirement. 

In 2021 small and medium scale installations implementing ERP solutions will be expected to pay between 75,000 to 750,000 USD for implementation aspects based on the requirement. On the other hand, the large and multinational establishments will have to pay around 1 million to 10 million in USD. In addition, the charges will depend upon the basis of your company requirement and modes of operations and it will be explained to you by the best consultation service available for the ERP.

Odoo ERP will cost you around 24 to 28 USD per month for a single user and it will include the subscription to the module, advanced business management functionality, and mobile access to the company operations and the platform. In addition, to the requirement of specific additional add ons for the company operations the charges will come around 12 to 96 USD for monthly operations.

Moreover, Odoo is an open-source ERP that is fully customizable for operations and requires expert developers as well as experience to do so. Cybrosys Technologies, the leading odoo gold pertinent of the Odoo platform will offer you the best implementation of the software by performing the standardized procedures as well as tools to function with. You can contact us by dropping a message to info@cybrosys.com or else click on the Whatsapp chat link available down below.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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