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By: Anju A.P

ERP for Automotive Industry

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software performs like a high-end software solution for managing every kind of business industries. Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP), a comprehensive suite of business application streamline and integrate every business operations, their working processes and information transferring in an enterprise, synergizing every organizational resource. Broadly speaking, an ERP software solution integrates every business data pertaining to Human Resource, Customer Relations, Accounting and Finance, Warehouse, Sales etc. into a unified system. 

With the stiff competition in the market, the adoption of ERP in every business sector is rapidly increasing. The positive deliverables availed by organizations on account of ERP implementation is widely discussed and advocated. The major attraction of ERP implementation in business is its ability to transform into a custom-designed software package application catering to every business requirements. The potentiality of any Enterprise Resource Planning software is that it can be magnified or reduced in terms of its features pitching perfectly to the requirements of business organizations. Taking this into a note, today a major percentage of business companies belonging to various industry sectors like Manufacturing, Trading, Service and more have gone for ERP implementation for solving their technical and functional issues. 

With the advancement of technologies, ERP software solutions have turned themselves into a self-sufficient, wizard tool in covering, managing, streamlining and executing business process and functions regardless of their industry backgrounds and workflow complexities. An ERP application comes integrated with several modules like Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Accounts, and Finance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources, Warehouse Management etc. interconnecting every business department into a unified system for easy and quick information transfer. 

    In short, an ERP software comes in different flavored features that serve businesses' varying procedure types getting rid of time-consuming activities, data redundancies, lack of communication and inefficient resource management. An ERP software connects everything together making the business organization more productive and competitive in nature. 

This blog discusses the importance of ERP software in an automotive industry

Like any other industry, the automotive industry can also go for ERP implementation to reap unlimited business benefits. An ERP software in automotive industry help in meeting the desired requirements of highly competitive automotive business industries via analyzing the latest trends in markets, streamlining every business functions and timely reporting of faults and failures.  

    An Enterprise Resource Planning software in automotive industry can overcome every industrial challenge pertaining to customer relations and services, inventory management high-quality product delivery, on time shipping, marketing or labor inefficiencies. In short, an ERP software in automotive industry help in achieving the company goal and redefine its strategies aiming better development and production. 
The comprehensive set of features of ERP in automotive industry help in tracing and analyzing every departmental function, initiating better control of actions leading to more productivity and efficiency.

One of the major challenge any automotive industry face today is the stiff competition and constantly developing the market that often pressurizes in bringing life to innovative products, reduce operational costs, come up with environmentally friendly options and so on. With the help of an ERP implementation, an ERP system can adequately and efficiently synchronize various business production processes pertaining to different stages. An ERP in automotive industry also helps in transacting adequate information realm across different business departments.

Let us look in detail the ERP features that can bring qualitative changes in automotive industry. 

Quality control management 
    There is a growing importance of quality control management in automotive industry as it helps the industry in ensuring the quality and consistency. Quality control management in an ERP helps in quality planning, quality controlling, quality assurance and quality improvement of the automobile products. An ERP helps in seamless tracking of product in real-time, taking special note on the occurring problems and their corrective measures. An ERP in automotive industry thus helps in aiming and ultimately producing high-quality standards of automobiles products and thereby good customer relations. 

For automotive industry, safety factor and quality maintenance of vehicles is utmost importance. Therefore the products have to undergo various safety tests and standard norms for assuring the quality.  Odoo ERP comes with robust quality control features that help the automotive industry in managing and conducting the quality control procedures and management functions. 

Quality control comes as an enterprise feature of Odoo ERP. It triggers for quality alert and quality check at various processing point assuring customers with high-quality deliverables meeting all standard norms. Odoo ERP initiates for random and periodic check tests assessing the quality of products. The Quality Control management points in Odoo includes Control Points, Quality Checks and Quality Alerts. 

Control Point activate quality checks during manufacturing processes in automotive industries.



Quality Checks enables an entire quality check for a warehouse and Quality Alerts to trigger the timely notification to the workforce on rectifications. 



Preventive and Corrective maintenance management in Odoo further helps in identifying, isolating, and rectifying the fault of machinery. The preventive maintenance timely advocates for preventive measures like quality tests, measurements and others for preventing faults from occurring.  With the help of Odoo ERP, the automotive industry can easily organize their maintenance requests, track their maintenance request progressions and plan in accordance with their activities using Kanban and calendar views. 


Thus these quality control management systems, help in delivering the high-quality products on market without any time lapse. This feature also significantly reduces the operational costs, as in time preventive measures are taken care of. In the absence of an ERP software in automotive industry, there arises the situation of resource wastage like unwanted expenses on producing parts that fail to meet quality standards.  

With an ERP, the automotive industry comes in meeting with regulatory standards and full compliance via quality control management system keeping the customers happy and safer.

Efficient Inventory Management
    The ultimate aim of the inventory management system is ensuring the adequate quantity of resource material when needed. For automotive industries, the process pertaining to manufacturing and sales are very important. Therefore an ERP encompassing efficient inventory management protocols help in overcoming every process challenges and hurdles. 

Let us see in detail how inventory management in ERP helps the automotive industry in managing their inventories. 

There comes a lot of upgrades and customizations in automobiles or automotive industries. An efficient and robust inventory management system in automotive industry help with smoother and timely delivery of orders, transacting clear communication between parties eliminating possibilities of human error in information flows. An ERP help in ordering and storing of vehicles at the dealership studios, making best from the business.
With the help of ERP in automotive industry, the automotive businesses get real-time information upon the number and kind of vehicles they possess in current phase and timely providing directions to the concerned departments on the kind of cars that to be ordered for meeting the customer request. An ERP in addition also helps in analyzing the historical data over the profitability in business. 

    An ERP software in automotive industry helps with realistic delivery ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. An ERP helps in monitoring several work locations from a single unified source ensuring no delay happens in mid, followed by attending to queries like returns, defects, essential parts stock ups etc. 

Shipping management is yet another pivotal feature of inventory management. Shipping feature ensures that customers get the right delivery of the product. An ERP help in mapping the shipping process with projected costs thus informing end users the amount they have to pay.

To know the robust features of Odoo’s shipping management refer to our blog: Shipping management in odoo

An ERP also plays a significant role in keeping track of account for executing better business plans in the future. An ERP helps in giving a better picture of the total costs thereby timely informing and taking adequate cum necessary actions for establishing pricing patterns in the automobile industry.
Electronic Document Database 
    An ERP software implementation for automotive industry helps in storing, managing and organizing of company data and documents. The electronic document database generates a storage space where the industry can create or generate any digital documents pertaining to business processes and functions. An electronic document management of ERP provisions the automotive industry in storing their large quantity of digital documents in a unified fashion. This central storage system helps with efficient and timely document retrieval for additions and deletions. 

Human Resource Management 
  ERP in automotive industry facilitates with efficient human resource management system that helps in reducing the time spent on administrative tasks by the organization.  A human resource management system helps in streamlining every information pertaining to an employee like his contact information, performance evaluation, work hours, job roles etc. An ERP thus helps the automotive industry in grouping the employee based on his credentials and job roles for quick tracking and further accessing. Right from recruiting the right talents, looking after the onboard training, performance evaluation, attendance, employee appraisal, compliance with HR norms, monitoring the payroll benefits and other allowance to his retirement benefits are taken care by the ERP. Thus an ERP in automobile can shift their focus on obtaining the strategic missions and goals rather than attending the administrative tasks.   

An HR management system executed under the ERP software helps in easy decision making on an employee via giving him tests, evaluating his performances and timely assessing and notifying. In short, it helps with all possible way to retain the right talent. 

In short, an ERP software for automobile industry comes along with both qualitative and quantitative benefits. An ERP helps in integrating both internal and external processes in automotive industry helping in constructing a successful and profit-oriented business. An ERP for automotive industry facilitates with:

> Real-time access to information.
> Integration of various supply chain activities.
> Controlling and monitoring of multiple projects simultaneously.
> Enterprise visibility.
> Operational Excellence and reduction in errors.
> Improved Customer Relationship, Customer Service and satisfaction. 
> Robust inventory management.

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