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By: Aswani

How to Create Sales Order from Project in Odoo 12

Functional Odoo 12 Project

Odoo 12 just got released in past week during the Odoo experience 2018. This blog helps you to dive in and understand the process of creating a sale order from the project and further see the project overview from the created sale order in Odoo 12.

First of all install the following modules like sales, project, and hr_timesheet in the database. Once these modules get installed in the database, the end the user can navigate to the Projects menu and create your new project.

Projects > Configuration > Projects.

Suppose let us create a new project named Odoo Implementation,


After creating the project,  the end user can see a new button Create Sales Order in the header of the Project. Using this button you can create sale order for the project and later invoice the customer,  based on the timesheets entered for the tasks.

So upon clicking the create sales order button in the project you will get a pop up/wizard asking the details such as customer name, service and the unit price. The service will be the product of type service and has to get added in the order line of the sale order. The unit price will be the price that we already set in the product master. This price will be used while we are invoicing this project/sale order/task.


After entering the details such as Customer, Service, Unit price, click the Create Sales Order button in the Wizard.

Now the Sale order will get created.


If you check the Project at this point in time, you can see the name of the related sale order in the corresponding field.


So let us come back to the sale order that we have created now. In the sale order, we can see two smart buttons at the top. One is for the Tasks and the other one is for the Project Overview.


If we click on the Tasks button all the project tasks will be shown and if we click the Project overview button we can get the overview of the Project like invoice details, timesheet details with regard to the project.

Now let us look at what we will see after clicking on the Project Overview button,

This is what we see in the Project Overview,


Right now the overview seems to contain no data as we don’t have entered any timesheet for the project or we haven’t done any invoice for the sale order.

So now let us create a task under our project, let it be server setup and enter a timesheet for that task as shown in the below image.


So right now we have created a task under the project and entered a timesheet for it. Now come back to the sale order and click on the Create invoices, following to the action,  an invoice will be generated based on the timesheet entry we have entered. The unit price will be the one we have mentioned during the creation of the sale order from the project.


So this is the invoice that we have generated, you can then validate and do register payment against this invoice. Coming back to sale order and going to the Project Overview, what we will see now is that,


From this single view, the end users will get an idea about the project like the timesheet details, task details, and invoices.

Clicking upon the smart button in the top, it will navigate to its own view. Then also we will get a report about the project like the profit details from the views.

Hope this article was useful to you.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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