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By: Manu menonn

Essential Features of Odoo 15 eCommerce Module

Functional Odoo 15 Website&E-commerce

eCommerce is a feature-rich module in Odoo. With features ranging from website builder to customer management, every aspect of the module plays an important role in business management.

This blog will give you a quick look at the important features of the Odoo 15 eCommerce  module

Website builder:

Odoo 15 eCommerce module has a dedicated set of advanced features for creating and designing a website to showcase products and services. Odoo allows you to have maximum freedom in designing and customizing your website. You can set the themes, functionalities and design customer-centered features for maximum efficiency. Odoo has a set of dedicated tools reserved for Website building. The website builder function is easy to use and configure. The block-structured nature of the web builder tool allows the users to create and design a website within a matter of seconds.

It is easy to build a website with the Odoo eCommerce module. All you have to do is drag the Block like structures to the center of the page and the functionality that the block represents will be created in your website as shown in the screenshot given below.


You can personalize the dragged blocks and change the style and the theme to match the nature of your product or business. You can complete the whole process within a matter of seconds. As the module is highly integrated every Block that you drag in will immediately fill up with data with respect to Odoo. You edit and configure your website from anywhere around the world. Odoo allows you to have maximum fluidity in website designing and ensures that your users or customers have a great shopping experience.

Blog writing and management

    Blogs play a huge role in product-to-customer communications.  Blogs help customers to understand the features and the practical side of the products and services that you are selling to them. The interactive writing section allows your business and products to communicate directly with the customers. You can share anything about the products through blogs. Blogs can act as essential study materials on the products you are selling. Odoo eCommerce module allows you to write and publish blogs easily.

It is easy to add blogs on Odoo 15 eCommerce website. Go to your eCommerce website and click on New as shown in the screenshot given below.


Click on the new button as highlighted in the screenshot given above and Odoo will give you a set of options as shown in the screenshot given below.


Click on the Blog post options as shown in the screenshot given above and Odoo will give you a quick drop-down configuration tab to select or create your blog as shown in the screenshot given below.


Select the blog type and click on the create button to write your blog. Odoo will immediately give you the page as shown in the screenshot given below to write your blog.


Give the title under the ‘Blog post Title’ along with the subtitle and write the blog. The Block, Style, and Theme functions of Odoo allow you to add pictures, Sub contexts, additional information, and much more. The styling and Theme options can help you customize the look of your blog in any way you want.

Product management

Efficient product management is necessary to properly carry out business management. With the advanced and fully integrated support of the Inventory module, you can have information on the live data on products. Your customers can view inventory or stock details on their desired products so that they can calculate their purchases in case they are looking for a huge purchase quantity.

Efficient product management plays a huge role in the Wishlist feature. This feature essentially allows the users or the customers to add products to a safe space that they can access for updates on the product. This feature is usually used by a customer when the desired product is above the affordable price. They can save the product to their wishlist and raise up the money to buy later. Updated information on the Product in the wishlists is essential for the customers. Odoo can provide clean-cut data on product stocks and other inventory details on the product for the customers to plan their purchases accordingly.

Odoo can send product recommendations to the users to increase sales. This particular feature works on the basis of the product attribute that you can configure from the Inventory module. So whenever a user shows interest in a particular product Odoo can identify the attributes of the products and recommend products with similar attributes. Efficient product management is necessary to create the best shopping experience for the customers and allows you to avoid product and data clutters.

Shipping Methods

Providing multiple shipping options to your allows them to choose the best services that they are familiar with. This boosts customer confidence and naturally allows them to recommend your services to other possible customers. All of the popular shipping or delivery services including DHL, UPS, USPS, and FedEx are available in Odoo. You can choose between the delivery options and configure them according to the wishes of your customers. This can actually help to maintain customer satisfaction and proper customer relations, tempting your customers to continue shopping with you.

Payment Methods

Similar to Shipping Methods Odoo allows you to have maximum freedom in payment options. You can give your customers many payment options so that they can choose for proceeding with the payment. Giving more payment options to your customers often allows them to be free in payment and it can help you collect revenue efficiently from the customers. You have access to the services of any popular payment options including Paypal, Alipay, PayUmoney, Stripe, and Buckaroo. You can easily configure more payment options into Odoo and during payment, the customer can choose their favorite or preferred payment method for continuing with the payment. The ease of the payment structure that Odoo offers helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Live chat

Live chat is an important feature on Odoo. eCommerce module that essentially allows the customers or the users to have an active conversation about the product. They can use this space for queries on the product that they desire to buy. You can share information on products effectively and can establish a strong bond with the customer thereby improving the chances of sales. Providing customers with updated features of the product as the representative of the company or the business helps them to choose the product wisely. They can ensure that they have got the right product and you can help them avoid any confusions that they have about the product.

Checkout Process

With even the most advanced and modern shopping sites users find it hard to checkout easily. With the overabundance of unnecessary information flashing up to the face of the customers, they find it hard to checkout. Providing your customers with maximum efficiency and valuing their time is necessary for preserving good customer relations.

With Odoo the check-out process is easy. Odoo 15 is highly customer-centric in nature allowing your customers to be as comfortable as possible throughout the entire shopping process. The customers after adding the products to the cart can enter the payment option and the check-out process is completed. Users can keep track of the purchases with the support of Odoo efficiently.

Additional features

1. Multiple languages: Odoo has the ability to detect multiple languages. Odoo provides the feature for managing multiple language translations. Your customers can use this feature to have the best shopping experience in their native tongue. 

2. Automatic taxes: Odoo with the advanced support of the Fiscal position feature Odoo can automatically handle the country and the state tax. The fiscal position works on the configurations that you have given based on the country that you have based your business on. 

3. Cross-Selling feature: The cross-selling feature of Odoo recommends products to the customers based on many criteria that are strongly based on the product attributes. This feature works with respect to the customer’s interests and preferences.

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