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By: Evin Davis

Salient Features of the Custom Applications Building tool in Odoo the Studio Module

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Managing the business operations of a company or a firm requires a dedicated approach as well as dignified and defined tools that support the operational demand of the company operations. In the majority of the cases, you will need to procure customized solutions and do your modifications to existing applications or any equipment that you use to suit your operational needs. This is an aspect that can be seen in a majority of business establishments where they customize the machinery as per the function it should be performing. Moreover, the business management and functional applications that are used in the companies bring in the customization capability as it provides complete control to the operations as the needs of the clients.
What if you can develop your applications as per your need and in the way you need them to function? Your first response will be regarding the aspect of programming as most of us lack the knowledge of coding and are not well aware of the ways and platforms to do it. Considering all these aspects in mind the developers of Odoo a business management Enterprise and resource planning solution have embedded a Studio application. With the studio app, you will be able to create distinctive applications that can be used in business operations.
Odoo is a business management software solution that can act as the complete controlling tool providing you with full functionality in the control and business monitoring all from a single platform. The dedicated infrastructure with the modular approach to all the business operation management provides you with dedicated modules of business functioning. The application that you create with the studio module will be depicted as distinctive modules in your Odoo platform.
Additionally, the functioning of these distinctive modules of Odoo is interrelated in operations providing you with complete control and information exchange that can be configured as per your operational need. Similarly in the case of the custom application which is developed by you can also be configured as per the operational requirements and integrated with the required other modules. This will ensure that you have been provided complete control and unanimity in the development of the new application or module using the Studio app and is functioning as per your terms and required constraints and parameters of operation.
Here, this blog will provide you an insight into certain features of the Odoo Studio application making it one of a kind application development tool.
Odoo Studio is the complete and fantastic application-building tool that has been helping the business solutions right from its introduction to the Odoo platform. Today it has been used as one of the prominent tools of operations by many businesses all around the world to craft specific applications as per the requirements rather than bring in other third-party applications which seems to be a huge investment. The Odoo Studio application will be your right choice in custom application development. Moreover, it's equipped with exceptional and advanced features of operations making ist one of a kind application building tool.
Complete application building
You can build the dedicated application without writing a single line of code as the Odoo Studio app employs various dedicated modules which can be dragged and dropped to create the various attributes of an application.  These blocks which are available by default will cover all the aspects of the application building helping you to configure it. In addition, you also have a developer mode that can be activated, helping you to move on to the technical aspects of application development if you possess the developer knowledge.  Furthermore, the application that you build using the Odoo Studio module will be compatible to be usable in mobiles and other smart gadgets along with desktops and laptops.
Advanced menu designing tools
While the applications are being developed with the Odoo Studio you will require advanced operational development tools which will support the design aspects of the menu pages and windows of the dedicated application. You can create Forms, Kanban, List Graphs, Pivot table, Gantt charts, Calendar, Grid, and Website Forms. These views will be helping you to view the menu items in attractive forms and in a well-informed way.
Bring in automation and other advanced capabilities
You can automate the aspect of sending out emails that can be configured based on the condition defined or can be assigned as a time-bound solution. Furthermore, you can use tools that are configured to import, export, and search in a menu which can be added to the application which is developed. Moreover, you can configure conditional properties, email gateways, and web service APIs.
Configure reporting tools
Report generation is one of the advanced features of Odoo ERP and the Studio application also holds the configurational options which can be used to define the reporting aspects of your applications which are developed in the Odoo Studio. You have multiple reporting templates to choose from and the capability to use a multi-language tool for report generation. Furthermore, you have a well-defined XML editor tool that will help you with the HTML customizations.
Other features
Apart from the ones which are mentioned above the studio application is embedded with other capable features making it an advanced application building tool for its users. You have a dedicated translation manager helping you with the use of multiple languages in the operation of the application. Additionally, configure the access rights of the application and its operations can be configured using the dedicated tool which will support the operation to grant permission and block it. Furthermore, you will inherit all the features which Odoo possesses such as integration with other modules and the unanimous operations support helping with the complete control of the business. In addition, you can design or add your app icons which will provide an extra element to the customization aspect of the platform.
These are certain of the features which the Odoo Studio application possesses which make it one of the most advanced features of the Odoo ERP.
In concussion, with the Odoo Studio application, you will be able to create well-defined and dedicated applications in Odoo with advanced capabilities without writing a single line of code which are fully integrated with operations with all other modules.

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