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Features of Odoo Website Builder

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A website building solution will be an apt and required tool in the aspect of website creation and management operations of a website for any organization. Websites today have become the integral parts of any organization as it is one of the primary mediums of showcasing the products and services offered by the company. Moreover, it has become an excellent medium for managing business operations in the form of e-commerce websites of operation. Today there has been a boom in the e-commerce platforms which are operating all across the world offering a wide range of products. Thanks to the development of smartphones and the advancement of digitalized technology and communications today there is widespread usage of the e-commerce platform.
Developing or creating a website can be one of the tasks which you should outsource for your company or the one for which you should hire a developer. Moreover, you will require a dedicated technical team who supports the operations of website management. Hiring a dedicated developer and team for the creation of a website will be costlier and will take more time for creation and deployment. This is where the advantage of the Odoo website builder comes in with the capability of creating and design of a new website in no time. Odoo is one of the prominent ERP solutions that have been used for the operations of an entire business that has a dedicated infrastructure of operations.
The dedicated website module available in Odoo will be helpful in the effective management of the website operation. Moreover, the module is in direct integration for the operations of the entire modules of Odoo offering you a unanimous approach to the business management operations of the company. The website module will help with the website creation aspect of the company with the advanced Odoo website builder tool which is inculcated in it. This advanced tool will help you with the creation of exceptional functional, eye-catching, and effective websites for your company as per your requirements. Furthermore, the tool comes inbuilt with the website module and as the website module is available in all the versions and editions of Odoo the website builder tool can also be used from the same.
This blog will describe the salient features of the Odoo website builder tool.
Odoo is an exceptional ERP solution which is suitable for any sector of business operations and can be well operational for the management of operations of small, medium and large scale business. The Odoo website builder will be a solution that can be used for the custom development of the website for your business. The Odoo website builder is equipped with advanced operational functional tools and features which help you with the website creation aspects. Here are the certain features of Odoo website builder which makes its exceptional tools for business:
No requirement to write a single line of code
The operations of the Odoo website builder functions with a no-code approach where for the website building there are dedicated powerful building blocks available which can be dragged and dropped into the webpage. There are numerous blocks available in Odoo which will be more than enough to craft and define attractive web pages for the company website. Furthermore, styling, as well as configuration options that are available under each of the blocks, can be enough to customize the web pages as per your requirements.
A dedicated HTML/CSS/JS editor
Although the major functionalities of the Odoo website builder can be run using the powerful building block tools that are available in the Odoo website builder in need of future customization you can use the HTML/CSS/JS editor which is available on the Odoo website builder tool. An employee of your company having prior knowledge in programming can be used for further customization of the web pages. In addition, the prominent Odoo service provider will offer their expert developers for hire. The hire an Odoo developer option will be beneficial for organizations in the development of the premium as well as crafting advanced websites with custom options using the Odoo website builder.
Website configuration for lead generation.
The websites can be developed using the Odoo website builder in an easy way such that the operation will focus on the lead generations of the company business. The leads generated will be directly integrated with the CRM module of the Odoo platform which can be further filled by using the various activities which can be configured to run from the platform.
The visitor tracking tools which are also available under the Odoo website builder as well as the website module of the Odoo platform will help you to track the visitor of the website and the respective webpages of the company. These tracking web pages can be beneficial in the aspects of lead generation which will be helpful for the business opportunity improvement.
SEO tools help to put your website first
The Odoo website builder is equipped with various dedicated SEO tools of operations that can be used to configure the websites and webpages to be put to the customers. These tools can be used to modify the website operation based on the target customers and community of people whom the website should address. Moreover, with the integration with Google Analytics, you will be able to perform SEO operations for your company websites with much more efficiency.
These are certain features of the Odoo website builder. if you need to understand the full feature and functional aspects of creating and operating a website with the Odoo website builder you can get the book: Designing Professional Websites with Odoo Website Builder: Create and customize state-of-the-art websites and e-commerce apps for your modern business needs, available on Amazon which can be availed using the following link:

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