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Floor wise Charges in Restaurant

Odoo ERP has a powered module for point of sale with several advanced features like instant transfer data, cash drawer, customer switching, restaurant management, payment methods, cash flows etc. This blog enlighting you an idea for floor facility wise billing in Odoo Point Of Sale.

Floor Plan is a simple arrangement layout of tables with capacities. We can plan it as per our building layout. See image 1.1 & 1.2 for the pictorial view.

General Odoo has a configuration for Floor Plans and Table Arrangements for Floors. We can add Floor plan for PoS restaurant management and design the tables and number of seating capacity per table in each floor.


Floor Plan & Table Configuration in Odoo Backend


Floor Plan & Table Configuration in POS Screen

This is the basic feature in Odoo Community/Enterprise versions. Over this feature, POS Restaurant can handle additional price for every product based on amenities/facilities added with the customer's floor. That is the feature brings up with the module “Floor Wise Charges in POS Restaurant”. In some cases, we can see some real time examples like.

> Lovers Corner.

> Business Meeting Hall.

> Family Hall etc.

In this case, we can configure these items as floors as per the odoo basic feature. If we want to add the facilities/amenities to the floor, go to the menu: Point of Sale/Configurations/Floor Facility.
Then we can add entire facilities/features to be used in PoS restaurant system.


Floor Facility Configuration.

From the above screenshot, we have to take care about three points:

1 Facility Name: The Name of facility
2 Percentage: Price to be added on every product in sale
3 Note: Detailed description about the facility

Now we configured a facility in the backend, Then we have to add this facility to any floor plans.


Configured facility added to the floor plan as lines.

Here, we have to note some points,

- we can add multiple facility lines to a single floor plan.

- Total percentage of facilities will be taken as the floor facility charge.

- All charges of facilities in percentage.

Now we configured two facilities with extra charges 10% + 5 %. That gives the Capio's(Floor Name see the image 1.4”) total facility percentage as 15%.
Then go to PoS screen and select the “Capio” as the floor, And try to add products to any table. We can see that product sale price is changed with a slight change that made by floor facility's 15%.


POS Screen with Facility Charges of Floor

Where the product sale price is 120, But 15% of 120 gives 18. So facility charged product sale price  become 120 + 15% of 120 = 138.

This custom module by Cybrosys can handle this functionality simply.



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