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How can you Manage the Work from Home Teams with Odoo?

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WTH - Work From Home the new terminology that you have heard plenty of times recently. All thanks to the pandemic most of the jobs that you used to do in the offices as well as in worksites have now transformed as work from home jobs. Today most Information Technology professionals are working from their homes balancing their parenting aspects as well as their professional life. Today 88 percent of establishments all over the world allow their employees to work from home in this pandemic era and more than half of it is to continue even after the pandemic situation. In addition as per the currents statistics based on the studies conducted on various organizations all across the world, it's been described that more than half percentage of the total employees prefer to work from home as it improves their work-life balance and provides them with stability in functioning taking care of the most important two pillars of life.
One of the key aspects while dealing with employees while they work from their homes is the management and their tracking on the aspects of the tasks and projects on which they are involved upon. For this, the operation of manual management and monitoring is not possible. Today, there are various dedicated tools and operational software available in the markets which will help you with the management of remote working employees. However, most of the software solutions lack certain key elements and there is no one complete solution for the management of employees functioning remotely.
Odoo ERP provides you with ample tools of business management which will help you to manage the employees and run the HR operations of the companies efficiently. Moreover, the remote working employees and their operations can be effectively managed with the dedicated modules of Odoo such as the Project module, Timesheets, Employee management, and many more designated modules for application-specific operation. The modules are interrelated and interconnected in operations to function towards the aim of complete employee management of the company.
This blog will describe how you can manage your work from home employee teams with Odoo.
The things about managing the employees functioning remotely are that you should have dedicated modules of operations management. Let's initially understand what tools you require for effective employee management if they are functioning from their homes.
Tools required to manage your employees working from home.
Remote working is the new methodology that the world has adapted to all thanks to the innovation of technology as well as the advancements in telecommunication and internet facilities. Moreover, the pandemic situation has boosted the rate of professionals working from homes. Let's now understand which all tools you require to manage the employee's functioning from their homes.
Attendance monitoring
The primary aspects of remotely working management are the attendance monitoring tools which will ensure that the employee reports to work on time and they have functioned for the designated time or completed their entire shift operations.
An effective communication tool
The employees should be able to communicate between them and with the manager without any barriers of communication. In addition, similar aspects should also be found in the information-sharing aspect of the in-house operations of the company.
Inter-departmental communication
The communication between various departments and different offices of the company is also vital just as the communication between the employees. These communications should be triggered and movable in a proper channel of operation.
Task and project tracking functionality
The task of the employees, the project on which they are functioning should be monitored and the operations on each task as well as the projects should be timed to describe the efficiency of each task and the project they are working on.
How can Odoo be helpful in the management of remote employees?
Now let's move onto understanding how the Odoo platform and its tools will help you to manage and monitor the employees functioning remotely.
Attendance module
The Odoo ERP has a designated attendance management module that helps the employees to log into the platform using their unique pin provided. The attendance of the employee who has logged into the platform will be auto-registered and the functionings can be monitored.
Project module
The Odoo project management module will help you to define various projects in operation under the company label and define the tasks and the sub-tasks associated with them. Moreover, you can assign the employees for the defined task for them to function on which can be monitored using the timesheet module which is defined in the next section.
Timesheet module
The Odoo timesheet module will allow you to describe the timesheet on the projects and tasks which have been described. Moreover, the employee efficiency and effectiveness of operations can be monitored based on the time depicted on the timesheet for each task done by the employee.
Discuss module
The Odoo discuss module will ensure that you have effective communication as well as information sharing aspects. Moreover, you can define various discussion groups and channels of operations based on the departments or the functioning aspects of the company. The module comes as a basic module of the platform and will act as one of the efficient communication tools of the company.
These are the certain aspects of the Odoo platform which allow you to manage and function with your employees who are working from their homes. Moreover, with further customization and additional application which can be obtained from the Odoo Apps store you can define the remote functioning of your company to run efficiently and as per your standards of operation. To understand how to manage the remotely working employees you can read the following blog where the remote management of employee is being defined with Odoo:

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