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By: Evin Davis

How Does Odoo Studio Make Customization Easy

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Customization is the feature that is embedded in almost all the software solutions and products that have been manufactured today. Even cars and other automobiles that are manufactured are provided with the capability to customize as per the customer's needs. As the competition of the products and services being provided are multiplied day by day when new vendors come into the market offering custom products to the customers is the only way that the vendors can stand ahead in the market. The aspects of customization also benefit the customers as they are obtaining a product or service just the way they would like and as per their operational needs.

The ideology of customizers choosing a custom software or a product is simple: why they should opt for a standardized pizza with a regular topping rather they could go for a one as per their wish of toppings and ingredients. Customization can be a helpful tool however, over customization could bring in disruption to the standardized operational ideology of the product or the service. In almost all the cases regarding software, the aspects of over customization will always ruin the operational capabilities. One of the major areas of software involvement where customization is vital is the business as well as the company management. This is because almost all companies function with different models of operations and the profit masking terminology will be different in each,

Therefore, the developers of these solutions have embraced the ideology of customization and deployed it into their software development. Today there are a handful of solutions that are offered under the business management category which will offer you custom software development. This will allow the business to run the management operations of the companies in the way that they need it. Enterprise and resource planning software solutions are the prominent category of business management tools that have been used by institutions all over the world. Several business solutions, as well as management tools, fall under the category of Enterprise and resource planning. Odoo is one among the ERP tools which could undergo the aspects of customization to help business and their managers to run the management operations as per their terminologies.

Odoo being an open-source management ERP is the complete business management tool with the modular infrastructure of operations management with the help of the distinctive modules has been the best choice for over 5 million users all over the world. The Odoo platform is used by businesses of different sectors, regions, scales, and forms all over the world to bring in advanced business management capabilities for the efficient management of the business. The Odoo platform can be customized at the time of the development having the right technical knowledge in programming and coding as many of the businesses do not employ people with such skills in most cases they approach Odoo partners. These are dedicated and certified Odoo professionals who have the right expertise in developing Odoo platforms as per the need. Cybrosys Technologies,

Another way by which you can customize the platform by developing custom applications and bringing in custom tools and futons to existing or default functions of Odoo is by using the Odoo Studio application. Perhaps being the most unknown and unaware module of the Odoo enterprise edition is filled with abundant capabilities. However, the feature is not available in the community version of Odoo as the functioning is done on a basic level. With the Odoo Studio module, you will be able to define the distinctive custom modules as per your operational need just by using the distinctive block tools available. Here you will not be needing to write a single line of code in configuring the custom aspects to an existing application of Odoo or while developing a new application.


What are the capabilities of Odoo Studio?

Odoo Studio is a well capable module in the Odoo enterprise edition capable of advanced operational functions for business operations and management. Here is the certain aspect that the Odoo Studio is capable of:

  • Develop distinctive modules for Odoo without writing a single line of code.

  • Distinctive blocks can be dragged and configured to run the specific aspects of the application.

  • Dedicated XML editor helping you with further customization if you have the programming knowledge.

  • Crete application models can be used as templates in creating new ones with the help of a web interface without writing a single line of code. 

  • The Odoo Studio makes you a developer without having the coding knowledge but the ability to configure distinctive aspects.

  • Create lists, views, and forms using the Studio tool.

  • Generate analytical as well as quantitative reports using the report builder window.

  • Bring in automation capabilities.

  • Applications and options crafted are configurable for a mobile interface.

  • Crete forms of notebooks, inline discussion widgets, integrated statistics with the help of configurable options.

  • Configurable Line, Chart, Bar, Pie, Calendar, Gantt, Grid, Graph views, and many more.

  • Availability of predefined reporting templates masking the process easy.

  • Developed applications and their contents will be able to be read in multi-languages ??configured.

  • The applications developed at an Odoo instance or your Odoo platform can be shared with other Odoo instances or a different Odoo platform.

  • Design your own application's icon and theme.

These are the certain features or the functional capabilities of the Odoo Studio module making it one of the kinds of modules of the Odoo platform where you can build and craft distinctive applications as per your need and requirement.

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