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By: Manu menonn

An Insight on Lead Mining in Odoo CRM

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In any business, quality leads are essential to keep the business growing. Companies or business firms always look for the best ways to get leads for their sales team so that they can work on them and convert them into customers. Generating leads is easy and efficient in Odoo CRM.

This blog will give you a complete insight on lead mining in Odoo CRM

The Lead mining feature in Odoo CRM will allow you to generate leads from scratch directly from your database and this is an excellent addition to the leads you can get through direct contact or via the website. The feature is highly recommended for newborn business and new initiatives as it is an effective and advanced and efficient tool for generating great leads thereby boosting your companies growth to a great level. With lead mining you don't have to wait for customers to come to you anymore; Lead mining will give you space to set criteria for the leads you need to generate. The criteria can be set on the basis of the most relevant leads for your business, based on country.

This feature is designed for newborn and well-established businesses, but its impact on the new business firms is much greater and effective. Lead mining has proved to be an efficient tool for helping companies in generating good and dependable leads. Leads are very important for the functioning and growth of a company. Making and attracting leads is a difficult process and even well-established companies or business firms find it hard to get enough leads for their sales team. For a new company, Lead attraction is almost a nightmare task and a good amount of time and money will be pumped for lead generation. Attracting customers is one of the primary results that a business firm has to obtain from their products and it will not always work in the way expected. So the help of an advanced system is necessary for generating Leads.

Odoo’s CRM allows you to efficiently mine Leads directly from your databases. The system allows you to set criteria based on filters for the mining so that the CRM mines out only the Leads that are relevant to your Business. And commonly this is done on the basis of which country that you are living in. Lead mining is an extremely complex procedure, but none would put a weight on you because the CRM will lift all the weight for you and generate fast results. The feature is highly recommended to you if you are just starting up your business. CRM lead mining features can help you boost your company's growth to a huge amount. 

To set this feature, follow the screenshots given below of the Odoo CRM dashboard;


First, you have to go to the configuration tab and select Setting from the dropdown options and from the settings page by the bottom you can find an option for Lead mining like in the screenshot given below:


After clicking on the tick option, you have activated the Lead mining function in Odoo CRM. 

A new option called Generate Leads will appear on your CRM dashboard.


This tab will take you directly to the Lead generation page.


On this page, you have to enter further details on generating leads for easy sorting and fast generation. On the page, you can select the options from the dropdowns. You can easily set the country, state, and Industries. And by activating the Filter on the size option you can choose the number of employees and select the team from the dropdowns and the salesperson along with Default tags and after entering and checking all the details click on generate leads. The process is easy and will only take a minute or two to set up and apply for Lead generation. 

With this advanced feature, you can generate Leads easily without effort which will help you to save time and precious energy. 

With this feature you don't have to wait for customers to come to you anymore, you can mine them into you and generate leads from the sales team who can later convert them into customers.  The lead mining tool will essentially collect all of the necessary data for lead follow up and the sales team can follow up on the Leads that the mining tool had given. After this process, your sales team will have plenty of Leads to work on and convert into Customers. This process will save you a tremendous amount of time and is intensely efficient compared to the traditional way of fishing for Leads. This is why the CRM application in Odoo is advanced and highly recommended for startups. If you are running a new business, it can be hard to find sustainable and dependable leads for the sales team to work on and Leads are extremely important for the growth of your company or business. Generating and preserving leads are extremely professional and CRM will help you to attain this professionalism and efficiency in the business. 

Lead mining is an important tool in any business environment. The tool makes sure that you won't lack leads and the Leads that you get are dependable and can be followed upon in the future. For a new business firm, the tool plays an important role in getting possible customers for them, and preserving them easily with the pipeline structure of the CRM module will surely help you thrive in the business. But it's always up to you or your sales team to have clear and concise communication with the client or the customer to persuade them with valuable information about the product or service that you are offering and how unique the product is from the rest of the market. With advanced features like lead mining, running a business is not a nightmare anymore and With Odoo’s ERP system you can maintain professional efficiency in your company management. 

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