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By: Manu menonn

Insight on the Importance of Odoo CRM

Functional Odoo 14 CRM

The business world has grown tremendously over the past many years. And it took decades for the technologies to find their rightful place inside business. Even though all of the business firms depended on computers they were not developed on a software level to assist the business. In the modern era, technological advancements found their way to the business industry faster than anticipated, with more and more advanced and sophisticated business management systems being introduced, business management is not a headache anymore. 
This blog shows why you should use the Odoo CRM
ERP is an advanced business management software that helps you with day-to-day business management in the most efficient way possible. In a way, we can say that ERP’s run businesses these days. With more and more advanced tools and ideas being brought into ERP systems the business world is not a great ‘mess’ anymore. Odoo is one of the most advanced ERP systems in the business world, being an open-source platform developers from all around the world are constantly upgrading and bringing new features to the system. But some particular features and applications are present in almost all of the ERPs, CRM is one among them. The advanced application plays a pivotal role in business management because of fact that it deals with a very crucial business function called Customer Relationship Management. 
CRM is an advanced management tool that deals with Customer relationship management in a business institution. In Odoo the application is closely related to the Sales module and is integrated into each other for better workflow and easy management. The customer relationship management tool allows the company to carefully follow leads and generate opportunities much more easily than the traditional ways. For any business institution preserving and obtaining customer relationships is the major task that they have completed. But preserving and following up on a customer on a daily basis is not an easy thing to do and that is where you need the help of CRM. 
On why you should use the Odoo CRM, the answer is simple; Odoo has the most user-friendly system in the world. With Odoo’s CRM system it's very easy for you to manage and follow up on your customer's interests and needs. The system is so advanced that you can even analyze data from the CRM to analyze and predict the future of a particular customer within the business. This method or function of the CRM application allows the sales team or the customer management team to concentrate on certain customers more based on their level of purchase or involvement with the company. If a customer is reluctant to follow up with an order or a purchase the customer can follow up and contact the customer directly seeking the reasons for the intention of retreating from the company's product or service, and can even persuade the customer through communication mediums like emails and social media platforms directly from CRM. 
Odoo’s CRM system maintains a proper Customer to Business relationship. The application is designed to deal with a huge number of customers and deals at the same time. This makes Odoo’s CRM all the more advanced. With Odoo impressive user interface, dealing with any number of customers is an easy task for you. Odoo allows individual customer attention and allows you to set priorities based on the level of order the customer is looking for. This allows you to have quick access to the most important customer deals. Most of the time these priorities are set based on the quantity of the product or services that the customer is asking for or the price. But some customers require special care because they could possibly become a major client or customer in the future and CRM allows the managers or the sales team to analyze the dataset based on that particular customer and give effective results to proceed with the customer. 
Another way you could acquire a great potential customer is by direct contact. Odoo allows you to have direct contact with customers all time thereby helping you keep your customer in a loop of information provided by you on a particular product or services that your company offers that a particular customer or a group of customers is actually interested in. Keeping them interested in the deal with your company allows you to have a good future customer who is well informed about the product or service by the time of actual purchase. This naturally forces the customer to recommend the product or services to other possible parties which your company can lead up on for opportunities.
CRM allows you to track a customer and lead upon them based on their dealing with the company. This can actually help you to recognize whether a client or a customer can actually become an opportunity for the company. If you can find an opportunity then maintaining it is the next big task that you have to deal with, as pointed out earlier you can effectively and efficiently follow up on a customer without being an actual disturbance for them. Odoo allows you to plan and schedule meetings with customers from CRM itself. So that both can agree upon a time and date for easy communication and this process is totally based on your customer, if reluctant or confused about the product or survive you can easily guide the customer through answers about the services that you or your company offers. This allows you to have a much possible Lead and can possibly be an opportunity. 
The biggest huddle that a growing company or a business firm has to deal with is effective and efficient customer relationships. And if that is filed to deal with properly it could lead to loss of important customers and possibly could affect the reputation of the firm. And in situations like this, it is not the product that customers will look upon but the nature of the company that they are having a deal with. If the customer relationship fails then it actually means that your product failed. CRM prevents such a scenario from happening by effectively managing the customer relations and allows the firm to make changes constantly based on customer satisfaction and communications, this is why it is imperative that you use the Odoo CRM.

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