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By: Evin Davis

Quality Alert for Manufacturing Order in Odoo 13

Functional Odoo 13

In every business quality of the products and services are the ones which have been keenly observed and maintained to obtain certain standards and assurances from customers as well as the authorities. To eliminate the flaws in production and service the management often is made to check for quality and run tests on them. In the case of a production line, the quality tests could be done after each stage or in between them to ensure the quality is maintained. The Odoo platform allows the users to have an additional module where the user can manage and create quality checks and alerts. With this module, the user can always obtain information on the quality of the products and take action to maintain the best quality.

All quality based operations can be performed and done from the quality module and the routings of quality control can be done at the manufacturing module, purchase module, and the sales module. But major quality issues occur in the manufacturing section since the products are subjected to various wear and tear operations while manufacturing one.

In order to set up the quality checks, the user must completely understand the various operations in the quality module. The basic operations which are done in the quality module are setting up control points, quality checks, and quality alerts.

Operations in Quality Module

Quality Control Points

Quality control points are set up in the odoo manufacturing line where the units should be set up for a controlled inspection for the quality standards. The quality control points can also be set for purchases, deliveries, and services provided. The user can provide a title for the control point, choose the product, select the control type, and using a quality team for the same.


Quality Checks

Quality checks are done by the user to determine the end quality or the intermittent process quality of the product once it's finished or partially finished. The quality check picking can be done from a finished lot and the picking can be done from the designated control points. The quality team for the product and the lot from which the picking should be done can also be assigned by the user.


Quality Alerts

Quality alerts can be set for a manufacturing or a delivery or even for service. These alerts remind the user or a designated employee to check for the quality of the specified product at the specified location of the manufacturing line or at sales or purchase. The user can choose the product and the lot from which the quality check should be conducted. A quality team can be assigned along with a root cause for the inspection. The root cause may vary from defective products or customer complaints. The priority for the check can also be assigned indicating the concern about the importance and the need for the check-up.


Descriptive information can be provided by the user to indicate what should the employee look for along with a corrective measure and the preventive actions which should be done since the error won't be repeated again for the product.

The user can always view all the quality alerts in the dashboard of the quality module and the status of the operation whether it's a new quality check, confirmed, the action proposed, or solved one. The user is also provided with the provision to create the custom made status of the quality check. The below image depicts the quality dashboard of the Odoo platform.


To describe how the quality alerts are made and checked in a manufacturing process let's look at an example.

Initially, a quality alert is created for a product “Table Top” Named as Routine quality check and a responsible team is assigned along with the responsible person and the priority of the request. The descriptive image is provided above.

Now upon the product is provided with a manufacturing order the quality alerts will be depicted and inform the concerned to perform the checks needed.

Manufacturing Order 

Upon creating a manufacturing order for Table Top in the manufacturing module an icon for quality checks appears which depicts the quality checks needed to be done on the product while manufacturing and after manufacturing. 


Upon finishing the manufacturing process or while manufacturing the quality check icon can be selected which would list out the quality checks to be conducted.

The quality check would be describing the checks to be done in the descriptive box. This can be set up while enabling a quality check for a product. As you can see the below image depicts the quality check to be done on Table Top. The user has asked the concerned employee to check for sharp edges on the product. After manual inspection, the employee can assign the pass or fail option. 


Since the quality of the product is satisfactory and has passed the inspection the employee assigns the pass option. This can be viewed by the user in the quality checks menu informing the user about the various quality checks conducted and their status. 


Quality Overview

Upon viewing the quality module the dashboard will depict the status of all the quality checks conducted by the user in the platform. Since the Tabletop quality checks were successful and passed it is depicted under the solved status.


The quality checks can be a valuable source to depict and understand the flaws of the production line to the user and take action accordingly to maintain the standard and quality of the products.

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