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By: Hasna VP

How to Assign Different Partner Levels for the Resellers in Odoo 16

Functional Odoo 16 CRM

Odoo has got a wide variety of modules that can be customized and modified for any type of company as per our needs. Billing, Accounting, and finance are some of the apps that provide help to manage company’s operations are included in the many applications. Odoo provides the users with some levels of partnership such as Gold, Silver, and Ready partner among which gold is the most valuable one. Gold is the most distinguished companion among other partner levels. Odoo gold is connected due to their recognition by Odoo as the best among them and their expertized character in platform deployment, gold is the most dependable partner. 

Silver partner for Odoo silver partners stands for terms of implementation capacity. Just ahead of golden partners, while they are making an effort to catch up with the other levels. Odoo ready partner provides you with ready partner deployment of Odoo and its basics. If you wish to take full use of Odoo ERP’s vast potential and capabilities, then partnering with an experienced Odoo partner is essential. 

The knowledge of an official Odoo gold partner level, that has been approved by the Odoo ERP itself, can better help you. Odoo and gold partners make allies with each other and they collaborate which is a necessary part of the process. The cornerstone of their strategy is nothing but Odoo. They have invested and spent a lot of money in the creation and implementation process of Odoo platform. They gain from having the greatest manifestation inside the Odoo platform. Additionally, gold partners are required to attain a certain amount of Odoo training sessions.

In the partnership with a silver partner, they have previous experience with Odoo projects. They have more access to Odoo resources that are given increased advantages to support them and increase their business to a wider area with Odoo. and Moreover, they must attend a minimum of two Odoo training sessions for compulsory use. There are many such partner levels and we can configure our own for a new one.

Within the Odoo platform, there are a number of service providers and official partners who belong to the Odoo group who provide immense support in the processes of Odoo developing, setting up of the organization, expanding their business, migrating, and many more. For all these operations to get implemented properly, it is necessary to have the best Odoo partner. Without these best Odoo partners, its platform development and other service requirements will not work properly and thereby it will be sloping downward.

Apart from these partners, there are service providers for the proper implementation of Odoo who are not considered to be under the partner’s category. But they are too providing support and other assistance to the company without any partner-level credentials. Among all these categories, you have to select the best partners and make the gold partners to be the topper among them with the capacities and quality of the operation.

In order to be successful in manufacturing, you need to have some partners as mentioned above. And you want to connect with those who have a stake in representing and enhancing your projects. In order to expand the company’s customer base, management procedures, and the company provides a range of resellers to third parties. These business models can be as primary as lead generation or customer criterion or as complicated as permitting partners to register new customers and thereby control the entirety of the processing relationship without parental participation.

With the help of strong partner-level management, a partner may travel through the constructed ecosystem in an uncomplicated manner, collecting leads and opportunities, supplying quotes, extracting manners, and even providing renewals as well. A higher level of capacity is provided by the management of these partner levels for solving lots of customers and product-related issues.

Partners have the ability to register and control the ongoing customer base. In many cases, these are somewhat constrained systems from the core selling procedures and should give analytic suites for the partners to report on their actions accordingly. Customer relationship management provides you with the option of partner levels to assign partners for each of these levels. 

Odoo is set up by members who work for companies. People here are considered partners, where the individuals and the company from whom the people buy the products, sell, work, and do the business processes. With the help of Odoo 16, you can assign different partner levels to the resellers in CRM Modules. For that, you have to follow certain steps. Select the Partner Level option in the Configuration menu that provides you the option for configuring different partner levels as shown below.

 How to assign different Partner levels for the Resellers in Odoo 16-cybrosys

There will be some already configured partner levels in this window. Now, if you have to create a new level for the partners, then go for the Create button.

 How to assign different Partner levels for the Resellers in Odoo 16-cybrosys

Here you have to provide some information such as the name of the partner level in the Level Name field. Level Weight field is provided to decide a lead for the partners in this partner level. In the Sequence column, you can give the number of levels. By activating the Active option, the partner level will get activated. Now in the Default Commission Plan option, you can provide a commission plan for this partner level. Finally, you can save the newly created partner level by selecting on the Save button.

Odoo 16 provides you with an option to create different partner activation methods under the Partner Activations option. For that, in the Configuration menu, you have an option below to the partner level, Partner Activations option in the Resellers tab as shown below.

 How to assign different Partner levels for the Resellers in Odoo 16-cybrosys

On clicking on the Create button, you can provide the title for the partner activation in the provided space. Finally, go to the Save button to add these new changes. And this is how you assign various partner levels for the resellers in Odoo 16 CRM Module.

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How can I create partner. I didn't find partner level in my configuration list in odoo16




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